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Re: Losing An Important Toy in Osaka 2016/6/10 09:45
BluePills, has your friend ever been able to help you? Still rooting for your turtle to find his way back home!
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Re: Losing An Important Toy in Osaka 2016/7/31 05:51
I'm sorry as i wasn't checking this for awhile.
I actually manage, to get someone to check for me, and according to him that it is not that toy.

i'm happy and glad that i'd got here, and actually i'm really glad.
and i'm really blessed to have everyone's concern over this.

and.. i didn't really follow up much after because i went into depression.

haha nah, not because of the toy,
it's actually my that girlfriend of 10 years, who was with me to japan actually decided to leave me shortly after we came back.
(not because of the toys lol), she just decided to.. so...
uh yea,
i was pretty much, a zombie for awhile, and i'd updated that blog if anyone of you guys are still concern? (:

i'm still in the process of healing myself because, it really hurts, and i still see her everywhere, so...
not sure if it's an unlucky streak after losing my toy, or was it payback because i actually won pachinko that very night ~

it's nevertheless a beautiful journey that's full of hope and warmth. Even though the best didn't happened, i'm still really thankful for your help (:
and i'll love to stay in touch~

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