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Info For Barbara-san 2011/2/6 15:08
1. How to reach Judith H. Scott - Go to her Amazon profile page and leave her a comment. I can't because I have never bought anything from Amazon. I did find a Judith H. Scott on Facebook and I sent her a message but it's a long shot and if she is like me she rarely checks Facebook messages.
2. Honmokujin-san mentioned Isaac Shapiro's book 2011/2/4, Snowed Under.
3. Periodically I have to answer the question, "Yokohama Navy Exchange was where?," for the newer visitors to this forum and for the people who arrived in Yokohama after the Army turned everything over to the Navy. The Yokohama Navy Exchange was located in the building that formerly housed the Army PX.
I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy.
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Re: Judith H. Scott & Edokko 2011/2/7 08:23
Thank you, Steffi and Dave-san, for the information that I overlooked. And then there are my recent late-night typos -- more brain cells dying every day! I sent a message to Judith H. Scott using both Amazon and Facebook and invited her to join us, providing her with a link to this forum discussion -- page 139 where Honmokujin first mentioned Edokko. Dave-san, I know what you mean about not checking Facebook or Amazon on a regular basis. I'm mostly a lurker on Facebook, checking in to catch posted photos from family members that I would not otherwise see. Let us know, Steffi, if you contact Isaac Shapiro and hear from him. Stay warm, everyone!
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Yokohama Movie 2011/2/8 11:51
Minasama, Konnichiwa

Today's Yokohama is a little warm. The temperature is 9F, and will rain at night. There are Yokohama's movies, enjoy !

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50F 2011/2/8 12:02
I made a mistake. The temperature is 50F. Japan is centigrade. Gomenasai.

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Wish I Were in Yokohama 2011/2/10 01:39
Yokohama seems to be having yet another spell of warm weather. I am sure Eric-san would rather be there right now because he may be facing yet another snow storm in Missouri. The winter storm hit Oklahoma and northern Texas and may be heading our way on the East Coast.
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Yokohama Weather 2011/2/10 01:52
When I was there in 1967-68, I found Yokohama weather to be very similar to Missouri's. Yokohama doesn't get quite as much snow, but I remember a couple of pretty good snowstorms. Hey, I've got pictures to prove it. One picture is of my roommate trying out his new snow skis on the baseball field at Kishine Barracks. Also, I got pretty cold some nights roaming around Isesaki-Cho!
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Yup. More snow 2011/2/10 04:30
Another four inches arrived over night and this morning in Missouri. The snow plow guy put another gash in the asphalt so I'll be buying five gallon pails of crack filler come spring. This week might be the last of the really cold weather as 50s is forecast for the weekend.
Somehow, I can't ever remember snow in Yokohama.
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Eric 2011/2/10 04:54
I remember two big snowstorms while I was there, really. I've got a picture of a snowball fight between HQ and Med Clinic during one snowstorm, and a picture of my roommate trying out his skis on post during the other one.
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Weather 2011/2/10 07:15
Yes, it was colder in Yokohama at the midwinter in old times. The water of the bucket in the garden has frozen. It snowed heavily with Yokohama when I was the 2nd grader in the elementary school. I think that it 1965 or 1966. My richly friend had the child's several skis. We enjoyed skiing on the slope near Seya. In Japan, the midsummer is the awful heat. Here has already looked like the subtropics.

It is band of US the 7th fleet. Their parades can be seen on the anniversary of the Yokohama opening port festival every year. I went to Yokosuka after a long time. EM had already been broken, and there was a splendid naval installation.

MInasama Ogenkide!!

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US Aamry 2011/2/10 07:17
This is Armys band. another link is Navy.

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Army and Navy Bands 2011/2/10 12:33
Thanks so much, Kaoru, for the videos. The music brought back many memories. I'm sure others must remember the lively music, especially "Anchors Away," the people waving on the dock, the colorful crepe paper streamers stretched from ship to dock and rippling in the wind, as MSTS ships filled with families departed from the port of Yokohama -- departures, always a bit sad; and arrivals, with new adventures ahead, exciting!
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You're welcome. 2011/2/12 02:39
Barbara-san and all

Snowing in Yokohama and Tokyo since yesterday. The snowfall will melt at once. If I found good movies or pictures, will post again.
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Rickshas 2011/2/15 01:46
Minasama, Konnchiwa

Yokohama is snowing now.

This picture is Ricksha Room in front of the Yamate police station, last picture is old Yokohama, 1910 or 20s. This restaurant was renewed some years ago. I think that you maybe enjoyed dishes here. Square pizza was dads souvenir.


