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Questions for Prabhakar 2007/2/1 02:41
Re Oakwood Akasaka, am thinking of staying there.
1. How far to nearest subway (which stn.) ?
2. Did you find the rooms spacious ?
3. Any chance of Narita limo bus stopping there (or close-by) ?
4. What price did you pay (all inclusive) ?
5 Any where close-by for breakfast ?
6. Rooms cleaned everyday ?
Thanks for sharing your experience.
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. 2007/2/1 03:05
Why not just contact Oakwood directly:

As to price many Oakwood apartments are for medium to long term stays, so are priced that way, if one intends for a short stay the price maybe higher if they allow you to move in at all, some have one month minimums etc.
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people who have stayed there before... 2007/2/2 01:15
Hi, this question is for the guys who has stayed at the apartment before. do they charge you utility bills as well? like water, gas, electricity bills? cause i know some apartments charge you extra bills for staying there, or does the rent price include everything? if thats the case i might as well stay in a hotel!
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Trip Report 2007/4/12 15:51
This string is fairly old now, but I thought Ifd report back in case anyone stumbles upon it.

They did not charge any additonal fees for utilities.

We really liked the Oakwood. I would stay there again, without hesitation. Room was small, but very modern, clean and brand new |exactly like pictured on the Web site. The kitchen was stocked with dinnerware and cooking utensils | and they even left a few snacks to start us off. Washer and dryer really cut down on our packing needs -- although plan accordingly because ultra efficiency model took 4 hours for a complete cycle. They supplied same toiletries as any hotel | shampoo, soap, and a few extras. I had brought some along because I though they might not have them. There was a great view of Shinjuku (We were on the 16th floor.) Therefs a nice penthouse gsky loungeh which we treated as a private living room because there was rarely anyone else there. Also, had 2 other public lounge areas we used less often. Therefs a public bath with sauna in the basement for 525 JPY a day. Desk staff were very friendly and helpful. Location is very convenient to subway, food, etc.

One note: I booked and paid 14,175 JPY tax inclusive per night. I noticed the day after my last day to cancel the rate on Expedia dropped to 75,000 JPY so if youfre the risk-taking type | or planning a last minute trip this could be a good bet.
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. 2007/4/12 15:55
You mean 7,500 JPY?
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Oakwood Yotsuya? 2007/4/12 20:28
We have booked Oakwood Yotsuya via Hotels.jp. 2 Bedroom Apartment for 23000 yen per night (extra 3000 for rollaway). Does anyone have any feedback re location etc, I am a bit anxious that I cant find any reviews.
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. 2007/4/13 06:08
Does anyone have any feedback re location etc, I am a bit anxious that I cant find any reviews.

Did you not read the first page of the thread, and the other reviews on this entire thread. Someone wrote about location, others wrote about ammenities.
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. 2007/4/13 06:09

My apologies, its when people ask a question on a different property in a thread about something else it throws me really off in answering questions.
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Oakwood Shinjuku 2007/4/13 16:06
I am here right now and leaving tomorrow...have been here for one week and the property is just wonderful...as previous posts...staff is very friendly and accommadating. Location is great to the subway (just a few blocks away) and the main Shinjuku subway/JR trains a few minutes further. A cab to the main Shinjuku station (which can connect to all trains/subway lines)is 660 yen from/to the hotel if you cannot walk it (like myself due to limitations). There are many little noodle shops nearby and two very small grocery stores..they don't apparently have big ones here.
We are in the largest two bedroom and it is great!! As another poster stated the washer/dryer does seem to take "hours" (no kidding) to dry the clothes!! (not an Oakwood problem though)All units have a small balcony, we are located on the 28th floor of 32 floors, all the studios are located on the lower floors, upper floors have all the multiple bedroom plans.
There is a 37 inch tv in each bedroom plus the living area. We were able to see several different floor plans and the studio is small but accommadating...it appears to be about a full size bed. Only one chair to sit at the desk and a small pull out table to eat at at the desk. Large tv adequate closet and cozy but fully stocked kitchen with utensils, micro, rice cooker coffee maker etc.
We made our reservations directly through Oakwood with Reiko Natsukawa @ www.oakwoodjapan.com and responds very quickly and was very helpful in the whole process. I actually wrote her an email thanking her for her help and she called the room about 1/2 later!! Turns out her office is in this building! She came up and met us too! Look her up for any of the properties here in Tokyo and she will be happy to assist you. Hope this info will help. It's been a great week and we are sad to leave...the rooms are great!
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Oakwood Shinjuku 2007/4/26 10:31
Early this month I and the family spent 10 days travelling in Japan and had an opportunity to stay 3 nights at Oakwood Shinjuku apartment. Other member ,Helene, reported most of the details of our experiences about this apartment already, I agree the 2 bed-room one is more spacious and worth the money. For any of you who is visiting Tokyo and would like to stay near Shinjuku I highly recommend this apartment.
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Oakwood apartments 2007/11/25 05:29
I stayed there for part of my honeymoon, actually. It was soooo wonderful. They even brought up a bottle of champagne and some glasses for us!

They were very kind and helpful, booking restaurants and printing directions to anywhere we wanted to go. I'd highly recommend these apts to anyone.

the kichenette was really great for when i woke up early and didn't want to go get breakfast until my husband got up too. They had a small selection of snacks, green tea and water, and even coffee for you that's complimentary, which was a nice touch as well.

Everything was immaculately clean. and having the washer and dryer lightened what we needed to pack for the trip.

I'd love to stay there again, and have recommended it to even my parents.
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Reporting.. 2007/11/27 10:04
I just came back from Tokyo where I stayed in Oakwood Shinjuku. I paid 11,500yen per night inclusive of taxes and stayed for 5 nights. My friend who went a week before me paid only 9,500yen per night and she too stayed for 5 nights.

Everything was great except that they don't offer English channels on TV. I like to keep up with news even while overseas. Other service apartments I've stayed in offered at least CNN or BBC.

Also, as its right next to the train station, it can get really noisy at night. And on one night that I was there, there was this alarm that went off the entire night.
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Oakwood reservations 2008/2/19 20:35
I'll be in Tokyo in early April and have emailed Oakwood Shinjuku to request for an apartment. They told me that as they can only confirm my reservation in mid-March as they tend to do long-term lease rather than short-term.

I can understand their policy but I would really love to stay at Oakwood again. Can I check if I'll be able to get a confirmed reservation if I book through Expedia instead?
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