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Thanks Kaoru 2010/11/26 23:58
These old programs bring back many memories
I wonder how these were received in Japan?
I ran into one show Starring Vic Morrow called "Combat". The Americans fighting those evil Germans..ooohh I wonder who the Japanese were hoping would win ? How wonderful and strange these cultural differences.
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Peter-san 2010/11/27 19:59
Yes, those TV shows were translated to Japanese and broadcasting. At that time, color TV was still little in Japan. Conbat's sgt. Sanders is cool guy. His accidental death is sad. Japan concluded the contract of the alliance with German. It was not our real intention. It was dogmatism of the military authorities. I dislike Nazism. The diplomat in Japan of one person also had good intentions like Oscar Schindler.

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Sugihara 2010/11/27 20:06
I found another site. Please try.

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Bonanza 2010/11/28 18:00
Kaoru-san, thank you for the American TV link. I've never watched much TV and I don't remember any TV when I was in Yokohama in 53-54 but I do remember watching Bonanza in 64 or 65 with Japanese dubbed in. The Cartwrights, the cowboy family the show was about, looked silly speaking Japanese but the plot was simple enough that you didn't need to understand everything they were saying to follow the show.
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Chiune Sugihara 2010/11/28 18:22
Arigato Kaoru-san for the Chiune Sugihara link. He was a great man who I had heard of before. His story would make a great movie. There is more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiune_Sugihara
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Recipes and American Films 2010/11/28 18:25
Steffi and Peter, your recipes for Orange-Cranberry Relish and Clam Dip sound easy to make and tasty; I wrote them down and put them in my holiday recipe file. Thank you; I'll think of you when I make them. My favorite holiday food is pumpkin pie made easily from the recipe on the back of Libby's canned pumpkin -- I substitute non-fat milk, pour the custard into a 100% whole wheat crust, and add a walnut and brown sugar crumble topping, then serve with whipped cream. Yum! And it makes the house smell wonderful.

Kaoru, reading the list at your link is a trip down memory lane. When I lived in Japan (1952-54), we didn't watch television but routinely saw movies at the Bill Chickering Theater, near the Yokohama American High School at Nasugbu Beach. I believe tickets were 25 cents! Does anyone remember the Bill Chickering Theater? I have clear memories of playing hookie from school and seeing "The Four Poster," starring Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer at the Octagon Theater downtown; and on another day taking the trolley with a girlfriend to a Japanese theater where we saw the then "cutting edge" naughty western movie, The Outlaw, starrring Jane Russell; the dialogue was dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles. Kaoru, since you seem to enjoy American television dramas, are you also familiar with American films such as Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life, Gone with the Wind, Love Is a Many Spendored Thing, High Noon, or others? Are old American films shown on Japanese television? If so, what American films would you say are shown or best known in Japan?

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Films 2010/11/28 22:37
My most favorite film is "Casablanca". And, it "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing". The western often saw "Shane".



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Samurai movie 2010/11/28 22:46
Japanese Samurai film

"Youjinbou" by Toshirou Mifune.

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Another film 2010/11/29 01:11
Audrey's Roman Holiday


Youjinbou was a mistake. It is Yojinbou.
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More classic movies 2010/11/29 15:19
A couple of my favorites are "The Sound of Music" and "Gone With the Wind". Check YouTube for these; there are several selections to view for both of them.
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Bill Chickering 2010/11/30 00:04
Bill Chickering was a correspondent for Time-Life. He was killed while aboard an American warship during the battle of Lingayen Gulf (of the Philippines) and had covered MacArthur's war time activities in that theater. He was from a prominent California family and he wrote a book in 1941 when he was just 24 years old.

The Army had a habit of naming buildings, bases and even gates for Army heros. When the Navy took over in '58, all the Army names came down and Navy names went up.

The Bill Chickering Theater went unnamed for several years, then, as the Viet Nam War spooled up and more Army folks found themselves in Yokohama, the Bill Chickering name went back on the theater.
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Movies 2010/11/30 13:18
Thank you Lori-san

I saw "Gone With The Wind" yesterday. I watched it several times, Scarlett impress to me. I am favorite in this work. It is development of the west by three generations.


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Italian film 2010/11/30 13:30
This is a good story.


Arigatou Gozaimasu
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Great Films and Yokohama in the 50s 2010/11/30 16:13
Arigato Kaoru-san for the great links. Cinema Paradiso is one of my favorites that I haven't watched for a while. I have it here somewhere in Italian with English subtitles. Likewise Casablanca. I have not seen Yojinbou but I will see if I can find it here.
Barbara-san - You have also named a bunch of my old favorites and I remember both the Bill Chickering and the Octagon Theaters. The Octagon was one of the few buildings that somehow survived the wartime bombing in downtown Yokohama and it is still there with some modern changes. You can look at it on Google Maps Street View.
Eric-san - I find it funny that the Navy changed the name of the Bill Chickering Theater and then later brought the name back. My theory is that when the Navy took over the movie theater they didn't realize Bill Chickering had been killed aboard a Navy ship during a naval battle and later decided they should keep the name after someone pointed that out to them.
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Gateway Tower Building Japan 2010/12/1 16:28
Does anyone here receive the Yo-Hi Honey-Bucket News that is sent out monthly? Here's something interesting featured in the December issue: a highway going through the fifth through seventh floors of a sixteen-story modern office building in Osaka -- a creative architectural engineering solution to a space problem. To view it, go to youtube.com and type in Gateway Tower Building Japan. If you are a Yo-Hi alum, you can write to Larry Rowe at jnjrowe@suddenlink.net, send him your e-mail address, and ask him to send you the newsletter.
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Hanshin Expressway 2010/12/2 00:36
Saw it...they sall it the Hanshin Expressway..Kaour-san..what does this mean ?
This is very remarkable, but ..how do they get the elivators and people up thorugh the roadway ? perhaps the elivators are on the side of the building. Leave it to the Japanese.
Next you might look into the super high speed mag-lev trains. Very fast, very expensive..someday we here will have a maglev train from coast to coast at 500 mph.
Thanks Doc for the tip..
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. 2010/12/2 06:38
I just have to say, this thread has been going through two trips I've taken to Japan! I'm amazed. And I've learned a bit reading over some of the replies.
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Hanshin Expressway 2010/12/2 07:41
Konnchiwa, Peter san

Hanshin Expressway is freeway from Osaka to Kobe. It is the Japanese western part. In the highway, many part damaged by big quake of 1995. We run in Toumei Expressway from Tokyo to Nagoya. Toumei and Hanshin Expressway connect.

Linear motor car is test operation now. It is the maximum speed of 313 miles.
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Meishin 2010/12/2 08:35
Sorry, I forgot write the Meishin expressway. Japan Highway Public Corporation was split. These companies have managed the expressway. This is Nexco West Japan.


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Keltrina/Kaoru 2010/12/2 10:22
Hey Keltrina..welcome..yea we do go on...
I am available to carry your bags...I speak for everyone here..we are envious..what takes you so often ?
Kaoru..I thought the Maglev train went faster than that..guess not..they say I'm not to fast either..right Wally !!?
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