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Changing money 2007/6/30 22:50
Do NOT change $ (AUD) to Yen in a Japanese bank!!!!

I live in Japan(Australian expat), and I was looking at the bank rate the other day.

The nominal rate was about 104yen/AUD. TT was about 2 yen different, but CASH was 9 yen different. Changing at the airport in Australia is about 3 yen different.

For example, changing $2000 AUD, in Australia (airport) would get you about 204,000yen

Changing at a Japanese Bank, you will get 190,000yen!!!!
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Using Yen Travellers cheques 2007/7/21 07:18
I have used ATM card through Jpn Post Office but don't like
the exchange rate/fee charged by my NZ bank.

I am thinking of buying Yen Travellers cheques in NZ, the bank in NZ will charge 1% commission. (Travellers cheques issued by American Express)

Do the Jpn Post Office or Jpn banks charge any commission when I convert Yen Travellers cheques to Yen in cash? Many Thanks.
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Exchanging AUD to JPY 2007/10/13 00:49
A company known as 'KVB Kunlun' (Citibank Building in Park Street, Sydney - between George and Pitt Streets, I forget which level they are on) offer the best rates for exchanging AUD to JPY and do not charge any commission. Hondarake Japanese book shop in Lime Street (King Street Wharf area) are also not too bad either. Both offer better rates than regular banks.
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money and accommodation 2007/10/17 20:49
i visited japan in may and used cash when paying for all but 1 hotel in tokyo. the exchange rate you get in sydney is definitely better than in japan. however, we found that credit card rates were also very reasonable and was in fact better than our exchange rate in sydney. we go to the money changers along george st in sydney - they don't charge commission. i think you should always have some cash and as many have already said, it is extremely safe. the people are lovely!
in tokyo, we stayed in a funky new hotel just outside of the main drag in Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo Hacchobori
3-3-3 Kayaba-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025
Ph +81 (3) 5651 6660
Hatchobori - it was 11,500 yen (about 110 dollars for a couple) and included breakfast - very comfortable, new and swish. it is 5 mins walk from the nearest station.
the other outstanding place was rickshaw inn in takayama if you're going there.
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