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website in English 2006/9/14 18:05
Check www.j-skateboard.com. It has park info in English. Hopefully it's helpful
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sk8 japan 2006/10/27 21:11
the best advice is to surf around the net for a while as good parks arn't easy to come by and they don't list them all on one place.sk8ing in japan ain't as big as it is in the uk or the usa!outside tokyo you do have to travel but if you look around you can find some great spots. some times its outside someones house!happy hunting
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Ferris Wheel 2006/11/26 18:32
Yeah that Ferris Wheel is in Sakuragi-Cho in Yokohama. The spot in particular is right beside 'World Porters', a big mall sort of thing. I'm down there every day basically and I normally see larger groups of skaters at night. In the day theres sometimes a rag tag one or two. Its fine to skate there we were doing it around city officials while they worked on the tiles. The skaters here are really nice in my opinion. Real easy going and cool about skating.

And about not knowing where to skate, I think just make sure you take a fairly decent look around for signs and stuff. I really don't recall seeing more than one no-skating sign, and that was only put up while it was pouring rain on a overpass walkway (It said no bikes too).
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message to john C 2007/1/11 21:42
Hey John C, the place you have seen is called Yokohama, about an hour and a half from tokyo, its a great place to skate, real smooth, anyway, peace out and have a good skate
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yokohama 2007/1/12 01:26
hey guys, definetly go at weekends to Minato Mirai, Yokohama! (Ferris wheel) etc, you see skaters there, and its greta place for it! Easy 5min walk over the road from Sukuragi-cho Station. Usually during weekends, and nights!
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are there skateparks in saitama? 2007/2/27 16:21
hey i was wondering, are there any skateparks in saitama? if you do know please inform me coz i think i'll be visiting japan this coming april 2007...thanks!!!
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Minatomirai 2007/4/12 12:42
Yea I was at Japan last week and I stayed 2 min by minatomirai. You can't really skate the big 3 in front of world porters anymore though. That manual pad in the water front isn't skateable anymore too but you can still skate those ledges. Anyone know some good spots in Yokohama? I went to the skatepark at Nissan Stadium too, it was alright. Fun but the ground is kinda rough
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Osaka 2007/5/6 21:41
You should try getting to Osaka, go to Triangle Park in Amerikamura on a saturday night where the boarders (mixed Japanese and gaijin) skate till the break of dawn! Good times.
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odaiba or yokohoma? 2007/6/20 10:36
im consfused, so is the big ferris wheel with the famous tiled skate spot with ledges and next to the water in odaiba or yokohoma?
id really like to know
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Odaiba 2007/6/20 21:32

im consfused, so is the big ferris wheel with the famous tiled skate spot with ledges and next to the water in odaiba or yokohoma?

From the earlier posts in the thread, it sounds as though most people are talking about Minato Mirai in Yokohama. However, the description also matches the Center Promenade and East Promenade areas in Odaiba behind Palette Town. This is a wide tiled area next to the large ferris wheel and water, and is virtually deserted at night, despite being close to the busy Palette Town and Venus Fort complexes.
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.. 2007/6/21 07:33
Lots of scenes in my son's pro skateboarding video's are shot in Odaiba.
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Location? answer 2007/8/13 14:25
hey John C... i think youre thinking of minatomirai in Yokohama...on the toyoko/minatomirai line...theres a big three set that you can either use as a gap or some ledges off it you can grind...ive been there a couple times but dont even bother on the weekends...way too many people there...but a cool spot nonetheless
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Volcom video skatepark?? 2007/10/7 20:42
Hi I am coming over to Japan next year in March. Does anyone out there know where the thermometer looking snake run is? It is in the chicagof volcom movie, Is it near the Annaka city bowl?
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ohk 2008/6/21 17:56
i was wondering about tht. im in hokkaido atm but wen i was in tokyo, everyones on bikes or in cars and thats it.

but i do think u will be stared at on a sk8brd in the streets, and it might b hard to even ride sometimes. but if u live in hokkaido, because its the counrtyside and the road is really flat, smooth and empty, its fine but its alittle boring.

its kinda the same in sydney but not as bad.
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