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purchase sumo ticket online ? 2007/2/22 21:52

How to purchase online ticket for Sumo event in Osaka in March ?
I don't find it from the website.

Thanks for help
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Osaka sumo in March 2007/3/13 12:42
Hi Ling,

I am also trying to get tickets to the osaka sumo this march. So far from what i can see they do not take bookings over the phone for the osaka sumo. see http://www.sumo.or.jp/eng/ticket/index.html
The only way i can find that you can get sumo tix for osaka in advance is to be at the hall to pick them up. In saying that though, after reading through this forum about peoples past experience it looks like we may have a great chance of just turning up on the day and getting them. I am now confident that we should be able to do this with no problem. they say fridays are very busy and weekdays are obviouly easier than weekends. hope this helps. oh actually it sounds like you may be able to get your hotel to book it for you normally for other tournaments. its worth a try but it does specifically say on the website that they are not taking phone reservations. if you find out anything else please share it with me. have fun!
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sumo tickets 2007/3/24 19:48
Did not read all the replies, so hope this is not repetiton, but you can get sumo tickets by taking a Sunrise tour. Check the Sunrise Tours website for various Tokyo tours including sumo, kabuki, etc.
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Sumo wrestling 2007/7/18 01:47
Hi! My name is Emil Malmborg. I am a photojournalist and I will travel to Osaka at the 21-24 of August. I am very intrested to visit one of the sumo wrestling stables and take pictures for a days. Follow the wrestlers when thay train and eat. I am intrested to take photos from younger to older sumo wrestlers. Is this possible and is there any stable for me to contact. Thank you /Emil
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... 2007/7/18 11:51
When I lived (and worked) in Nagoya, I had a chance to visit and see Sumo-wrestlers' practice. (I remember I saw Kyokudozan.) I was very lucky because my boss knew someone who gave financial support to the stable.

Unless you know somebody directly/indirectly related to stables, it would be difficult to get a chance to see their practice.

Having said that, some stables are friendly and others not. You may ask at the Sumo Kyokai.

BTY, there's no tournament in August. August is set for Summer Tour. Sumo-wrestlers visit places where tournaments are not normally held, such as Hokkaido and Tohoku region.

Next tournament in Osaka is March 2008.

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sumo dates around new years 2010 2009/7/8 15:21
i will be in japan from dec 27, 2009 - jan 3, 2010 and would love to see a sumo match. i have checked the grand sumo tournament schedule and see that those end in nov and don't resume til the middle of january. i'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me if there are any smaller matches during the week i'll be there. it doesn't have to be tokyo - we're planning to go to osaka and kyoto as well.
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