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Wow! 2006/8/27 21:17
thanks for the link! when do you think the deadline will be? because I will go to live in Japan on december/january..when was last year's deadline?
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None 2006/10/10 16:06
It states that the deadline is not specified in the website :).
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Last Year Audition.. 2006/10/13 09:50
Last year was from around April to May/June. So even though there is no set date, you have maybe till end of October mid November.

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Utada 2006/11/21 14:31
If Utada has Japanese parents, shes Japanese. Thats why shes considered Japanese.
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excited! 2006/11/25 04:51
I can't wait to audition for this. I will be sending my tape and materials to them real soon.

Btw, it's true there are many artists in Japan that aren't natives from the country. In addition to BOA and Crystal Kaye, you have Se7en (Korea), Mobbstarr (Philippines), Ben Folds Five, etc. We shall see what the future will hold.
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Well Actually 2006/11/29 19:00
Crystal Kay is a native of Japan, for the record. She's ethnically Korean, and Afro-American, but she was born in Yokohama.
And Utada is ethnically Japanese, but American, born and raised.
But there's also AI who is from LA, and another female singer I can't think of right now who's originally form Hawaii. They both have similar backgrounds to that of Utada.
And let's not forget DefTech, one of them is Hawaiian.

But here's a link to all of Sony's audtion pages. The International Audition may only be best for people who aren't native. So just incase a native wanted to know how to audition I thought this information would be useful.

It's in Japanese, but if you don't know it don't feel overwhelmed. The green square that says "INTL" is for the International Audition, and has laguage options once you click on it.

I hope this info was useful!

I will audition as well ^_^

ask me if you have any questions msn-superstarlike
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the songs 2007/4/10 13:39
noticed that the songs are now getting more english and mixed in with japanese so if you know a verse or two in the song with some japanese im sure it would be easy if the rest was in english...

Also I have the number to avex talent aquistion line....

if you need it email me at crissysnow@popstar.com
also if u are a struggling artist I have beats to sell to get ur career off the ground
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Performance 2007/4/10 17:21
Performing infront of a live audience is very important.
Today, it seems to be underminned cause anybody can make music off their computers and call themselves a singer but a good amount of them don't know how to give a good live show.
If you can perform infront of a audience with no voice over or auto-tune, you're letting people in the audience know, "This person is a real singer/entertainer who can peform physically right on the spot".
If you can perform live; it can take you to a lot of places and attract people who really like your stage performance.
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Idol 2007/4/11 08:55
I went through the audition stage of Australian Idol a few years back myself, its very daunting singing in front of a live crowd.
I always considered myself a good singer who was classically trained by a famous piano player here, but when it came to a crowd of 150 people I got nervious and my voice didnt want to sing. I think maaany people can sing very good but few can put up a preformance for a crowd. Best of luck with your career
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... 2007/4/17 12:59
Hey! I share a similar dream, however, I would like to be a J-Rocker. Anyways, I kind of have a partial answer, and a partial question...

Answer to your question: Well like most people said, you need to start sending in demos and stuff, but most importantly, MAKE CONNECTIONS!!! i cannot think of any industry where connections with iside people has helped someone in one way or another.

Now my question...
I understand that when you start off in the indusrty, you're supposed to stay true to your own single genre until you become more popular before exploring new genres (Dir en Grey is an excellent example. they started off with rock/metal, but they now currently play just about everything.) but me and my buddy both share the same music tastes and desires. We're all about Speed Metal, however, we're also about acoustic. is it okay for us to play both while begenning? Also, we're a 2-man band. How can we play live if, while recording, I'm the one playing the bass and percussions and piano? Where in the streets should we start? What clubs? I mean, while in our acoustic "mode", we don't need bass, drums, or piano, but what about when we're heavy shredders? I can't play bass, drums, and piano while playing guitar and singing at the same time...I'm only one person! Any ideas on how to solve this?

I'm glad to hear about Utada Hikaru, because I'm under the exact same boat. I'm Japanese by BLOOD, but I'm American, born and raised. But anyways, I really don't want to go to music school just to get a visa. I'm currently going to turn 17 in a month, and my goal is to at least get started before I hit 19-20. I just want a diploma and that's all. So for an entertainer's visa, how can I go about that? Should I go to the embassy? I need so much help to, but I do know one thing, it's gonna be hell for me when I arrive in Japan, Japanese blood or not.

