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It's a marvel 2011/8/9 08:08
3000 posts on this one thread over more than seven years! There have been so many stories told here in the "Yokohama Navy Exchange was where?" family as this thread has grown and evolved over this time. It's remarkable.
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Aria 2 Honmoku Yokohama 2011/8/9 11:02
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A Marvel Indeed 2011/8/10 16:04
I want to thank Japan Guide for putting up with us all of this time. Most of us share having once lived in Yokohama and remembering that experience as one of the greatest of our lives. It has been fun posting here the past few years and meeting the many interesting people who have also contributed. We have been able to post some of the history of our experiences and together we have been able to refresh many of our good memories. I hope this continues many years into the future.
Here is a tsunami video some of you may not have seen, fortunately not from Yokohama.
"Youfre in the car with driver when it strikes. Camera was dash mounted and kept recording until it was engulfed. The camera was eventually retrieved intact."
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Thanks Dave 2011/8/11 10:35
Thanks for the video Dave and ditto to your first paragraph. Best wishes to all. Could use some yakitori about now.
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ok make it 3 yen lol 2011/8/12 21:02
7 years and still going...wow, amazing!

and we won't stop, coz we can't stop *lalala* lol (unless Japan-guide.com gets sick of this already haha)

enjoy the reading folks, for the first timers on here...don't worry, it won't take u 7 years lol maybe 7 days or weeks hahaha depending on how slow or fast u read

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Program Tonight 7/15 Monday 2011/8/16 02:30
The National Geographic Channel is presenting a program tonight called. "Witness to Disaster" about the Japan earthquake and Tsunami. 9 PM Eastern time. Thought all would like to know, as they do good work.

Believe it or not, the leaves are turning in New Hampshire and some are already on the ground. I feel a haiku comming on.

Went to a big airshow locally here with the US Airforce Thunderbirds..a first for me..fantastic...!! Ooh raah...
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Thanks, Dave-san 2011/8/16 04:33
That video of the incoming tsunami was amazing. I wondered - was there any warning, or did the tsunami come immediately after the earthquake? It seemed as if these cars/trucks were just caught on the road, with the drivers unaware of the danger they were in.

Question - does any one have any experience sending packages to Japan? I now finally have the radar detectors my friend Michiko had requested. The customs form asks for an "EEL/PFC. one or the other. I don't think I need the PFC, but it says everyone must have an EEL, which stands for Exemption or Exclusion legend. Anyone know what they're talking about? I tried looking this up online but got nowhere.

Hope everyone's well. Here in the Berkshires we don't yet have any turning leaves, but it is cold and rainy. And, there's water coming into a part of my house - no one seems to know where it's from - very upsetting.
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Tsunami Warning ect.. 2011/8/16 06:45
Hi Steffi
I think that question should be answered tonight. I think that they had little warning because the epicenter was so close.
I'll let you know.
As for the postal question, you might try the friendly and helpful people at the post office. As for PFC. I was a PFC [private first class] but never inspected EEL,s. I had them smoked in Japan, yummy but a little boney.
The leak maybe is comming in from the flashing at the chimney.
And thank you dave-san. very spookey video.
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Peter - thanks! 2011/8/16 10:10
Thanks, Peter, we'll keep that in mind. It IS pouring in around the chimney, but this is an additional new leak - the chimney has always leaked and probably always will, even with replacement flashing. We'll have the carpenter check the new windows, and any other angles, or hidden places where water could be coming in - if and when he chooses to show up! Meanwhile, we're using big towels on the floor to sop up the water - not a way to live.

We just found out the EEL does not have to be enclosed with our Japan package after all, even though the customs instructions are very clear and firm about this! Just a reminder that you can't believe everything you read, even if it is on an official government form given out by the PO.
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Tsunami after earthquake 2011/8/16 11:03
I seem to recall hearing that there was 20 minutes between the time the earthquake was felt and the tsunami came ashore. This would no doubt vary by location. I hope those of you who have cable TV and see the NG special mentioned find out and share the answer.

I wonder what happened to the driver of the car that recorded the video of the car being submerged. I couldn't follow the narration well enough to learn this, if it was related.
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Time delay 2011/8/16 12:15
The NGO special said that it was 30 min between the quake and the Tsunami. It also showed much prepairdness on the part of the Japanese but the time delay was far too short to warn many, thus they perished. The 1 hr spacial was far too short to cover this huge event and much was wanting. For what it was, mostly hand held video camers and footage that has been seen, it was only OK. I was looking for more depth. It didn't even begin to address Fukushima. Again a huge event being tried to be covered in the time given. It did answer a question I had as to how far the tsunami came inland. At one point 5 miles.
Eric are you still with us ?
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Coal Miner's Dance 2011/8/18 21:17

I just returned from a 10 day, 3,600 mile motorcycle ride up to Sturgis. Did all the local tours i.e. Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, the Badlands, Spearfish Canyon and of course the Buffalo Chip where I saw Stevie Nicks in concert. Too much fun.

