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wrong place 2008/11/9 19:10
ask on a sword forum not here, no one is going to know where to get one of those here.

it's extremely unlikely you'll ever be able to own one without living in japan, and even in japan it's unlikely a prized artifact like that would be sold to a foreigner by the extremely conservative merchants here in japan.

sword sellers are among the oldest school of thought still alive in japan - they are very hardcore traditionalist and you need to be very well connected to get into their good graces.

furthermore it's illegal to export old swords from japan.
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Become a swordsmith 2010/8/14 11:05
You do not have to be Japanese to come to Japan and be a smith. I have lived here for 3 years and have a friend who is a smith. It is typical of Nihonjin who have never visited a smith to think..oh it is so hard if you are not Japanese to do something Japanese but this is not true. It is hard whoever you are. My friend has had many Japanese and at least one American apprentice. Most of them all quit because it was too hard working 7 days a week all day. It is a big commitment taking 5 years minimum if you are talented to get your license but typically (I have read in The Craft of The Japanese Sword) it is about 8 years on average. Get the book 'The Next Generation of Japanese Swordmiths.' Go to Japan and ask a smith you are interested in working.
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