One more thing that no other "artist" seems to ask. All musicians start off as starving artists...if we hold an entertainer's or whatever-the-hell visa, can we also hold a part time job while we're at it to help with living costs? Anything, McDonalds will do! Just anything to bring in some revenue.
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Yes 2007/5/8 14:11
There has been some American Jpop singers
like Utada Hikaru
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Yep 2007/5/8 14:33
We have already established that although Utada is American by birth, she is ethnically Japanese and is a native Japanese speaker, so is in a different situation to many foreigners who want to sing in Japan.
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J-pop 2007/5/9 04:19
Go to the audition page! Follow your dream! I wanna be a J-pop singer,too (I'm black, it's not stopping me.)
I have a great feeling you'll make it... and if you need help with anything, email is sparksdee@aol.com
Score big, hon!
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singing 2007/6/10 16:14
I'm appreciative to the person who put the link on page one because I looked at it and it's something I'm really excited about. Ever since I started getting obsessed with Morning Musume lately, I've really wanted to do something along those lines. Being a solo artist would be amazing, but I would like to do an act like W (Double You) like Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai did. Too bad Tsuji is married and pregnant and Aibon is off doing whatever. I love their Robo Kiss song and Matsu wa.. matsu wa just so happens to be what I plan to record and send to Sony.to name some artist in Japan that aren't japanese I could name Coconuts Musume. All of the girls were from Hawaii. Some were of asian lineage but the Danielle chick wasn't asian in the slightest. Coconuts Musume is disbanded I think.. Not too sure. There is a chick in the states named Lisa Furukawa Ray who sings and stuff. She isn't popular or anything but she is at this anime convention called mechacon in lafayette every year. I can't think of any other non-asians who are famous in Japan. It is a secret dream of mine to be famous though.
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a question 2007/7/11 05:21
hey... all you said.. is the totally truth.. but.. remember utada hikaru.. and the others that you guys said.. they are all from asia.. for example boa... the only one is crystal, she is black like me...but she gots the eyes of an asian...
well the thing is that can a black man like me be accepted there? i want to know beacuse that is my dream too.. but.. its difficult see me.. there.. and all with straight hair and all.. i dunno.. please tell me lol
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Haffu? 2007/7/15 20:30
Ok, I'd also love to sing in Japan. I've never been there, but I could deal with it since I'd be living my dream of singing.
My question is, I'm a "haffu"...does that help me or hurt me? I have a Japanese surname and I can speak a little bit of the language. Should I try to be as Japanese as possible or American as possible? I don't know if that makes sense...hopefully someone knows what I mean.
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Foreigner artists in Japan 2007/7/17 04:04
There are a lot of foreign artists in Japan. Monkey Majik is a Canadian band and they are mostly known for their music being on the Saiyuki soundtrack. and Leah Dizon is an American who is making her way up the Oricon charts. And of course Taiwanese and Korean artists like Bi, Se7en, BOA, and the F4 have pretty decent fan bases. As for biracial artists, there`s Crystal Kay, Nesmith, Angela Aki, AI, and more. And I believe there are foreign artists in Japan that may not be big on the Oricon charts but are on indie labels and what not. Plus Japan love foreign acts like Ne-Yo and Avril Lavinge.

Many of the above people had some help getting into the industry (Leah Dizon was a gurabia-kei model before becoming a singer; Nesmith was discovered was a finalist in the ASYAN competition that formed Chemistry and EXILE; BoA and the F4 were already huge stars in there respective countries). Perhaps some people here should try making connections with the music world (in your own country or Japan). You can come to Japan and try to audition with the music companies or on a show like Uta-Star. Some people will perform outside of major train stations in the hopes of being discovered (there`s a TV show which features some of these artists).

For the most part ethnicity has little to do with selling music in Japan. However you need to keep in mind that you have to have something to give record companies to make them want you. Can you actually sing? Do you write music? Play an instrument? Dance? Do you have stage presence/charisma? Are you willing to go through great lengths to become a star? What do you have to offer these companies? I think these things are more important factors to music companies than race/ethnicity.
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deadline 2007/7/21 08:32
is it too late for me to audtion now?
because i just found out about it..
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sony audition 2007/7/21 14:45
i went to the sony audition link and in the requirements it said something about an application, but I didn't see one there. so, are you supposed to make your own or is there one already on the site.
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other artist 2007/7/31 01:56
hey there are a group called monkey majik.. it has 2 canadians members which no have any asian descendants
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