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ho 2006/11/30 19:26
You should probably choose a name that is easy to pronounce....

Misaki, Sakura, Sachiko, Hina, Kazuko
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sakura? 2006/12/1 05:08
HI there, im not japanese, nor have i ever been there, but ive always liked the name sakura... im told it means cherry blossom? haha i dont know, just thought id put in my two cents.
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i agree with Sira 2006/12/1 10:49
Sira absolutely right I so agree with her. I also think yoko is a popular name but dont take my word for it. but if you would want to name your child the same thing as the woman who broke the beatles up...*cringe* youd have to be an imbecile, doofus, and corrupt person.
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I think.... 2006/12/2 09:59
Yuki is a cute name, it means snow. Or Natsuki, Chiyo, Yumi, Chidori.
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. 2006/12/2 13:28
Lighten up Unagi. Names come from all over the world and many many many cultures like to take names from other cultures. She has a right to find resources for names where ever she wants. Be it at forums or not.
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Me too! 2006/12/3 20:57
I think so too that Yuki is a cute name. So is Aya, Mio, Kaori and Reiko!
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unique 2006/12/3 22:55
What about a unique name? Like Norika or Chimaki. Or say Kaoruko and Misuzu. Tomoyo is good too.
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names 2006/12/4 00:50
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Cuuuute 2006/12/4 00:53
I like Shiori and Hina too ^.^
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mi 2006/12/4 01:03
most girls want a name that ends with "mi"...Minami, Ikumi, Megumi, Hiromi and Mutsumi are good.
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Namae 2006/12/4 01:15
Erika is not only japanese but is a western name too. So I think it is good.
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tomodachi... 2006/12/4 01:19
my friend had a baby recently (her name is Yukina and she got born in November)and she thought of giving these names to her baby.


when will her baby be born? does she have any ideas yet?
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A good site 2006/12/11 12:03
Here's a nice site for you,there's alot of japanese baby names for boys and girls and it tells you what they mean.
^^ Hope it helps.
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Consider pronounciation habits 2006/12/11 19:04
Since the baby will grow up in America your friend should go for a name that's easy to pronounce for English speakers. It's not nice to have a name that everybody pronounces wrongly. Not to mention that many Japanese names lose quite a bit of their charm when pronounced English. So maybe your friend should pick a name with one or two syllables. The problem with 3-syllable-names is that English speakers would naturally stress the second syllable which usually sounds strange (Kasumi would become ka-SU-mi, Noriko no-RI-ko, Akari a-KA-ri and so on).
It's much harder to pronounce short names like Hina or Yumi incorrectly.
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Just an idea 2006/12/11 21:06
Nana has a very good point, I think. When you say a 3-syllable-Japanese name, it doesn't sound so much Japanese. By the day, does she concern more about its sound, or does she want the name that has particular meanings? See, when we (I'm Japanese) name a child, we usually give the name a hope what kind of person we want the child to be in the future. And to me, that's the beautiful aspect of Japanese names. If your friend has something like that in her mind and give us any idea how she wants her baby to be, we might be able to help her even better!
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Kiyo 2006/12/13 10:26
Well, I'm a 3 generation Japanese-American and my mom named me Kiyo after her gradmother. I think it is a beautiful name and I have never had any trouble with people not being able to pronounce it.
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thanks 2006/12/20 12:34
Oh my Goodness thanks a bunch!

I really love the name Mayu. But it's not my choice. :)

She really likes the name kiyo. So whoever said that one thanks! The baby should be born around March 3. But you never know really. She was kinda hoping on a longer name but I guess pronunciation is a factor. She STILL hasn't made her decision. But she has narrowed it down to three or four. She refuses to tell me. Cause they don't want to leak hints yet. When she decided I will be sure to come back and tell you.

Thanks again for all the names!
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take mine 2006/12/21 12:28
i looks like your friend has already made a decision but i know people say make it easy to pronounce and they have a key but i think thats part of the beauty of japanese names. my name is Nakao. i was named after my grand mother who died of after effects of the atomic bomb. Nakao is beautiful pronounced how it is spelled (Na-K-O) i love my name and even though i roll my eyes when people butcher it i secretly love when they do, but i do ask if you do use my name please tell me, i would like to know when i am not the only Nakao in the world to my knowledge. but i do like the name Naoko but have passed on using it since it is too close to mine. Naoko means honest child.

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help!!! 2006/12/21 19:38
hi everyone. im australian and my husband is japanese and we are expecting our 1st baby in april 2007. we live in japan but we would like a name that is easy to pronounce (for my family) and also not a super traditional japanese name. if we have a girl my husband has already decided that he really wants to call her sakura . we are having alot of trouble with boys names... we like the name kai, but we were looking for a stronger kanji than C. any suggestions, we would like to have two kanji characters for this name. my husband thought of the name kaien last night....what do u think?? we have no idea about the kanji yet. any other cool suggestions for boys names???? please help us!!!! thanks!!
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kai 2006/12/21 22:00
My boyfriend`s son uses `kai` in his name. It means pleasant/delightful and its pronounciation as an adjective is `kokoroyoi`.
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