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Yu-cho Check card no longer available 2007/10/4 20:53
The Yu-cho Check card is no longer available, and existing cards will end at the end of December 2007.
by anon rate this post as useful

Suica Credit Card 2007/10/9 18:50
Which one do I get?

Are they expensive monthly? I really need one just for Mobile Suica.
by Joe rate this post as useful

Yu-cho check being cancelled~?! 2007/10/30 17:49

That ridiculous, there has to be something to take its place. Whats the deal with leaving the users stranded?
by vanessa rate this post as useful

Yes! I got it at last! 2009/3/8 20:33
Luckily found someone who knows where did you can get real VISA DEBIT CARD! At last, now I can use it in here like normal Visa card!
by Hage (guest) rate this post as useful

Hage, really? 2009/4/25 21:44
Hage, what did you find out? I've been looking everywhere for a debit card. Did you really find one that functions like one?
by Jarrett (guest) rate this post as useful

J-Debit 2009/4/25 22:13
I always though the J-debit card that AK mentioned in 2005 was Japan's version of the debit card.

I've never actually seen a Visa Debit card as I knew them in Australia.
by Kevin (guest) rate this post as useful

. 2009/4/26 01:09
J-Debit is incorporated into many regular bank cards, though most people don't know about it, and not many stores accept it, of all the convenience stores, only Lawson accepts it, though it is good at Yodobashi Camera and some other major places, not many people know about it, and it's still not good for online purchases etc. A Visa card tied to a debit account can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. J-debit on the otherhand isn't accepted everywhere.
by .. (guest) rate this post as useful

Hi 2009/4/30 08:55
thanks for help
by Maya (guest) rate this post as useful

e-bank visa debit card 2009/5/3 21:49
I got my Visa Debit card from e-bank.

It really works!!
by Khye rate this post as useful

How 2 get english 2009/5/7 20:28
I've been trying to read that site for my visa credit card and cant because it's in Japanese. How can I change it to english and apply for my card? Whats the rates also? Or can i get a telephone number so i can call for faster reply?
by candy (guest) rate this post as useful

English 2009/5/8 12:50
by Kevin (guest) rate this post as useful

ebank 2009/5/8 16:51
Unfortunately, the english site has limited services. You are only able to apply for the card on the Japanese site. You might need someone who knows Japanese to help you through the process.
by Khye rate this post as useful

Can apply 2009/5/8 19:37
"A VISA debit/cash card, geBANK Money Cardh allows the users to make payment at 27 million VISA member stores in the world (2 million stores in Japan) that display the VISA logo without having to find an ATM to make withdrawals. A confirmation of use is delivered to the user via e-mail upon withdrawal of money, which enables early detection of fraudulent use"

English site shows you can.
by Kevin (guest) rate this post as useful

email 2009/5/8 19:44
Use the contact on that site. You can apply for it in english with an english speaker but you must request.
by ... (guest) rate this post as useful

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