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McPherson Guitar 2007/5/9 10:45
I went to Acoustic Design Shibuya and see McPherson Guitar SUGOII!!! Play McPherson Guitar first time and I have vantage Martin guitar and now I selling Martin to buy McPherson. Great store great guitars
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Not an answer 2007/6/22 03:54
Hello. I am on a very brief visit to Kyoto and would like to get a saxophone mouhtpiece and see some acoustic guitars. Any ideas where is a good store/s in Kyoto? Thanks
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Guitar Street 2007/9/14 10:57
I've heard there is a street in Tokyo that is just guitar stores. Is that true? Where is it (Akihabra?)
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Ochanomizu 2007/9/14 12:16
If you get out of the western exit of JR Ochanomizu station, then head south, this is the music shop area.

There are numerous music shops that sell all sorts of instruments including guitars. I guess there would be 30-40 stores.
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Ochanomizu 2007/9/14 13:53
wonder if Ochanomizu has a shop that sells tokai talbo? the guitars that glay use
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Acoustic Design Shibuya 2007/9/25 09:21
I stopped at Acoustic Design Shibuya,


Thanks for the great info here.
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Question 2007/10/4 13:49
Does anybody know about second hand musical instruments in Tokyo?
I'm trying to find a good priced electric violin.
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Roland 2007/10/14 12:47
The largest second hand instrument shop in Tokyo.

Im wandering if Roland have a show room in Tokyo. ANyone know?
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Guitar shop in Tokyo 2007/11/18 10:55
As everybody want to know the area of guitar shop in tokyo can you see as follow this link http://www.shimokura-gakki.com/e_sh.html
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Guitar stores in Okinawa 2007/12/3 07:37
My friend is going to be stationed in Okinawa and wants to know about the closest guitar stores. I've read all the other posts about the mainland, but are there any on Okinawa? Thanks
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to hubart 2007/12/3 21:22
Hey Hurbart; do u know where TCgakki phisically is?
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Guitar store 2008/5/4 03:12
Can anyone tell me the exact location of Ishibashi sound media in shibuya tokyo.. i really need it badly.. if you could also provide the phone number, that will be highly appreciated.. thanks in advance.. God bless..
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what about music equipment repair? 2008/5/8 00:39
do any of these stores repair broken instruments? my battery powered amp broke
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Upright bass 2008/5/9 19:02
hey im looking for an upright bass im about 15 miles from tokyo in atsugi where should i go?
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guitar rental in Japan 2008/7/21 10:28
Is it possible to rent a guitar in Tokyo for 3 or 4 months?
My daughter will be at an university for a study abroad program this fall.
Would she be able to rent a guitar and for how much.
Thank you for your help.
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ESP-Guitars 2008/7/23 04:13
I come from Germany and I look for a Address from a ESP-Guitar Dealer.

Can you help me ß


Oliver Pfister
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Heartman 2008/7/25 03:08
not the biggest, but there's a cool store near shibuya station called "heartman guitars" that specialize in vintage gibson, fender, dean, etc.

very cool place, but can be somewhat pricey.
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Want Guitar 2008/9/3 13:40
Hi, I want to buy Used Bass Guitar ,If anyone know where the shop is,Let Me know
by 666
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used guitar/bass' 2008/9/6 23:23
For used instruments, your best bet is in the Ochanomizu area of Tokyo. If taking the train, use the Ochanomizubashi exit and hang a left. You'll see it right away. There are over a dozen musical instrument shops on this street alone. Mostly new but a few used. Approx. 20 yards down the street on your right is a smaller used guitar shop with a few bass'. I don't know the name of the place, it's something Japanese. Another 50 yards down and across the street (just before the crosswalk) there is a bigger used shop with 100+ used bass'. Again, no name comes to mind.

If your in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, there is another bigger used guitar/bass store run by Ikebe-gakki called 246guitar. Take the train to Shibuya station and use the west exit. Take the stairs up the pedestrian overpass to your left, cross the street and take the left staircase down. You'll see the 246guitar signs when you're crossing the street. The entrance to the building is right when you get off the overpass. You want the second floor, used guitars with a few dozen bass' thrown in. Find a map at the bottom of the following link and the directions should make sense. The JR(something) building near the bottom of the map with train track running into it is Shibuya station.


For the train map of the Tokyo area, use the following link.


Ochanomizu is between Tokyo station and Shinjuku on the map, middle of the page. You can't miss it. Two stops (5 minutes) from Tokyo station on the Chuo (red) line. Shibuya is three stops south of Shinjuku.

Have a good time looking for your guitar/bass in Tokyo. One of my favorite cities for guitar shopping due to the selection.
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guitar 2008/9/14 17:43
Will be visiting Tokyo in Dec and would like to purchase a guitar. Was just wondering if the stores at Ochanomizu are open on Sunday?

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