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Hi Peter 2011/3/11 09:07
6th row down, 2nd. pic.
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Hun ? 2011/3/11 10:56
not sure I found it where you indicared. By my computer is 16 down and middle row. Apartment buildings.
Was the name of the little restaurant the "Main Brace" ?
Do you remember any of the Food inspectors? You might have known them as the "Vets", as in Veterinary Detachment. Actually USAVDJ
Yokohama Branch. One guy Rome Jones, tall black guy..wheela-dealeah . Gave me his matchbox collection when he was leaving..must have had every bar in town. Wish I had it now, they made me dump it at Tachikawa as it was flammable. What a collection.
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Bayside Courts 2011/3/11 15:16
Joe G., regarding the Bayside Courts location, maybe you could post the link to the pictures you are looking at. Like Peter, I'm a bit confused. The link I posted was to pictures taken on the Bluff. I thought that Bayside Courts was near the beach and the Army residential housing in Area 1. Could you be referring to pictures that Kaoru posted a while ago?
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Earthquake in Japan . . . 2011/3/11 16:01
about 200 miles northeast of Tokyo -- 8.9 just reported by CNN -- sounds bad -- includes tsunami warnings as far away as the Marianas and Hawaii -- hope you are okay, Kaoru.
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Re: Bayside Courts 2011/3/11 16:21
My apologies to Joe G. I just found the picture described as "Looking down from bluff road toward former site of U.S. Navy "Bayside Court" and Navy Officers Club" On my computer the picture is in the 8th row down, 5th picture. More reliably, the picture is labeled # 47 of 83 among those that were taken on and from the Bluff. You can find the picture numbers when you click the picture to enlarge.
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Earthquake 2011/3/11 16:43
Here's the story of the earthquake - I think Yokohama is okay, and so far, no casualties buut looks pretty bad - s




Brings back bad memories - -
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Trips...travel....japan 2011/3/11 17:19
Barbara-san - I have found those pictures and the church looks as I remember it - lovely, elegant, kind of intimate. thank you again.

Dave-san - we also have spent much time several years ago exploring Sicily, which is glorious - the people were friendly - especially when they learned we were from NY - it seems half of Sicily has family in Brooklyn, which we do not live in. All the cities are grand - Siracusa, Agrigento, Palermo, Trapani, Erice, and of course, Taormina - and those gorgeous volcanic Aeolian islands of the northern coast - amazing. Anyone remember the Ingrid Bergman movie, "Stromboli?" that is one of these islands. The food is fabulous, and you really learn your history, since almost everyone has been there at some point - the Normans, the Vikings, the French. Many sections with blond/blue-eyed people as a result. We even saw the Palermo opera house - they had just reopened it after one of those interminable restorations - but, instead of opera, we heard a kind of Italian musical show - very funny, in Italian, no sub-titles.

We have been all over Europe, using the base city/day trip approach and just using the fabulous trains with a eurail pass, like the kids. We stayed in small hotels. For the frugal my son tells me the hostels, which used to cater to the young now cater to everyone else as well - families, couples, etc. Some are very elegant - former villas, in great settings.

This goes for the Japanese hostels as well. And Eric-san - the soba noodle dishes are supposedly fabulous - you could probably eat well, having only these dishes. they seem to put in everything - sort of a wet main course.

As for going to Japan - don't know how differences in travel style can be resolved - maybe Dave-san's wife can bring along a friend, or one of your children with similar tastes to keep her company, leaving Dave to roam and eat as he pleases.

My husband would go in a minute but since 9/11 I hate flying, especially over water, though a good dose of soothing dramamine would knock me off - i guess Peter would have a better more liquid solution. Anyway, we should all think seriously about it. We don't have to do any group travel - we could go on our own if we want, meet up at various points, do our own thing. You only live once, and none of us is getting any younger. If not now, when?
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More pictures of the earthquake 2011/3/11 17:28
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Peter 2011/3/11 20:53
As Barbara posted, the picture is labeled "Looking down from bluff road toward former site of U.S. Navy "Bayside Court" (Thanks Barbara).
"Main Brace" rings a bell but I don't recall anything specific. Aside from the several who worked at the printing plant with me and lived at Bayside, I really didn't get to know any others, except 2 SP4's named Ron & Dennis. One of them had a car & we took trips to Atami & Hakone.

I remember we had some earthquakes during '68-'69 & one in particular really shook Bayside's bldgs.

The present quake is really terrible. I wish the Japanese the best.
Talk to you later.
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Earthquake Tsunami 2011/3/11 21:54
I hope all of our friends in Yokohama are all right.
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Quake 2011/3/11 23:09
Barbara San and all

We never have experience for such a big earthquake. Old houses crashed in Yokohama. They are 300 or more victims in the port of the Northern part... Armageddon

The lifeline of Yokohama was restored.
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Kaoru 2011/3/12 01:29
I have been glued to my television, following the tragedy unfolding in Japan, with great sadness. You know, by this forum, the love we have for Japan and the Japanese people, and our hearts go out to you all today. I am praying that not too many people perished in the Tsunami, and that you and all of your friends and relatives are safe.
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Prey for Japan 2011/3/12 01:49
We are glad you are alive. Be strong.
We prey for Japan and her people.
By every account, this is very very bad. We are just starting to get news and videos here on the East coast. Unbelieveable!
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Earthquake 2011/3/12 02:00
This is astounding - we pray for everyone there.
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Damage to Negishi?? 2011/3/12 09:44
Do you know if any houses in Negishi Heights (U.S. Navy Housing) were damaged in the earthquake?? Is the old concrete grandstand damaged?? This is the area I lived at in 1980-81.

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Earthquake 2011/3/12 10:17
Perhaps, There is no damage of Yokohama. Negishi is also safe. This is a largest earthquake once 1000 years. USS G. Washington is rescuing near the stricken area. Often flickering now though my house is a height of Yokohama. The nuclear plant of Fukushima is dangerous.
I wish sincerely to express my gratitude.
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Vicitms of the Jishin/Tsunami 2011/3/12 10:54
Just offering a moment of reflection for the memories of all who were lost in the earthquake and resulting tsunami on 03/11/2011, and their families . I still have extended family in Yokohama who are, thankfully, unscathed. God Bless...
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sorry 2011/3/12 11:37
My mistake..thats pray..not prey..
my bad...
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Kaoru 2011/3/13 05:47
How are you doing ? You are probably busy with all that you have to do..but if you can
tell us whats happening ?
We continue to pray and to hope for the best, especially for the Fukishima plant.
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Disaster 2011/3/13 07:30
Peter and all

In the metropolitan area, there were several victims. I should say the positive intelligence to you. Fukushima plants are hazardous situation. The cooling water of three nuclear reactors have boiled. And, cannot have the report with Miyagi with 10,000 people. Details have not been understood yet. Yokohama has quake warnings all night. Here shaking now. Towns in some northern parts are catastrophic. I write again if there is news. It might be bad news.
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