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Re: Pictures 2011/11/12 06:18
Thank you, Kaoru. I went to an internet translation site, but the labels on the pictures are not specific about location: sandy beach, house with a chimney pipe, candy store, etc. Like Peter, I find the pictures of the stores reminiscent of Motomachi, and the stone-lined streets going up the hill remind me of those that went up to the Bluff neighborhood where I once lived on Yamate-cho. Thank you for posting the pictures - much appreciated.
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I can't believe 2011/11/13 07:53
I must be overtired ...I just finished looking at ALL of the photographs in the "Kaoru collection"
There must be 500 photos !!
What a trip !!! wonderful
I love especially how dispite the "rustic" condition on the houses and shops that, the streets are clean and tidy...
Late on in this collection are houses and scenes of a fishing and seaside community..truly wonderful..
I love Japanese house design ! and given the time and resources I would build or live in a Japanese style house...Janet has found one in south Fla..but thats another story.
It looks like we are going to New York City for over thanksgiving. I hope this will be a wonderful trip. Steffi has been most helpful in helping us set up our visit to the "big Apple" I hope I am up to it.
Guess what ? I guess I am going to an opera !
I will stay awake....
Thanksgiving dinner...NY deli !!! groovy...
and finally the Museum of naturalHistory !!!
And the Macys parade !!!
Wally eat your heart out..!!or...there are 2 spare beds at this Manhattan club!! first come !!
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Peter-san 2011/11/15 00:35
Why bother Steffi, when all you had to do was ask me, as I was a student at the Art Students League in 1961, and I know all the cool places to go: I ate many a meal at New China restaurants, they're a chain. If you are pressed for time, but want a good meal, go to the Horn and Hardart automat. If you want to have a good time, and like jazz, go to the Half Note on Hudson Street. Woody Allen jams there. And, Broadway has some great shows: "Blood, Sweat and Stanley Pool," with Darrin McGavin and Peter Fonda, and "Ride on the Milky Way," with Hal Holbrook. I love the Rockettes, but someone told me they have changed girls since I saw them, so they may not be as good. If you go to the opera I hope it's not La boh鑪e, I saw it at New York City Opera, saw it in Frankfurt, Germany, and on PBS, and frankly I'm sick of it.

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1960's NYC 2011/11/15 08:38
Don't listen to Wally, Peter - he's pulling your leg - the Half Note in the Village is now a deli. The Horn and Hardart is long gone, unfortunately. Those plays are also gone - and I believe one of them is a novel, not a play. as for La Boheme, that's still around, but not at the NYC Opera, which is presently a homeless group, putting on just a couple of operas at scattered sites - a case of poor management and stiff competition from the Met. Actually, we're taking Peter to a program of "opera scenes" to break him in gently - we wouldn't subject him to an entire opera - we can't have him snoring in the front row! However, the Art Students' League is still alive and kicking down the block from Carnegie Hall, I believe. So Wally - why not join Peter and Janet and us in the Big Apple?
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Big Apple and Wally 2011/11/15 10:51
Wally good idea you can stay with us, and see your old haunts, there still there after 50 years right ? If you can get there we will put you up.
It might be best to rely on a tiny bit of more current information ne ?
Has anyone else been as strange as me and gone through all of the "Kaoru Collection" ? Its lengthy but very ful- filling.
I am going to buy one of those energy drinks for the opera. I hear that there is one even in english !! wow..
Must admit, I am not looking forward to driving in the city. I hope my old pick up truck makes it..will have to hose out the bed. Its pretty funky..
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NYC! 2011/11/15 11:52
Pick up truck??? Don't remember ever seeing one here in the big city, Peter! It will cause quite a sensation.

Just remembered about Horn and Hardart - that became a Barnes and Noble, which recently closed, or moved - there is now a big supermarket opening there - maybe a Trader Joe's, which has just recently started opening businesses here.

Wally - you have an excellent memory. Or did you keep all the playbills? Actually some of the plays from those days have come back - like "South Pacific", which played at Lincoln Center all summer.
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NYC 2011/11/15 13:39
I grew up in NYC.
Chinatown restaurants, Ground Zero & South St. Seaport are worth a visit. The museums are first rate and for shopping I'd hit Macy's or Bloomingdales. Have fun!
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AH HA ! 2011/11/15 22:47
Thanks for the suggestions. Our problem is keeping the sightseeing manageable, there is too much to do. Shopping ! That means spending money and getting stuff you have to carry. Second thought, will skip the pickup truck idea and take the car. I guess I won't be getting much sleep. Our schedule getting full. Our main sightseeing will be the Museum of Natural History. On that Wednesday they will be filling the balloons for the Macys parade. My zen will have to wait.
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Steffi and Peter 2011/11/19 02:25
New York City, like Yokohama, is a place I would like to visit again before I shuffle off this mortal coil. I didn't live there very long, but still have vivid memories of it, I think because it was so different than what I was used to. My two apartment mates, Lenny and Steve, drug me all over town to one event after another, I think they were trying to culturalize me. I've had pizza all over the world, even Italy, and New York pizza is the best. Steffi, I'm kind of tied down now, and can't go anywhere, but thanks for the invitation! I still have the playbills for "Blood, Sweat and Stanley Pool," and "Ride on the Milky Way."
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Noo Yawk City 2011/11/19 23:34
Back in my Iowa college days, a girlfriend invited me out to her school in New Jersey during Christmas break.

