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... 2007/2/9 00:10
Hi, I've just come across a blog today and the blogger was extremely astonished to see some sakura 'blossomed' at Ueno already. Maybe he only meant that the buds are showing but in the blog he is very convinced it should be very early this year. It is a very mild winter in Tokyo this year. It is true that this year in particular the world is having extremely erratic weather.

I also came across a site a few days ago of pictures of the buds in Tokyo and in comparison to previous years it does seem it's going to be earlier. I think you will have better luck during last week of March if not slightly earlier (though this may not be common).
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Late march for cherry blossom in Tokyo? 2007/2/9 02:55
just read ur post that late march is better time to catch cherry blossom in Tokyo? Is it early this year? So.. would it come out during early march instead?? How abt in Osaka?
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... 2007/2/9 08:55
These trees that are already opening their blossoms are early flowering varieties of cherry trees. Still, they seem to have started to open about a month earlier than usual.

I don't think that the "mainstream" cherry trees will follow this pace, but if the weather continues to be above average mild, I would not be surprised if they opened about two weeks ahead of their average schedule. That would mean that they already open around mid March and would be in full bloom in the second half of March.

But the weather agency has not published any "official" forcasts yet.
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website to follow? 2007/2/9 12:07
hmmm that's not so good news... i hope when i reach Japan.. i will still get to see fully blossom Sakura...
btw.. are there any website that i can check on to see the status of each state for the sakura flowers?
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japan-guide.com 2007/2/9 12:43
This very website will post some forecasts later on:
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What about Nikko? 2007/2/10 12:47
Dear Uji

Thank you for your advice. I will monitor the forecast closer to the date and change my itinerary accordingly. I will definitely pack Kanazawa in early. I'm also going Nikko, any idea if there's good blossom sites there? and does it follows tokyo and nagoya?
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JNTO's webpage 2007/2/10 13:32
This is JNTO's page for 2007's Cherry Blossoms:

It has pictures of the buds in Tokyo.
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... 2007/2/11 08:51
Nikko is not famous for cherry blossoms. If there are any trees (not sure if there are), they will probably in bloom around mid to second half of April, I estimate.
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Going from 17 - 28 Apr 2008/1/28 03:16
I am planning to go Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Hakone, Osaka. How should I plan my trip in oreder to increase my chance of possibly seeing the cherry blossoms? I know it will a bit tough to see in Tokyo but if I start my trip in Kyoto, would i be able to catch a glipse of the late blooming sakuras?
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Cherry bloosom festival in Okinawa 2008/1/28 04:33
When is the Cherry Bloosom festival in Okinawa?

I have read that mid April is too late.

I am travelling this March 29 to April 13.
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... 2008/1/28 05:54
If it is a late year, you might be able to still see some blossoms in Kyoto on the 16th. Takayama will be in bloom in the second half of April.

When is the Cherry Bloosom festival in Okinawa?

Right now. Late January and February.
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Blossoms 2008/1/28 06:31
Yes Cherry blossoms in Japan are absolutely beautiful but please people don't put yourself in such a state of panic! Japan is gorgeous most of the time (autumn leaves are as spectacular if not more so than cherry blossoms)
go to Japan at the time most convenient to you and if the cherry trees are blossoming at that time, so much the better, but if they aren't, there are so many other things to enjoy that you will have a great time. Do you know that we have well over a thousand cherry trees in the Canadian town where I live? they usually blossom for 3 weeks in late March to mid April and we have a Sakura festival..
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