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Hey Chris 2007/9/12 12:54
Thanks for posting. Any chance you could take a moment to look on Google or Yahoo maps and post the coordinates?
I know it's somewhere between Yokosuka and Nagai Heights (which was called Camp McGill prior to Nagai Heights).

Thanks for any help,
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Another piece in the puzzle 2007/9/12 19:47
Just remembered that the area was called "Nagasaka", NOT to be confused with Nagasaki where the A-bomb was used. The free version of Goggle Earth is the map that will show coordinates; but if anyone can copy paste a map of this particular area, I can find some old family friends!

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nagai yokosuka maps 2007/9/12 22:36
John G, I found many maps on Google but can not find coordinates. You may have better luck than me. Somebody has to have more info here. I know Hayashi ircle is right in front of a Japanese recruit training base which I had visited once in the summer for a matsuri (festival).
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Chris 2007/9/16 03:12
Chris, In your post to me your e-mail address was altered - I believe for security purposes. I am posting mine in this message, hoping it will show correctly so you can e-mail me. I would appreciate it so much if you could stop by the chapel and enquire about Ikuko Matsudaira. If she's there, please ask them to give her a message from me, saying hello and if she doesn't quite remember me, I have long, blonde hair and played the flute at the Chapel in the early 80's and again in the mid-80's. If she is still there and would like to contact me, hopefully she has access to the internet and could e-mail me. Her son, Hiro should remember me, too. So, please also give the people at the chapel my e-mail address.

Again, I REALLY appreciate your willingness to do this for me. I look forward to results about this, even if I find out Mrs. Matsudaira is no longer attending Chapel of the Rising Sun.

Lori Wickett swick75009@comcast.net
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Hello Chris! 2007/9/16 05:12
You are now the "Yokosuka Connection"...LOL! I am curious if you would be so kind to email me:


I would like to email you a map of the Yokosuka area that you might be able to print and mark then rescan to me or simply use one of your PC tools to draw on. Sorry to seem so hard pressed; but I would love to find the Japanese family that was so hospitable. If I were to ever go back, seeing them would be the main reason :)
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Yokohoma Housing Activity 2007/9/19 12:46
I just finished reading all the nostalgic posts about living in Yokohama and thought I'd contribute a little to the history.
My father was the Force Maintenance Officer on the COMNAVFOR Japan staff in Yokosuka when he was tasked to study the feasibility of the Navy assuming command of the Yokohama facilities from the Army. When he finished his study, he was ordered in as the Navy's first Commanding Officer, assuming command on 7 Jan. 1959. He remained as CO until April 1960, when he was relieved by CAPT Marvin Maroun, a CEC officer (my dad was a line officer).
His office was in the grandstand of the racetrack and his quarters were in Nigishi Heights.
I spent one summer with them (I was in college) and remember many of the places that have been mentioned in this thread.
Most vivid memory was climbing Fuji in Aug. 1958 (still have the Fuji stick). Due to the extreme heat, we started at 2000 and arrived in time to observe sunset from the summit.
My navy career took me to the other side of the world, so I never made it back to Japan; but I understand at one time there was a plaque commemorating my father's tour as CO.
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Hi! Just wondering if Yokohama international school is near Yokosuka naval base. if it's far, how far is it?
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Yokohama International School 2007/9/19 23:56
The international School is
very near the Yokohama area but not so close to Yokosuka.
There is also St. Maur International School in Yokohama as well. I taught there along time ago.
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Panoramic Night View of Yokohama 2007/9/20 11:20
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panoramic ,fuji , thanks john 2007/9/21 03:04
WOW the panoramic is incredable unbelieveable ! I have never seen anything like that. Others on the thread must see. Thanks John.
Hey keep that fuji climbing pole its magic you know. John you tube has many nice films of climbing fujisan. Oh how yokohama has changed since I was there in the 60's. I hope that the old japan is still out there, give it to the japanese they can really get things done, a beautiful modern city, even subways! I wonder if any of the old tokido highway is still there and could be walked, from inn to inn. If I were there thats what I would do next. There is a very funny book that I read quite a while ago, its called On the Road to Sato. It is an account of an american who walked from the tip of hokkaido to the southernmost town in kyushu.
Done with much rye humor and sweet/sad encounters.
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YIS 2007/9/22 07:01
Hey, Katherine;

You can get an update on the International school at

I went to school at YIS in 59 and 60 when the school was limited to the elementary grades. The headmaster was a Swiss national named Baumann. He was replaced by a
Dutchman, Mr. DeHann.
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YIS 2007/9/27 07:48
as the name implies, is in Yokohama on the Bluffs. I attended there 1973-74 and revisited in 05. It has grown quite a bit but still has the same character. When I was there, it was a mix of expat children, locals who had well-off parents, and some military brats whose parents weren't happy with the base schools. Esp. since at the time, if you were in high school and lived in Yokohama, you had to commute to Yokosuka every day.
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Hey, Ron 2007/10/2 00:10
I have asked several sources but have not gotten an answer yet; When was the YOHI/Nasugbu Beach building actually built? Was it a R&R center at one point for the Japanese military or was it built by the DOD for military dependents? Ideas?
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requests 2007/10/2 14:27
all, I will do my best to help on requests - currently I am deployed on my ship so it will be awhile before I get back home again.
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Thanks Chris! 2007/10/2 23:54
Take care on your deployment and we'll look forward to your safe return.

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sent an email - Negishi Chapel update 2007/10/3 23:02
Lori, Just wanted you to know I had sent an email yesterday concerning the Chapel.
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John - you need to see this 2007/10/3 23:06
I found amazing pics of your old housing area closed down. Hope you see something familiar. The link is:


- Chris
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More links 2007/10/3 23:22


A lot out there using Google and searching for Nagai Heights and camp McGill. I think I saw some parts of the housing and or the base when I used to drive out to Misaki and Jogoshima in the early 1990's. So much history, brings back some happy memories I am sure.
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pay dirt 2007/10/4 01:31
John G, I found this which looks like it may help you.


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Thanks Chris! 2007/10/7 23:56
Those pics sure brought back memories! That area on Yahoo maps is cleared and vacant now, what a shame. :(
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