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oh 2005/6/9 18:57
yeah, I confused myself about that. I found the map though. Im going tomorrow.
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confused! 2005/6/10 01:03
hey! can anyone tell me more info about these things! ive read all yall's post's and im really tempted now! but i was also wondering... what if you get in chlorine water like a pool what will your hair do when it dries? also does anyone have a name of a salon that does them in Houston TX? b*c i cant go out to japan to get it done and i cant go to new york either! pleeease help!
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ya 2005/6/10 01:10
ya i want to know the same answers as CiCi because i live in Houston TX too! so Maz if you read mine, i'de really appreciate it if you'd write back because you seem to know a lot of info on this topic! Same goes with anyone else who reads this im just looking for answers so if you have them plzzz write back!!!
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No Worries 2005/6/10 09:05
I went to Okinawa last weekend and I went swimming everyday at the beach and the swimming pool and I had no problems what so ever with my hair. I even coloured my hair after I had the straight perm done and It still looks great and I don't have to do anything to it. Btw the perm is also called the Japanese Ion straightening perm. there are lots of names for it but it's not just a normal straight perm as they leave your hair a little dry and you still have to straighten your hair after you shower.
Jessica Im sorry did I answer your question? If not, could you please advise me again as Im not sure which notice you posted? did you post it under a different name??
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Oh yeah! 2005/6/23 14:02
I was initially excited when I saw the responses to this post, but then I slapped myself and remembered, "Girl, you have Black hair." So I researched a little and I was surprised when I found good news, that it works with African/American hair as well. Thus far, I've heard nothing but excellent things about the overall quality of the process, and I look forward to investing in it. Hehe, maybe not now, but this seems like something that can only grow better with time. Thank you for starting this post. I had never known, until now, about something so awesome!

Info from:
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Thermal reconditioning 2005/6/23 21:46
... is another name for the straight perm. I've had mine done twice (with 9 months between treatments) in a salon called Hayato New York, which is actually in Tokyo in Aoyama (between Shibuya and Harajuku). These guys are absolute experts - my hair was problematic and kinky and I used to always have to tie it up, but with a straight perm it is perfectly straight after showering. It cost me 15,000 Yen the first time and 12,000 the second time 9 months later to touch up the crown and it was worth every Yen.
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OMG!! 2005/6/25 12:45
It works with black hair?? Are you serious? :-o
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Heh heh - 2005/6/25 16:02
Breath bunni, breath. :D
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Wondering 2005/6/26 00:04
Hey ... can anyone answer me this... I used to have a perm... I am an African American female... thing about it is.. I cut my hair off to get the perm off.. and now its back to curly... I was wondering... with this japanese perm... after the nine months that it lasts... is it like a normal perm... where you have to get touch ups? or are you able to have your hair back to normal? If not... does anyone know... of a technique they use... without chemicals...(maybe with blowdrying).. that can give the same effect?
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Straight perm to thicken fine hair? 2005/7/4 04:07
ILve heard that the quality of straight perms is good. Just wondered does anyone know whether they are suitable for fine, non-wavy hair, to volumise it? I used to have curly perms which thickened the hair shaft a little, but sometimes damaged the hair. Wondered whether a straight perm would also thicken the hair but keep the shine?
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For Realz! 2005/7/6 08:45
Black hair!? I really need this perm, usually I have to get a touch up 6-8 weeks after my perm, but the Japanese Straight Perm last 9 months! The Japanese are a god send.
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Straight perm to thicken fine hair? 2005/7/6 12:35
Hi Ros. A straight perm will straighten and FLATTEN hair. Im thinking its not what you are after?
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Jpnz Ion Straightening Perm 2005/7/16 03:28
The Japanese perm thing is like any other kind of perm, just that it uses a better chemical and giv ebetter results, which is straight and flat and smoother, coz the ions create less damage than the old fashioned perm. It doesn't change the original structure of your hair, which means, once they grow out, they are just as curly as they were , maybe a little less visually coz its just the root part that's back to original.

BTW, for a cheap good ion perm, Hong Kong is definitely the place!! if you think 15000 yen is cheap and great, then HK is 1/3 the price with the same results and with that price, you can get yoour hair coloured as well!

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J-straightener for black hair? Hmm 2005/7/17 01:23
warning...long exhaustive post!
The ion straightening system is not that much different from a black relaxer, but the process of straightening differs. The hair is repeatedly ironed throughout the process to break the hair bonds that make hair curly and set it into the straight style. All straighteners or relaxers use chemicals (usu. an alkaline solution) to make hair straight-rather, to break the keratin bonds in the hair. Black hair, though seemingly tougher, is actually a bit weaker than other hair since it is very curly (I think you can find the scientific details online or in your favorite hair care book) and relaxing kits geared toward black people are strong enough to make our hair pretty straight. Relaxed hair is generally weaker because of the broken bonds, which is why it's usually so hard to grow our hair very long. Anything stronger than that, even on unstraightened hair would probably weaken the heck out of black hair. Sooo, I think doing our regular relaxer routine and lightly blowdrying/ironing it out would be more than enough to keep hair straight and manageable. Bottom line, I wouldn't take a chance with the ion system.
And CC, as for maintaining relaxed hair, I guess a light relaxer with frequent conditioning routine and minimal use of heat in your hair would keep hair relatively straight but lessen the hair damage a little.
And yes, for J-straightener, you would still need touch-ups (reapplication on the roots) since that part is your natural roots growing in. Non-black girls can probably go unnoticed for 9 months without a touch-up because the hair is not as curly and so it can blend in with the rest.
So, girls who've had a J-straightener...How long did the process take at the salon?
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Don't judge 2005/7/21 02:49
I am 100% japanese and do not have straight hair, I have curly hair. SO don't go on judging people about what races have what hair.
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True... 2005/7/22 12:41
I didn't mean to categorize all members of a race as having one type of hair, sorry if it came through that way. I was talking about very curly hair, which a good deal of black people have, but I agree that being of a certain race doesn't mean that they have one type of hair.
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none 2005/7/27 11:02
hey um i live in ny and i wanna straighten my hair somewhere in ny from like 80 dollers to 150 do any of you know a place like that that u have gona to and their good?
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Emeline. / Warning for African hair... 2005/7/27 14:46
For Emeloine: I think your question was already partially answered in a response to another question, but here goes a bit further...''Perm'' is just short for Permanent. There are people who want their hair curly, so they put their hair around tight curlers and a solution on their hair that it breaks down the bonds, and another solution sets the bonds permanently around the shape of the small rods. Others want straight hair so they omit the curlers and ''pull'' the hair straight using basically the same caustic chemicals.

That is a really simplistic description, but this Japanese straightening system is definitely not recommended for African hair, as the hair is more delicate due to the flat ''ribbon'' like structure that gives it curl.. Those that have double processed their hair with hair color have been lucky!
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once 2005/8/10 02:23
i recently had my hair dyed, how long should i wait before i can have a japanese straight perm?
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answer for once 2005/8/10 08:20
I had my hair straightened in NYC Chinatown a year ago and my hair is still relatively straight - probably 'cus it's so long. But anyway, I had a dye job a week before my hair was straightened. I had wanted to do both on the same day but the stylist told me to wait a week. It turned out well....
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