Next pix are 1950s Noge shopping mall, and Yamashita-chou


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EDOKKO & More 2011/2/16 16:29
I received my copy of Edokko Saturday and finished it Sunday. It's a wonderful book with a lot of interesting historical information. There are mentions of places in Yokohama and elsewhere that many of you will recognize. I recommend you read it and add a copy to your library.
Kaoru-san, thank you for the new links. The Ricksha Room must have been opened after I left because I don't remember it. The bar I remember in that location in 1964 wasn't as nice. The Yamashita area looks like I remember it in 1954 when the Army was still using the New Grand Hotel and some of the places near it. I don't remember the Noge area at all. I don't think I went to that part of town either time I lived in Yokohama. I seem to remember being told to stay away from there because there was a big black market in 1954. If so, it was the only place I was told to stay away from that I actually did.
I hope you didn't get too much snow in Yokohama last week. I remember it snowing only twice when I was in Japan. Once when I lived in Yokohama and once while I was stationed at Atsugi. The snow storm in Atsugi in early 1965 was funny. We went on maneuvers to prepare for Vietnam and had to cancel them when it snowed and all of our tents collapsed.
I may have posted this site in the past but I found some more interesting stuff today that I want to share. http://www.navycthistory.com/kami_intro.html See Rick Juergen's photos for Yokohama match books and business cards and one photo each from Peanuts & Red Shoes. There are more Yokohama photos in other guys contributions too.
A few 1955 Yokohama pictures. http://ampersandvintage.blogspot.com/2007_10_01_archive.html
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Sagiyama Ridge 2011/2/17 04:42
Hello, My name is Tracy and I lived on Sagiyama Ridge in Yokohama from 1959-1964. I attended Bryd School in Negishi and the junior high school next to YoHi. I had a career in the Navy and over the years have had many opportunities to visit the site where our house was, as well as down to Honmoku where the Navy Exchange and housing complex was. Much is different but if you look closely you can seem many reminders of how things were in those days. It has been fun for me to read these posts. Arigato!!
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Thanks Dave 2011/2/17 08:50
Great pics on the links you posted. The pics of the Zebra Club, Chinatown, Yokohama Tower & Kamakura brought back memories. I still have a wood carving & kimono doll encased in glass I bought while residing at Bayside Courts 1968-69.

Best wishes to all!
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Kamiseya 2011/2/17 09:43
Dave-san, Konnchiwa

My dad worked for the Yamate police station for a long time. And, he worked for about ten years at the Isezaki police station. The last duty was Seya. Dad and I often went to the communication base of Kamiseya. I think that it was 1980s. Children were playing with the airplane of the radio controller every Sunday. The commander at that time was a female.

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Yokohama pix 2011/2/18 05:24
Thanks very much Dave for posting all these neat pictures from my era in Japan. I could almost hear the click-clack of the streetcar moving past our house in Sannotani.

One pix was of an old abandoned church in the downtown area. I don't recognize this one but there was another more modern church on the hillside above YOHI.

Sometime in 58 or 59, this church was destroyed in a fire. The entire community was in mourning for months afterward. I recall that several denominations worshipped at this church. Does anyone have a picture ?
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Yokohama Pictures 2011/2/18 07:18
Thank you Dave-san for the pictures, especially those from the early fifties; not just Yokohama but also the pictures from Yokosuka, Kamakura, Atami, Nikko, Lake Hakone, and Mt. Fuji. What a trip down memory lane; our family traveled a lot while we were there. Where is Kami Seya?

Dave-san, I smiled to see Duffy's Tavern among the Yokohama business cards because there's a Duffy's Tavern, near Penn State, on the road to Boalsburg; in it's historic landmark building with stone walls 22-inches thick dating back to the early nineteenth-century, it remains a popular colonial-style inn and restaurant.

Like you, Eric, I don't recall the old church in downtown Yokohama but remember the church on the hill above Yo-Hi. I used to climb that hill for an interesting after-school class offered by a Catholic priest. He understood teenagers well and always served doughnuts and hot chocolate -- smart man! Neither of those churches exists today but up on the Bluff, above Motomachi, at 44 Yamate-cho, is Sacred Heart Cathedral, the old Catholic Church that I used to walk to on Sunday mornings, and it remains a touchstone for me, the old main building still recognizable. There's another old church on Yamate-cho, with fine Anglican architecture, closer to Berrick Hall where Steffi used to live -- Steffi, do you remember it?

Welcome to the forum, Tracy. Where in Yokohama is Sagiyama Ridge? Near the old Race Trrack where the teenage club called Neet-Nac (canteen spelled backward) used to be?
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Churches and Places 2011/2/18 16:22
I'm glad everyone enjoyed the new links and pictures but I think I opened Pandora's Box with all the questions.
Eric-san, the old church is the Yokohama Shiloh Church, a Presbyterian Church that looks beautiful now. http://www.yokohamashiloh.or.jp/index.html There's and English link in the upper right but the Japanese section has the exterior picture that matches the old church picture.
Barbara-san, the Anglican Church is Yokohama Christ Church just down the street from Berrick Hall. http://www.ne.jp/asahi/julesandjames/home/ycc/home.html
The Catholic Church is Sacred Heart Cathedral http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred_Heart_Cathedral,_Yokohama
Sagiyama Ridge is north east of the race track and not far from the West Bluff. It's marked on this map,
http://yohidevils.net/kanto/1956yoko/56yoko01.htm This is a great old map. When you find what you want to look at, click on it and you get a larger scale map with building numbers. This map also shows the old chapel center by the ball park on what the Army called Third Street and the new chapel center on the hill above YoHi that burned down. I think I went to church in each of them one time. We must have been in Yokohama for two Easters.
This map shows the two churches and other neat places off Yamate-cho. Our quarters in 1953-4 were located where number 13 is on this map.
Kamiseya is a couple miles NE of Yamato which is the town outside the east entrance to Atsugi Naval Air Station.
There used to be a radio show called Duffy's Tavern back before we had TV shows. All I remember is that Duffy was never there when they answered the phone.
Tracy-san, we want to hear more about your time in Yokohama and your visits since.
Joe G-san, good to hear from you again.
Peter-san, are you still chipping ice?
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