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not old school, but... 2006/10/16 08:43
ARASHI!!! They're my favorite Johnny's group! Sho is so Awesome! He's smart and kind (well, I've never met him, but he comes across as being kind.) I'm not that old school. I don't really know any other older ones, besides Arashi, but no doubt it's the best! ^_^
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old school flavour 2006/10/18 17:39
woahhh! i love v6 and arashi very very very much. i went to japan for one of arashi's concerts. it was awesome but i guess its really not that easy to catch any of them on the streets. oh but when their concerts end they would take shinkasen sometimes, depending where the concert is held. so u might bump into them on the shinkasen!
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hmm 2006/10/19 11:42
shiokana, how did you get the ticket to the concert?? i thought you have to be in the Johnny's Family Club (JFC) to get a ticket..
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myspace yamapi goodness! 2006/10/19 17:54
Yamapi has a nice myspace page http://www.myspace.com/yamashita_tomohisa

so does KAT-TUN

and Kamenashi kazuya http://www.myspace.com/kamenashi_kazuya

they might all be run by huge fans or be the real deal but they are quite spiffy! you can find others on myspace too.
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JE 2006/12/22 02:06
I think Jin had a short term fling with some girl and there were pictures of him with her too taken by paprazzis but i guess they already broke up.Btw this is for NINA - though i dont know you at all could you please get in touch with me.My msn - blush_blue_chyk@hotmail.com
thanks...cya round!
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paid that low? 2007/1/1 03:23
really? they're paid only $500? and they work nite and day... *sigh*
anyone who loves JE, esp arashi, takki&tsuba, four tops and their doramas, feel free to email me @ mmangox@yahoo.com

cya ^~^
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hehe 2007/2/2 18:48
No, that isn't how much they're paid. She was just giving an example of how popularity is related to how much they'd earn.

As for me, I go total gaga for ARASHI. OMG Jun. hehe.

All those myspaces are run and made by fans. They (JE boys) don't have time to manage a myspace. As far as I know, they only keep web blogs.

Jin's doing good at hiding in L.A. now. There hasn't been a rumor of a sighting since November. Maybe he's been behaving.
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Tackey 2007/3/17 12:58
That sucks that we can't get autographs:( Does anyone know where to spot Tackey or Tsubasa?
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cooL! 2007/4/26 00:21
NINA, thanks for the infos!! its great i found some people who's int TxT Like me... i feeL they are getting underatted since most fans are kattun whores =(. btw, takki is my ichiban =)

yeah, i wouLd Like to where where txt esp takki couLd be spotted *staLker aLert!* haha!

if JE idols are allowed with fangirL stuffs? i think so, i read somewhere that Takki is sweet with his fans, Like shaking hands etc... i aLso saw a pic of uchi hiroki with a fan but that time he was suspended...
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karin-chan... 2007/6/19 11:35
karin-chan... calling fans of kattun whores... don't you think it's a bit harsh...
well I do like kame, jin and yamaP... I wish I could go to Japan. Hope to gather more info about them here! Haha..
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. 2007/6/22 10:31
What are the chances of seeing any other music artists while traveling through Japan?

And would it be wise to go ask for an autograph or picture?
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common in japan 2007/6/30 20:44
the small pay thing is standard in japan, its not limited to JE. japanese jimusho (talent agencies) take most of the earnings and only give a small salaries to their talentos. i think even top stars like kimutaku dont earn more than salaryman do. thats like hollywood was too before some stars like marylin monroe asked for bigger salaries and it excalated to where it is. but in marylin's days, top actors only goot $1000 per film. as for japan, if you want to become a famous talento, you need to be in a famous agency, if your agency is powerful its easier to get on TV. so its hard to start your own agency and become famous.

as for the jin suspended, he was sent in the US officially to improve his english for a few months and now he returned. there are rumors that he was sent away because he impregnated TWO teenage girls. one from berryz kobou (a middle schooler) and the other is also an idol, from high school.
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rumours are just rumours 2007/11/28 19:49
Regarding Akanishi Jin, seriously there are so many rumours out there that it's not even worth believing. getting someone pregnant, being selfish by wanting to go vacationing during KT's critical period, getting into arguments over salary with Johnny etc etc.

let me just say this, it makes more sense to view it as Johnny's marketing plan. When KT was about to debut, NEWS was temporarily disbanded supposedly because of Uchi and that other guy getting suspended. But really, they could have continued as a 6 person group jsut like they are now. They were disbanded so that KAT-TUN could debut in the spotlight and Johnny could make the most hoopla and money out of it.

Then when NEWS was put back together and ready to release a new album, we suddenly hear Jin being sent to the US. Without a doubt, KT is weakened wihtout one of their main stars/best vocalists - this allowed NEWS to re-debut without any serious competition.

So it's not right to just dump all the blame on Jin. I doubt he would be allowed to just go to the US unless Johnny got some benefit out of it and as for covering things up - it is really necessary to ship him out? not really
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all about jin 2008/8/15 15:36
i think jin is the most popular. he was gone for almost half a year and came back more popular than when he first left. With his hiatus to L.A., he gave KATTUN more publicity, garnering more popularity for the band, since he is a star member. With KATTUN'S debut, rumors about jin did good for all the members of the band since it drew massive attention. and thanks to jin, kattun made it to number 1 in the charts. if you notice it, jin outperforms some members. He is just simply good
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jinnn 2008/8/15 15:40
wow, i started this thread more than a year ago and it still exists!!

anyways, i went to japan last month and was lucky enough to see a kat-tun concert!! jin was beautiful
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"w 2008/8/15 16:00
hi jennifer. from what country are you in?
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- 2008/8/15 16:05
im from canada
getting the ticket was a long story. basicly, my friend in china bought the ticket through someone in japan who can access yahoo auctions jp...

i went to kat-tun's kanazawa concert. the place was so small compared to tokyo dome that even though i pretty much bought the cheapest ticket (which was still 30000 yen), i was still able to see all the members pass by within 2 meters.
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- 2008/8/15 16:09
oh, and also, i went to kinki kid's tokyo dome concert without getting a ticket in advance. there were many fangirls selling tickets outside because the seats are too crappy. i bought one for just 5000 yen, but i was all the way at the top of the dome... i just saw human shapes...
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:> 2008/8/15 16:14
did you really flew a thousand miles to see the concert? you must be a fan fan fan jen. i heard its so hard to apply for a passport in japan, thats why i knew that i could never watch kat-tun live. lucky you :)
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- 2008/8/15 16:16
well the main purpose of the trip was sightseeing, but i have to admit that the highlight was the concert :)

where are you from? it was quite easy for me to apply for a visa, i just handed in my application form and they told me to pick up the visa in a week :)
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