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it will not work 2005/10/23 23:17
the link you gave is only for DCT3 and DCT4 Nokia Phones, 6630 is under BB5, there is still no other way to unlock 6630/6680/n70 unless you get the unlock code to Vodafone
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Vodafone 3G phone unlock 2005/11/7 20:26
will unlock , change language, remove mp3 protection on phones
listed below.
802se, 802sh, 703sh, 902sh, 903sh
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903sh as media player 2005/11/12 03:01
How do you transfer Mp3s to the phone do you have to download them or can you copy them off your computer? cheers for your help
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Some help with a nokia 6680 2006/1/10 12:47
I talked to Tokyo bikan, but they say my Vodafone 702NKII cannot be unlocked, that I should buy an unlocked one. Anybody tried to cancel the contract and got the mobile unlocked? How? Thanks.
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I found a way, not easy or cheap. 2006/1/11 13:03
Check http://ucables.com/ref/GRIFFINSAS
It's a box (pretty expensive, E500.-) but it says it can unlock 6680. So guys, I think that we'll be able to unlock our phone soon, but not by traditional ways, via imei, I mean, but it'd be possible. Bye
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802se unlock precedure 2006/1/18 21:19

this company does it for $12 USD but you need an unlock cable, they sell the cable for $18
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Read the website carfuly 2006/3/23 13:11
The griffinsas Nokia box says that it can only flash the 6680 not unlock it.
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Vodaphone 802SE Unlock 2006/5/7 02:19
It simple to nlock with HWK hardare with UFS tool, check some one with this and get done your job.

Enjoy your phone !!!!!

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Cancel Vodafone contract 2006/6/3 09:17
Anybody tried to cancel the contract with Vodafone jp and unlocked his cell? Because I'm about to try. Thanks
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to unlock 2006/10/10 07:43
we have just returned from Vietnam and had same problem until a phone shop placed a tinfoil patch on the back of the sim card and then it worked fine. Does anyone know why???
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ANy new on unlocking sharp 904sh? 2007/2/3 01:44
does anyone know where i can unlock my sharpsh 904.. i have been waitin for a long time for a unlock to comeout anyone know when it is coming out.. would be a great help thank you..
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. 2007/2/4 05:54
No unlock for 904SH so far. Newer Vodafone phones are hard to unlock.
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bb4 phones = no luck 2007/2/4 14:58
Newer Nokia phones - e.g. the 6680 - require the original service provider unlock them. Without that, you're screwed.
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unlocking 2007/2/5 10:00
There is a young man who invented a lot of things, most of them related to unlocking mobile phones. His name is Dejan Kljajevic, he is from Serbia.

In fact, a found a website for unlocking phones (not Dejan's website, but uses his inventions) http://www.laleshop.com/ They all speak English, so you may contact them by e-mail.

I will be going to Serbia for Summer holidays and I'll bring my 6680 with me, to unlock it. As far as I've heard, it costs ~50 euro.

As for the codes found on the Internet, do not use them, and don't pay for something which is not certain! For unlocking BB5 phones, they need them to have certain number of attempts, and if you use them on some codes found or heard of,... then there won't be enough 'moves' for unlocking your phone.

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man? ...sharp 904sh 2007/2/16 00:17
wats happenin ppl. so does that mean, sharp 904sh cannot be unlocked?..
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.. 2007/2/16 16:13
Try visiting gsm forum http://forum.gsmhosting.com/.

Post your question there, maybe someone knows more about unlocking j-phones

I found a lot of info there, including how to use various apps on 6680.

Good luck, and let us know what you found and where.

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sharp 904 unlock 2007/2/26 06:24
well. thanks for the webpage... still ppl are waitin for unlock to be out.. so i guess i hve to wait.agian.. hopefully, they will hve a unlock code for sharp 904 next month..or by summer.. thanks again
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unlocking 904sh 2007/8/10 20:30
i live in japn, when i got to the philippines they said the newer version of vodafones cannot be unlocked and its difficult they can may be try to unlocked it but for big cost 100$ and if didnt work you cant get your money back. thats bullsh*t. wont waste money if they cant unlocked it. and there is no way they can unlocked it. i prefer 2 buy motorola razor quadband that is unlocked for 112$ and can used all over the world. i have 1 myself 904sh and still waiting if they could unlocked it for a cheaper cost. maybe there is another way to find out.
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I have a question 2007/8/10 22:21
What does it mean to unlock your phone? Like what can you do after you unlock it?
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unlock 2007/8/11 15:01
What does it mean to unlock your phone?
When you buy a phone, it is usually 'locked' to a single provider like Vodafone or Orange, etc. of a single country. This means that you cannot use a Orange SIM card in a Vodafone phone and it also means that you cannot use, for example, a French Vodafone SIM in a UK Vodafone phone. Special codes or firmware need to be applied to 'unlock' the phone so that it accepts any SIM card.
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