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Re: My itinerary 2018/10/15 20:19
Nikka has a distillery in Yoichi, not in Sapporo. It is reachable by JR train.
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Re: My itinerary 2018/10/16 00:08
I've visited the distillery in Yoichi - it's best not to drive here so you can drink the local produce. It wasn't bad but was rather touristy (but easily accessible in English).

Onto your current new plan. You mentioned that you like major cities and natural landscapes. You also mentioned that you have done most of Chugoku which gives me some thoughts.

Yokohama is a nice city but notice that it takes only 30-something minutes by train from Shibuya to reach Yokohama by express train. If you like gardens - then I highly recommend Sankeien Gardens if you do end up visiting Yokohama. I lived in Yokohama for 3 years and found it a nice place to live, but it's more of a day/night trip if the weather is nice. Having dinner in Chinatown with all it's tack and then walking down the prominade at night is quite fun as well.

Is there a reason your visiting Niigata City? There is not really that much to do here but Yakiho Shrine is nice and Sado Island was highly enjoyable.

Also - is there a reason you are visiting Fukushima City? I did find Aizu Wakamatsu (in Fukushima Prefecture) a fun place to visit and it has a nice samurai history which you were looking for from Iga Ueno.

If you visit Nagano, the Togakushi Shrines is a nice day trip. The same is also true for Obuse which is a pretty little town. Visiting the castle at Matsumoto is also a great highlight and is close to my favorite castle in Japan which is only an hour from Nagano. Nagano City is a bit boring, but the main temple is not bad. I also wanted to confirm that you have 2 nights in both Kanazawa and Takayama? Both of these cities are enjoyable.
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