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Re: Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2011/10/15 23:15
Welcome Don and the MPs and SPs. I'd like to see a few of Don's stories on this board.

I had a few rides home in an MP Jeep and I think one was after some pals and I figured out how to make a popping noise with the popcorn boxes inside the Bill Chickering. Probably the same ticket taker tossed me, eh Dave ?

I recently converted to an iMac and am slowly getting used to it. I bought it for the iPhoto program and have that down pretty well. I traded my Canon 20D for a 60D and am amazed at what it can do.
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Re: Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2011/10/18 12:44
Larry MP 69-70. I surely remember eating many a steak on ships coming thru north pier.The head chef might have had a load the night before and had to get out of taxi at gate. We would give them rides to the ship. Much cargo was sold after being declared damaged. I remember a load of Wrigley gum we sold to cab drivers. Also a bunch of Seagrams VO we went thru with shovels to retrieve bottles not broken.Had to enhance our income somehow.
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Japan Tsunami Debris Floating Toward Hawaii 2011/10/26 09:57
HONOLULU Up to 20 million tons of tsunami debris floating from Japan could arrive on Hawaii's shores by early 2013, before reaching the West Coast, according to estimates by University of Hawaii scientists.....

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Debris 2011/10/26 23:45
Thanks Dave for re-visiting that. I wonder if there is any use for this debris other than recycling. Also, given the natural flow of the oceans I also wonder if there is some "transportation system" here for cargo that is not time sensetiave. With GPS a huge container could be tracked and "float" to the US. Just another far out idea.
May have another Haiku comming. This one is slow.
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Kublai Khan's lost fleet 2011/10/27 03:44
Shipwreck may be part of Kublai Khan's lost fleet
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Anderson 2011/10/27 05:49
When I was a schoolchild, my father often visited his acquaintance's house with me. He was a retired officer of US navy and name was Anderson.
His house was located on the narrow road which goes to Motomachi of Yamate street.
Although he was living alone, the navy man visited his house and took care of him every week. Age was about 70 years old in 1970s.
Father said to me that Anderson was the captain of the destroyer. We often did some shopping with him at PX.
Then, my father was transferred to the Isezaki police station, We did not visit his house. He showed me many decorations. He loved me very much. Does someone know about him?

Thank you,

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Sunken Fleet, Anderson 2011/10/27 07:54
Watched the video, Fantastic. I find it almost unbelieveable that they haven't discovered it before now. In ony 10 feet of water. I would hope that they could be able to build a repleca, like what was done with Viking ships.

I never met Mr Anderson. I wonder what reasonds people have in Living in Japan after being stationed there. I would love to have heard Japan Gingers' story. She has left the forum here, sadly.
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Capt. Anderson 2011/10/29 00:30
Kaoru san:

Anderson is a common name in the US. The US Navy may have had dozens of Capt. Andersons in the Far East in the 70s.
Maybe the naval base in Yokosuka would have a record of his service.

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Todays Haiku 2011/10/29 04:13
Last nights rain....
Turns to SNOW......
OH NO !!....

Well its not very clever but it has good Kigo...ne ?
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Autumn Haiku 2011/10/31 10:47
Chill wind blows through leaves
Yellow, red, orange and brown
Soon they will be gone
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yes more Haiku . Thanks Lori 2011/11/2 07:40
Todays haiku

We believe in a higher power..
Without electricity
There is no Kami.....

[note] Due to a "freak" Halloween snowstorm
we were left in the dark and cold for 3 days. We are now restored !!

Challenge..how about a Haiku from each of us
Starting with Wally....tag your it !
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Autumn Haiku & Kami 2011/11/3 21:41
Lori-san - Autumn Haiku is beautiful


Electricity is very strong Kami
But not always as great as Snow Kami
Nature wins

(My numba ten Haiku)
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Dave-san 2011/11/3 22:53
Good Haiku very timely
How about Barbara ?
She should nail this one.
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Haiku anyone? 2011/11/5 12:03
I'm envious of all of you - Peter, Lori, and Dav-san, who write Haiku so spontaneously and well. While we await Wally's contribution, here's my really amateur attempt from the San Francisco Bay Area, now expecting wind and rain off the Pacific Ocean, an early blast of winter:

Winter in the air
Seagulls swoop across the sky
Soon the storm will come.

I had hoped to write something on the theme of retrospective glances back to Yokohama as we knew it, but my muse did not co-operate. So that's a challenge for someone more clever than I am. Meanwhile, here is an interesting, somewhat humorous haiku by Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827) - I believe his name means "a cup of tea."

These sea slugs,
they just don't seem
Japanese. (Japanese is in italics)

One of my My favorite by Issa:

Don't worry, spiders,
I keep house

Now we need to hear from Wally, Stephi, Kaoru - or anyone else?
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Re: Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2011/11/5 13:07
Friends long gone reappear
Remembrance, joy, connections
Youth relived.

Hi everyone - this is probably not a Haiku at all - it doesn't have to be about nature, right?

It comes from my recently finding Yokohama friends from long ago - it happened on another thread on this site. Someone who lived in Karuizawa when I was there contacted me, I responded, and through him, two former classmates who I knew at St Joseph's contacted me. It is very exciting to reconnect with people who knew me, my Mom, where I lived, etc when I was 8 to 10 years old. One lives in Virginia (lower end, near the NC border, the other two live in Hawaii.

Barbara - loved both the Haiku - and very funny. Hope everyone's well - glad we're still on board.
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Re: Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2011/11/5 14:49
I've been away from the Forum too long and misspelled your name, Steffi - my sincere apology for the carelessness. I believe I've visited the other group you mentioned, but that was quite a while ago, probably before you happy experience there - sounds wonderful! I'm also now remembering that I forgot to mention Eric, who makes frequent posts to this group and, I think, to the Bluff group as well.
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Haiku 2011/11/6 23:47
Autumn in the sky
Makes me want to cry, oh my
Golden leaves soon die
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Wally-san 2011/11/7 03:37
I was touched by your beautiful and most sensitive Haiku...
You OK ?
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Re: Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2011/11/11 21:54
Minasama Konnchiwa;

Pics of Honmoku, Motomachi, Kamakura, 1960 or 70s.


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Pictures 2011/11/12 02:01
I Loved the pictures. Some "seem" to be taken near Motomachi, my first neighborhood
I think that the photographer was trying to capture the many small shops and stores.
When i first arrived I couldn't wait to see what was in those shops..
Thank you..what a treasure trove treat !!
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