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McDukies 2004/11/13 16:27
When there are as many fat unhealthy Japanese as there are fat unhealthy Americans - then I'll agree with you.

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Jbaba 2004/11/13 22:50
I am teaching at a Japanese elementary school, and dude, I start seeing more and more overweight kids these days. And if you have read the most recent issue of Time (Asia Edition), you will know that more and more Asians are overweight.
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Yes 2004/11/13 23:24
I fully agree recent Japanese are getting to built up cholesterol badly. I've even heared people in America are getting less.
But I want to react to compare with humbergur and Japanese food.....-_-''
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this has become a popular topic.... 2004/11/16 15:11
i see many interesting posts now.

if theres a tereaky burger in japan mcdonalds... then why would you pay $5= around 500 yen in japan (i said around as excahnge rate keeps cghangeing) for a tiny burger and bun with or without whatever, when you can go out buy everything and have a nice big homeade burger instead.

and even thought the total price would be more then one mcdonalds burger you would have enough left over to probibly have another 4-5 meals worth of stuff laying around.

yum terikaky burger.... that reminds me i gota find were my mom hides it and marenade some hamburger meat.

oops whent way off topic.
well just as a note. i sometimes mixed taco seasoning into my hamburgers to keep them from geting boreing.
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Actually 2004/11/16 18:17
Actually, McDonalds in Japan come out with a new hamburger once every 2 to 3 months. And no, you don't pay 5 dollars for a teriyaki burger. For your information, teriyaki burger costs around 1.5 dollars, and a combo costs around 4 dollars.

I am not saying "McDonalds rules!" or anything, but after living in Japan for 4 years, I do miss a hamburger once a while. And believe me, I won't spend 15 dollars on a hamburger at Hard Rock Cafe, just like I won't spend 50 bucks on a lunch at a Japanese restaurant.
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Best burger 2004/11/17 01:02
The best burger are the one that you make at home. Ground up some nice sirloin and char-grill it! Top it off with fried onion, bacon, lettuce, tomato and some BBQ sauce and I will call it my last meal! Other than that IN and OUT of California is my plan B.
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laubowski whattaya talkin about 2004/11/25 12:08
Dude or Dudet, nobody asked for a recipe, focus man focus....
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?? 2004/11/25 13:33
Lebowski, Dude, Duder!
Japanese restaurants have super cheap great lunches. Sometimes they even have an all you can eat salad bar and you still walk out paying less than you would at McCallMeADoctorMyHeartJustCollapsed's
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Same McDonalds?! 2004/11/26 05:17
Man, are you really tasting the food or just assuming its the same.

In the states, it tasted different in LA than in the midwest. And in japan is WAY different.

Seriously, cheeze burgers were sooo nasty. But in japan theyre actually pretty good. I think most of you are assuming that they taste like garbage. I did the same and the fear of those cardboard flavors stopped me fromg trying it for 3 months.


... in addition, why the heck would you travel all the way to Japan and want McDonalds? ''When in Rome...''

Yes, do as the Japanese do... go nuts for American trends and eat McDonalds like crazy.

Playing baseball and eating cheze burgers is more Japanese than it is AMerican dudes.. Do you not remember the wave of adds saying 'hey lets eat something other than crappy bugers, try xxinsert productxx' But in japan is 'super cool, mc donald clown man america special wow ultra nowgood!'
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?? 2004/11/26 11:53
"....I do miss a hamburger once a while. And believe me, I won't spend 15 dollars on a hamburger at Hard Rock Cafe, just like I won't spend 50 bucks on a lunch at a Japanese restaurant."

You won't need to spend 4500 yen on lunch.... Lunch is cheap in Japan. You can get Tonkatsu seto for about 1000 yen, or fast food tempura for about 750 yen. Large size noodles for 500-600

In any case, if you wanted western hambugers, Burger King was much nice than Macdonalds, and I don't think there are as many "free radicals" in their food either.
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J MC 2004/11/28 06:33
The fries at J mcdonalds are always perfect - not soggy like we sometimes get in the US.

And Chicken Tatsuta burgers rock!
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Smile = 0 yen 2004/11/30 06:23
My favourite things about MacDonald's in Japan (late 1980s) were the three flavours of milk shakes were Green Apple, Banana, and Melon (all were good) and that you could always get a smile for zero yen.
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Shakes 2004/12/1 02:07
Green Apple shake sounds strange but melon shake is definitely cool.
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Hello. 2004/12/15 15:20
I am student in niigata.I don't know.Forgive me,but I haven't eat it in U.S.
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Burgers 2004/12/16 07:36
I have two word for you ''Freshness Burger''. It is the best hamburger chain in Japan
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Mc Donalds 2004/12/16 10:59
Hi, Indeed this is an interesting topic.

I also prefer MOS, instead of goingo for the set I always go for two hamburgers, one always is a Teriyaki burger. I want to eat a teriyaki burger!!!!

I heard from my boss that Mc donalds launched a diversity of side menus because there was a study that proved that fried potatoes (at high temperatures) are a factor of cancer so the demand on Mc donals dropped. To counter this they launched side menues besides french fries....

I also agree that japanese modern food is not healthy, but the food in the supermarkets is really cheap and somewhat healthy, I can get in a supermarket a whole bento for 400yen
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MOS Burger? 2005/2/1 05:45
What is a MOS burger? What other American/Western food chains will I find in Tokyo?
I am a diabetic so for me to not alter my normal eating habits would be easier than trying to guess how much insullin I need to take.
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. 2005/2/1 05:57
Other chains include:
KFC, Wendy's, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, Hard Rock Cafe, Outback Steakhouse.
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Mc tastes waay better overseas. 2005/2/1 08:01
I've had Mcdonalds in both JPN and HK. It is about 90 times better than in the US. Our pre-processed garbage is not gonna hold a candle to people that don't cut back on good ingredients just to make a buck.
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MOS Burger rules 2005/2/3 12:02
McD's is dreadful stuff. I had it here in Japan, and in the UK as well before I moved here.

I don't eat Burgers much (once every 1.5 months or so), but I would say that Mos Burger (or Freshness Burger, the 'up-market' sub-brand. Think Lexus and Toyota) is FAR, FAR superior.

..... and whats this about the burgers being too small in Japan. Ehhhh!!! Then again, depends where you come from. Japanese burgers are the same size as the UK.
Never had a problem with the sizing.
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