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used laptop in Osaka 2006/7/10 18:38
Here was said, that Osaka is good for buying a laptop. Can somebody tell where exactly in Osaka I can find used laptop and nearly how much it will cost?
Thank you!
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you might want to make your own? 2006/7/22 02:00

PC hardware store in Akihabara, Japan
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Buying laptop in Shibuya 2006/11/23 05:21

Im staying in Shibuya for two days
Im looking for a laptop not more then 400 pounds,Doesnt matter which model and year.

Thank you
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A good up to date laptop 2007/2/12 20:36
Hi. can anyone tell me where to get a up-to-date laptop with a windows vista operating system? Also with a inter centrino duo etc..
(not secondhand)
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.... 2007/2/12 20:38
In tokyo that is....

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SONY vaio with English OS And Software 2007/2/28 20:09
Any one can help me where in Japan OSAKA can find a new laptop such as SONY VAIO with English OS and English setp Softwaer for international user?
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buy used laptop 2007/3/11 05:09
I am going to Japan in April 2 2007 for education in Yamaguchi University. I want to buy secondhand Laptop in Japan, but do not know how to buy. What is the price?
Please, advise me how to purchase?
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To JK 2007/3/11 18:14
Osaka's version of Akihabara is called Denden town- you should find what you want in one of the electronics shops there.
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Secondhand laptop 2007/3/11 19:58

I want to buy secondhand Laptop in Japan, but do not know how to buy.

Larger electrical stores usually have a secondhand section. Just look around when you arrive.

What is the price?

Depends on the model.
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new laptop in tokyo 2007/3/17 14:16
whats the price of new laptop in tokyo with a config...of 1GB RAM, 100+ Harddisk , and all other things with a good display card....
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import english laptop? 2007/4/11 17:46
My sister's living close to Kyoto City and she's teaching English in Japan for a year.

She wants a laptop but needs it to be in English (keyboard and language). Is it best to import one (which I guess will be expensive) or is there somewhere she can go? Thanks!
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Re: English laptop 2007/4/13 12:37
Buy a Japanese laptop and install an English version of the OS on it afterwards.

Japanese keyboards have roman letters so it won't be a problem to type. Keyboard layout is slightly different but laptops usually have unique layouts anyway.
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. 2007/4/14 05:53
Some manufacturers (Toshiba, Lenovo/IBM, Dell, Sony etc.) may be selling English laptops on-line.

This site is also selling English laptops.

There may be some stores that deal with English laptops in Nipponbashi, Osaka.
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RE: import english laptop? 2007/4/18 22:02
Great, thank-you for your suggestions!
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about security camera 2007/5/19 03:11
I want to buy security camera for use in the shop.But i dont know how to buy it.Please tell me.
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Buy Laptop 2007/8/12 19:33
is is possible to buy a laptop at very cheap rate in Japan.I can not spare more on new right now?
Can someone help me on that urgently.
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help 2007/10/20 22:05
I have a simple question.. I'm planing to go to Tokyo in a month, to work.. Since I don't have a laptop I plane to buy one there.. My question is: Can I buy regular new laptop, with qwertz keyboard, win xp operating system on english.. It's a bit silly question, but I have to be shoure, otherwise I will have to buy one here where it's much expensiver..
So if anyone can help, i would be gratefull! :)
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Used Laptops in Tokyo 2007/11/8 10:29
There are several places to search for used laptops in Tokyo.
Akihabara shops is option #1, but according to my experience, the quality/price ratio is too low. They sell used laptops for about 60-70% of their initial value, it is still quite expensive, and if you want to spend that much money, you can buy a new one with guarantee and all the stuff.
Option #2 is Yahoo auctions at yahoo.co.jp. It is much better in terms of quality/price.
Option #3 is to find someone who wants to sell his laptop (forums, blogs, etc.).
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qwertz laptops in Japan 2007/11/8 10:34
Hi Turist,

Buying a qwertz laptop might be quite difficult in Japan. In 3 years I am here I have not seen one yet.

I bought a laptop with Japanese keyboard layout and installed English XP on it. Works fine, I have English, Japanese and Russian layouts and no problems whatsoever.
If you come to Japan for a long time, this would be a better option, since you will probably need Japanese input.
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... 2007/11/8 11:07
Japanese keyboards are qwerty keyboards. It is the OS that allows you to easily switch character sets.

Typing on in English on a Japanese keyboard is the same except for the special character keys which are in different places.
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