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Barbara-san 2011/4/24 01:02
It was from the NY Times - sorry it was so long. I had meant to post only a couple of sections, not the entire piece.
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Yokohama 1966-1969 2011/4/24 11:15
Hello fellow Yokohama residents!

This is a great site. I wish I had found it earlier. I am a son of a Naval Officer who was part of the Naval Security Group. I lived in Yokohama for three years, 66-69.

I lived at 335 Bayview. We had a nice high
view of the bay. My brother walked down all those stairs one day and was lost for awhile
at the age of three.
I believe there was a water tower at the top of the hill where I caught the bus for
Admiral Byrd Elementry. I set that hill on fire once fooling around with matches at the age of 9 or 10.

I remember seeing the movie the "Battle of the Bulge" with Henry Fonda at the Bill Chickering theater. I have great memories of playing Little League baseball on the
military fields. Excellent conditions.

Did anyone play tennis on the courts
close to the old YO-HI?

I climbed Mt. Fuji with my father in 1968.
There was still a patch of snow near the top.

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Richard E. Byrd School 2011/4/25 00:55

I attended the Byrd School as a fifth grader in Negishi Heights in 1959. I was in Miss Clunes (sp) class and our end of school year trip was down to the beach beneath the Yamate area. We were down there at low tide and there were many local people harvesting seaweed from bamboo racks. Were you in that class?

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On my way 2011/5/2 23:18
I am leaving for Japan tomorrow. I have noted the location of the grave you provided and believe I will surely find it. I will leave flowers on your behalf and take some photos.

I will post you a note within a few weeks.



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Tracy 2011/5/2 23:58
Have a great trip !
I for one would love to hear your account of the Tsunami recovery and of Fukushima
Kaoru..how are you doing ?

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Tracy 2011/5/5 01:20
Maybe you can contact Kaoru (thru this forum) and arrange to meet him in person. He's said in one of his posts he lives in the Hodogaya area - it's
a suburb of Yokohama.

Actually, I think it's probably too late, but maybe give it a try.
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Have a great trip, Tracy! 2011/5/5 08:44
In case this isn't too late - have a great trip. Again, thanks for your thoughts, and for the visit to the cemetery.

Be careful - probably a good idea to inquire as to where your fresh foods, and fish, and water are coming from.

We all look forward to your posting.

Bon voyage!!!!
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Konchiwa 2011/5/6 03:19
Sorry, I was busy and did not check of JG. My family is fine. Yes, I live in Hodogaya. Here is suburbs of Yokohama. It is distance of about 20 minutes from my house to Honmoku if no traffic jam.

Collapse of the houses due to the large quake in the northern part revives little by little in help by US and a lot of countries. I wish to express our gratitude for it.

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I have a question 2011/5/10 05:08
Does anyone know if the army hospital in Yokohama is still there and do you know if they have records of all the service men they worked on I'm looking for information fro the korean war in the 51. thanks
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T Manzullo 2011/5/11 01:36
The " Army" hospital was changed to the Navy Dispencery and is now gone. I have no knowledge of any records or where they might be kept if they exist. There is a Navy base in Yokosuka, you might inquire with them..good luck..
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Medical Records 2011/5/11 02:53
All of the hospital records would have been transferred to the National Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri, and would have been incorporated in each patient's military file. All military records are kept there since WWII. There may be some of the hospital's general records archived at the Medical Command at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, but no patient records. A few years ago there was a fire in the National Records Center and a lot of files were destroyed, hopefully none of them were yours. Good luck!
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Update 2011/5/13 13:12

Tombstone cleaned, flowers laid, prayers raised, incense offered.

I took several photos and my wife copied down the inscription. Your directions were right on.

I have limited e-mail access so will write again when I get home in late May.

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neat story 2011/5/14 04:04
Your visit to the cemetery and the background would make a good weekend piece in the NY Times...
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Cemetery Visit Story 2011/5/14 08:58
Eric, great idea! I found Tracy's brief report quite touching. If Tracy writes this story with a bit more detail and submits it to the New York Times, I think the editors would seriously consider publishing it. Go for it, Tracy, and let us know what happens!
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Story and request for Kaoru 2011/5/14 09:34
Yes it would make a great story along with Steffis story, I have been bugging her to write her story but so far I don't sense that she is inclined..perhaps we all could bug her..fair warning..!!!

I am interested in the Enoshima Island Spa..
Have you ever been there ? I have gone to their web site enospa, which is very nice. Are there other photos you could find for me ? I am interested in the design of the building and the lighting.. do you know when it was built ? Very nice building..can I land my helpcopter there ? Thanks....
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ooopps 2011/5/14 09:39
I was going to correct my slip-up but won't I like help-o-copter..another new business? ..Hmm..should trademark that..
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Enoshima 2011/5/14 12:54
Hi, Peter-san

I went to Enoshima several times. Did you see Benzaiten? It is a god of the woman of the Buddhism. When a lot of money can be get, it is believed. It is in the coast in the back of Enoshima. There is caves, too.

When I was 7 years kid, I and friend went to Enoshima. Of course, did not say to parents. We had only 300 Yen. We went to Enoshima by train, and saw the observatory of Enoshima and playing on the beach. It became at high tide and shoes of my right pair was lost. We did not have money to buy shoes. The kind friend lent one of shoes of him. We came home by one shoe.

A big building is Landmark Tower of Yokohama. Because Japan have a lot of earthquakes, I think that cannot construct tall building.

Benzaiten and Landmark Tower:




Minasama, Ogenkide
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Cemetery story 2011/5/14 21:43
A few years ago, a writer for the Washington Post did a "returning home to Yokohama" story that was picked up by a Japanese paper.

There is a market for undated pieces that can fill a quarter or half page when an editor needs them.
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Tracy 2011/5/15 09:09
Thank you so much, Tracy. My family and I appreciate your visiting my father's grave.

Hope you're having an interesting and enjoyable trip.

As to my writing my story - I have been busy doing various other projects this past year, but will start writing as Peter has suggested, and see what comes out.
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Kaoru 2011/5/18 03:25
Thank you I enjoyed the photos. Enoshima was a very special place when I was there, We visited the temples and caves. I wish the Enoshima Island Spa was there when I was, yet I am not sure when it was built. I have found some photos of it online. I don't know if they have hotel type rooms or not. I would have liked to stay there.

Tracy..How about an update ?
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