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very good and sad drama/ movies 2009/4/7 08:07
taiyou no uta, tada kimi wo aishiteru(movies) and 1 litre of tears(drama)

they are all sad stories and the drama is based on a true story... 「セ
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Anything by Kore-eda.. 2009/4/7 09:59
In my opinion, Hirokazu Kore-eda is one of the best Japanese directors working today.
I highly recommend all of his films, especially Nobody Knows and Afterlife.
Nobody Knows is the story of four children who are abandoned by their mother in Tokyo and left to fend for themselves. It's poignant and sad..and based loosely on a true story.
Afterlife is harder to explain. It's about people who have died, but cannot proceed into the afterlife until they have choosen one memory from their past as their favorite to recreate. It's a really beautiful film.

Other people suggested Dolls and Ping Pong, and I second those suggestions. Dolls is visually stunning.

Hope this helps!
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hum 2009/6/9 05:21
-summer time machine blues
-handsome suit

-liar game
-love shuffle
-hana kimi
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Secret you cnat know now 2010/10/19 17:38
I think must be is (Sky of love) i think so :")
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Mother 2010/10/20 05:43

If you get the chance check out Mother from April this year. A fantastic story about a teacher who "Kidnaps a child" from her school.
I thought the story about the hair stylist was just as moving as the main story.
All I will say is, OKASAN!

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A few more 2010/10/21 04:53
Tampopo, if you like food. Crying out love in the Centre of the World. "Turn" was good. Densha Otoko. Virgin Snow (really more for the kyoto scenery).There are heaps of good ones, check "Asiatorrents" for reviews and recommendations.
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one great unknown teargerker 2010/10/25 02:16
kimi ni shika kikoenai;きみにしか聞こえない is about a girl, who is a loner and doesent have a cellphone, suddenly she hears a phone ringing but soon realises only she can hear it, so she answers it and find a boy talking back to her. As the story grows these two becomes closer and closer communicating in their minds. A secret conversation nobody can hear. The boy makes her realises things and both learn from each other. A beautiful movie with a message only to be portrayed by a tragic ending. this will move your heart and make you wish you were her, well i did anyway. ^^
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