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to manga freak and sara 2006/12/18 04:54
i know a great place to read the manga. its called thespectrum.net and its amazing!!! and he has a to of other manga scans. he has naruto books 1-36 and all of hana kimi, and tons of other stuff so....ya. he has bleach volumes 1-19 there too. o if i knew who he was i would hunt him down and kiss him!! anyway hes getting the last book soon and he will put it on asap. (dont ask him about it or it gets ugly) so ya. ok im done freaking out now bye!!
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um....bambi? 2006/12/18 05:00
sorry babe theres only 23 books and even though you know the basics of some of the end you still need to read the rest its so fun!!!!!! ooooooooooooooooh kyo gives me the jitters!!!! hes so hot
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read fruits basket 2007/2/27 16:25
umm...I have read all of the series and if you really can't figure out how to read it, you can always go to mangarun.com and read it online.
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YES! I only read 1-5, though. 2007/3/2 15:10
I only read 1-5. If anybody knows where to get English (emphasis on the word English) Fruits Basket Comic books 1-23? I REALLY want to read more. My best friend has #10, but I want to read 6-9 first. Anybody? Hello?
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sorry about the spectrum 2007/3/7 09:05
i read the fruits basket manga from the spectrum.net, but they have been taken off permanently because tokyopop (the english publisher) asked them to. But your right, mangarun.com has all of the chapters to 134. (i had already found chp.'s to 135 on another website) so that website did't help me very much. All i have left to read is the last chapter, and its very agrivating!!!!
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Yuki and Haruhi 2007/4/2 11:45
I would recommend Ouran High School Host Club. The same person (Aya Hisakawa) did both Yuki and Haruhi's voices!
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FB the best shojo !! 2007/4/3 01:12
Ouran Host Club, it's a very good manga, very funny, I saw anime and the manga would be more funny.

About FB, OMG !! I read the end and it's so sad !! No, i'm glad for everybody, but now FB is over !! it's a very lovely manga thanks to Takaya-sensei.

In France, we are in tome 20, the end is soon !!
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would love to discuss fruits basket 2007/5/10 16:16
I would love to chat about that great series as for something similar it's very hard to say. I'll have to put some thoughts into it... Another series that I started reading is called Vampire Knight. It's a much darker setting but I'm totally crazy about the plot...
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la la 2007/6/11 10:48
hrm... the end makes me sad ,... uts all over... and you can also go to mangaupdates.com or nemuidesu.co.nr for manga scans. for mangaupdates.com, theres a search box, and type in the name of the manga ur lookin for, and - poof! - it gives you ton of information about your manga, including websites where you can get manga scans!! i luv that website...
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yeah 2007/10/27 08:05
yea because it's awesome. It's funny, unpredictible, sad, cute, and kinda romantic.
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i reccomend 2007/10/27 08:55
Gurren Lagann, liking this would make you appeal more to Japanese otaku males because its giant robots GATTAII!
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It's kind of the same... 2007/10/27 10:15
if you like reverse harem, but I think The Wallflower is really good! The heroine is Tohru's polar opposite but that makes her more likeable in my opinion...
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yay fruits basket 2008/1/7 03:18
omg! i love fruits basket! i read the manga and watched the anime. i also think if you want something similar to furuba, you should try ouran high school host club(both),tokyo mew mew (both), tokyo mew mew a la mode(both), kirarin revolution(anime only), kamichama karin(anime only), and gakuen alice(both)

hope that helps!
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hey 2008/3/23 23:23
i love furuba! i just wish it hadn't have ended.... i'm almost done reading it.... i'm just looking for a place to read chapters 132-136 online for free..... wish me luck! XD
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fruits basket 2008/3/24 11:12



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Totally 2008/3/24 21:27
OMGG.... Lovely Complex--was really good
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To rosepanda 2008/4/2 17:19
Have you watch live-action drama of lovely complex? It was such a lovely drama too.. :) the ending song "bon bon" by hey!say!7 was my fav song, they are johnys jr..and i luv them! Will 'fruitbasket' have the live action?
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Fruits Basket! 2008/4/4 10:42
I love Fruits Basket!!!
email me if you want to talk about it.

Kyo+Tohru forever!!
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WOW. 2008/4/22 09:43
i think that the manga is better than the anime. i have all 23 books and i still havent watched all the anime yet because i cant find them. HOW AGGRIVATING.
anyways, this is pretty sad but i am sure most people agree but... seriously how hot are some of the guys from it ayee? LOL

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need information 2008/4/22 09:54
Does anyone know if the second dvd box set of fruits basketis going to be available in England soon?
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