I remember at the Byrd School in 1959 I learned the 'Coal Miner's Dance' and to this day I still love to dance it. At that time we had a Japanese language and culture class about twice a week. My favorite.

I am headed back to Japan in October and will stay through mid-Novemeber. I hope to see some autumn colors and enjoy the ginko trees on the avenue outside Sankien.

I hope all are well.

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Tankou-bushi / Coal Miner's Dance 2011/8/18 22:52
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Todays Haiku 2011/8/20 23:40

OH NO !!

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Re: Today's Haiku 2011/8/21 14:14
Peter, your haiku poem is a telegram announcing a forthcoming new season, so timely right now. Thank you. I recently returned from the annual Emily Dickinson International Society meeting in Amherst, Massachusetts, where I met a poet who, inspired by haiku poems, has rewritten each of Emily Dickinson's 1,800 poems using a haiku format -- a remarkable project, quite interesting, and he's found a publisher. He believes his haiku renditions will appeal to people who might otherwise not read Dickinson's often difficult poems.

Steffi, I thought of you in the Berkshires because my husband and I drove from Amherst to Williamstown to visit the excellent Clark Art Institute at Williams College. In the past we've traveled the highway that runs through the Berkshires, passing through a number of small towns including Lenox, Mass. Does that sound familiar to you?

A belated thank you to Kaoru for reposting the link to the Nasugbu Beach housing areas; and to Dave-san for the dramatic tsunami video.
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Barbara-san 2011/8/22 02:15
I'm sorry we didn't know you were in the area - we could have met! Amherst is a bit over an hour from here, and where my son went to school, so we know the way well! The Dickinson house is lovely.

In our area you can visit the former homes of Edith Wharton, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and others. In typical NE style, in order to cause maximum confusion to visitors, we have Hawthorne Road and Hawthorne Street just down the road. The road you mention is route 7, an interstate that goes from Vermont down through our area, and then south.

If you're headed this way again, let us know, and we'll arrange for some lunch!
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Amherst & the Berkshires 2011/8/23 10:06
Steffi, you are fortunate to have a home in so lovely a place as the Berkshires. We were in Amherst for only three days, most of the time tightly scheduled, but I like your idea for lunch someday. The annual Dickinson meetings return to Amherst every three years. Because it's an international gathering, meetings other years have been in such places as Trondheim, Norway; Hilo, Hawaii; Regina, Canada; Oxford, England; and in 2007, Kyoto, Japan, though sadly I was unable to make the trip to Kyoto.

Yes, thank you, Steffi, Rt. 7 - during earlier trips, we visited Edith Wharton's home in Lenox and drove north on Rt. 7 all the way to Burlington, Vermont. I love visiting history-rich Massachusetts. One of my most interesting discoveries is the taking and deliberate drowning of several villages near Amherst in 1938 to create Quabbin Reservoir (18 miles long with double the capacity of Lake Erie) as a source of water to be pumped 67 miles east to Boston. Today the reservoir is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary that still supplies water to Boston -- but in 1938 it was an amazing and controversial engineering feat.

In Northern California there have been several summer Obon Festivals with food, music, and dancing, so I was especially interested to learn about the Coal Miner's Dance -- thank you to Tracy or to whomever it was who posted that video link.
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Hey Tracy 2011/8/24 10:45
If you have nothing left to do in Yokohama, look up our old house (to see if its still there) at # 91 Sannotani.

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Eric 2011/8/25 02:44
Well..there you are...
You might try google street maps.
I did and found where my old apartment building once was. All changed except for the stone wall that was accross the street at Medori Gaoka High School.
You might be surprised as they seem to get on even small streets.
However if Tracy is going to be so close it might be nice if he tries and finds it. Tracy sure gets around.
Earthquake yesterday...pooh..was whimpy compaired to Japan. Dave -san ..you get rattled ? But we may get a hurricane in a few days...oh brother...here goes the power...
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Hey Peter... 2011/8/26 21:37
My ten year old Dell finally gave up the ghost. It was the third time I had to take it in for decontamination. It's back on my desk, but has been wiped clean, lobotomized.
I'm now using an iMac and the going is slow.
Apologies for being off line...
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