At the campus bookstore, I picked up a copy of the New York Times and in the entertainment section discovered that comedians Bob and Ray were on stage at a Broadway theater.

My lady friend and I and another couple drove over and got tickets and I remember laughing throughout the two hour show. No one else got any of Bob and Ray humor but I sure did.

We broke up shortly after. Just as well if she couldn't pick up on real humor...
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Big apple 2011/11/20 00:46
I am now in NYC !!
Went to an opera last night!!!
Wonderful but a little hard to follow.
Steffi was very helpful explaining all of this to us.
TALL BUILDINGS !! a little scarey..
I will cope..
I am not a city boy but am trying..
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Re: Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2011/11/20 06:36
Am trying to explain to Peter - it's just that the Big Apple is noisier, higher, denser - and there's just plain MORE of everything - and LESS of other things, like fresh air, space, quiet, serenity, and privacy. We have the best - and the worst.

Next, we'll try getting Peter on a subway - or a bus!

He was a very good sport about the opera - but once you're been to see Kabuki, and Noh theater, could this be any stranger?

Anyway, we're delighted to have Jan and Peter to hang out with!
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Kaoru-san photo album 2011/11/23 16:05
I really enjoyed the photographs. Black-and-white photos are so sharp. Perhaps someday I will put up a few of mine from the early 1960s.

Thanks Kaoru-san!
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To all "Yokohama Navy Exchange" Forum Members 2011/11/24 01:12
May you have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!
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from Steffi 2011/11/24 02:57
I echo Lori's message, and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.
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Re: Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? 2011/11/25 00:14
On D Avenue, opposite Yamate Keisatsu-sho, slightly Isogo side of the intersection. Adjacent to that was the football field and Nile C. Kinnick HS, known as YO-HI.
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Happy Thanksgiving 2011/11/25 02:48
From New York City !!
Just got off the street ..saw the macys parade !!! 1st time...pretty crowded..but an experience of a lifetime.
Otherwise have been to the museum of natural history and the Raido City Music hall.
Hey Wally..I think all of the Rockettes are different from when you were there.
Man are we tourists. I don't thonk we embarrassed ourselves too much...took a subway !!
Janet got hit by a bycycle crossing the street..she's ok man on bike ok..we made it to our destination..hooters...
Got our thanksgiving dinner ata NY Deli take out...is a wee bit les expensive than a restaurant...ya think ! Peters wake up call..2 drinks..35 bucks.. ouch.. Lady Gaga cookie 16 bucks..pass..
A verry Happy Thanksgiving to all of my good friends at the forum...hey met a lady in the music hall line, was in tokyo in the 60's told her about us here..she may join us. Has an interesting tale to tell...hint..what you can do if you have diplomatic immunity??...Wally thats what YOU needed !! I could get used to this..ok next lifetime..

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Todays Haiku 2011/11/29 23:46
A New York City Reflection

He Sleeps...
On Cardboard and Rags..
Near the Shining Window
Thousand Dollar Watches...
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Re: Today's Haiku 2011/11/30 17:53

Peter, I always enjoy your haiku. It's a real gift to be able to say in so few words something as telling and touching as this:

A New York City Reflection
He Sleeps...
On Cardboard and Rags..
Near the Shining Window
Thousand Dollar Watches...

What a wonderful juxtaposition of words and images, spoken from the heart and from sharply observed real life experience. Bravo - and thank you for sharing this with us.
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From today's paper - with Peter in mind.... 2011/12/1 00:16

NEW YORK (AP) ― New York City is using poetry to try to boost traffic safety.

City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced a new safety campaign Tuesday called Curbside Haiku (HY'-koo).

Colorful 8-inch square signs featuring haiku are being installed at high-crash locations near cultural institutions and schools. The signs are by artist John Morse and relay safety messages for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

Here are two examples:

Too averse to risk
To chance the lottery, yet
Steps into traffic.

A sudden car door
Cyclist's story rewritten.
Fractured narrati
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