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yaoi 2007/12/20 07:40
i think that the whole seme uke thing is just a term for manga's, and to put more of a kick into the story, but i have some gay friends who say that the two catagory stuff is a bit ballsy, and that it does depend on the relationship, and the charecteristics of the individuals, and from what i can see from there various relationships they're pretty much talking out of their asses lol, as most of them do tend to be either dominant or submissive, but i think that although they're being hypocrytical they ARE right.
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Quiz 2007/12/24 11:12
Seme-Top, uke-bottom


You can take this test if you're curious to what you are (even if you're not gay) XD
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I am an Uke 2008/3/29 13:37
Well I am Bisexual and My Partner is Seme and Im Uke He is much more dominant and always wants me *laughs* And I always Like to cuddle and kiss *smiles*In Bed *smiles big* He is way more agressive then me...
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Another Related Question 2008/7/7 08:58
I've just heard a non-Japanese person use the term "uke" in reference to a person's personality and habits. She is a "yaoi" fan, so I'm not sure whether she is calling a slight reference to their sexual personality? or whether she just has no idea what she's talking about (it's likely both, haha).

My question: Does anyone know if the terms "seme" or "uke" are used in Japan to non-sexually describe a person's personality? :/
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SFme Uk 2008/7/23 08:39
Seme: The "man" in Yaoi.
Uke: The "Woman" in Yaoi.
some might be both Seme and Uke...
That's kinda Rare anyways...

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YAOI 2008/7/23 11:34
Seme and uke refer to sumission. They come from kendo (kind of like oriental fencing, for those who donLt know) and seme is an abbreviation that means "attacker" and uke means "receiver".

Work it out from there ;)

Of course, itLs all stereotypical
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seme and uke 2008/7/30 02:01
seme and uke are terms 4 yaoi relastionships, and seme is known as the attacker and uke is known as the resevier.
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For indepth reading on this 2008/10/8 08:07
Seme/ Uke, they both make the scene in anime, manga and great sizzling novels. I believe that is the important part about the whole topic. It is what makes the story works. Take a look at http://samurai-on-samurai.com for instance. The stories there are all about seme & uke relationships, and some of those relationships flip roles as well. A successful seme-uke relationship really isn't the entire story, just part of it. The rest is left up to the imagination.
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Seme/Uke Thing 2008/10/10 06:43
As a gay man, I can tell you that I've never heard of the words seme and uke to describe the partners in a same-sex relationship outside of fiction. In most relationships, the roles are usually reversable, by that sometimes a partner's the "seme" and other times he's the "uke". The stuff you see in yaoi is really unrealistic.
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SemexUke Clarification 2008/11/26 14:24
Uke comes from the word "receiver" in Japanese. "Seme" derives from the word pitcher or deliverer or pursuer, I'm not quite sure which. hey date from early Japanese male homosexual relationships, where the uke was traditionally younger and had less power than the seme, who was an adult male with some social status. These terms are similar to what we mean today when we say someone is a "top" (seme) or "bottom"(uke.) In BL stories, the seme is the more masculine in terms of gender role, while the uke tends to be more feminine.

There is also another term, "Seke" which is where the person is both a top and a bottom depending on who they are with or which position they wish to choose.

SemexUke typically the more assertive person is probably going to be you top. It isn't established as in "Hey, I'm topping tonight, end of story" It's more of a silent fact that is known/ discovered.

uke - bottom
seme - top
middle variation: seke
made apparent: either a known fact or quickly learned fact.
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semeuke 2009/2/4 21:33
seme is a softer and more feminine version of a boy in manga. uke is a rougher version of a boy in manga. and manga has boy on boy and girl on girl and also boy on girl.
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its a question!! >_< 2009/3/19 15:55
wich is seme and wich is uke? Seme=taller/older & uke=shorter/younger? or the other way around?
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Definition 2009/6/3 02:13
Seme/Uke relationships, are basically like the Seme is the dominant one and the Uke is the submissive. It's a lot more complicated, but thats it in very simple terms. Not all gay relationships in japan are like this, in fact most are more or less equal, it's just a tool used in yaoi (and BDSM...0.o)
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"What are Seme-Uke Relationships?" 2009/6/8 11:57
the seme is the dominant in relationship, while the uke is the opposite.. usually refering to homosexuality.

To put it bluntly, the seme is on top, the uke is on bottom. ._.;


(I hope this isn't considered.."offensive language"..if so, it was certainly unintentional.)

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I am an Uke. 2009/11/26 14:57
The dominant is known as Seme/Pitcher the middle ground is Seke and the Submissive is Uke/Cather.
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seme and .... 2009/11/26 18:11
Ayla, it all depends on the people..... a young slim male, even one that look feminine, may well feel very masculine inside and will be a top while an older muscular male may feel softer inside and eager to be a bottom. The same 2 people may decide to change roles when with other guys..

There are all sorts of possible variations and the stereotypical assumptions that heterosexual people have of gay ones are often totally wrong.

It really doesn't matter who do what to whom in the privacy of their bedroom, does it? Some gay male couple have satisfying sex while being several feet apart..
Many heterosexual males are totally submissive to their wives /girl friend. the ladies are top and the men bottom.
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Seme Uke 2009/12/16 16:00
The uke is usually the slender, more vulnerable man and the seme is usually more experienced and has a stronger build. The analogy of "pitcher and catcher" can be used to describe the sexual nature of a seme uke relationship because the pitcher , the seme, gives his....and the catcher, the uke, receives it...
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known in MA as well 2009/12/17 06:57

I just wanted to say that the same/uke principle is known in Aikido (Martial Art) aswell, but we call it Tori/Uke. Uke is the person who starts the attack and will end up on the ground in a secured position, while the Tori is the one, who performs a certain technique to handle the attack.

By the way I like Yaoi as well and the first time I heard the Tori/Uke-use some blushing images came to my mind. ^_^
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Yaoi 2010/3/2 14:42
Well, the simple answer is "yes"

I may not be a man, nor do I live in Japan, but I am both gay and enjoy yaoi. Semes and Ukes are really only terms used in anime and manga to define the roles of the two in the relationship. Usually, in anime and manga, to make it more pleasing to the eye, the taller one is the seme and the shorter the uke and then they shape the personalities to match.
However, in real life, there are no rules like that. Some can be taller with a very meek, shy attitude and some shorter with a more dominant personality. Now, I can't say for certain whether there are or not because I haven't met very many gay couples from Japan, but my answer would be a: yes.
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Well... 2010/3/4 14:16
Seme and Uke don't generally refer to real people, only the ones in yaoi mangas. I'm a yaoi fan-girl and read lots of it but my friend went to Japan and the guys there don't generally refer to themselves as "Seme" and "Uke" when in an acctual relationship. Some people here in the U.S. will take quizes to find out which version of Seme or Uke they are. Like for example, I am generally a Clueless Uke and my friend is a Don't F*** With Me Seme, It's more of a personality thing then an acctual relationship status.

Hope this helped.

- Amber ^.^
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