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Phone network and Internet 2007/7/14 00:32

I would like to know whether there is a lot of free Wireless Hotspot in Tokyo and kyoto?.is it starbucks has free wireless hotspot also?

If I bring a 3G phone (Nokia N80i or Sony Ericsson W880i) with a Malaysia simcard which has the roaming partner with NTT Docomo Japan,it means I can use it while I'm in Japan?


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.. 2007/7/16 11:16
Any comment on this?

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Free wifi hotspots 2007/7/16 11:58

This has been answered several times before in other threads. Free wifi spots are rare in Tokyo and Japan in general. Hotels often have them, though. Otherwise, there are plenty of subscription services available.

Sorry, can't comment on your mobile phone compatibility.
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sure 2007/7/17 09:39
1) Search for Freespot and the like in Yahoo Japan's site and you'll get lots of free wifi spots in japan. often enough that you can simply walk down the street with any wifi device and typically pick up something free.
2) As long as there's no international roaming block on your service, then you're good to go with your 3G phone and SIM. (eg. USA T-Mobile users must add the worldwide roaming first before going abroad to their plan)
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to Rudy 2007/7/17 11:45
yes, Malaysian simcards (i used Maxis) should not be a problem as long as the phone is 3G compatible.
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.. 2007/7/17 12:37

Thanks for all the comments.
I use Maxis and activated the International roaming already.

Have a nice day!

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... 2007/7/18 02:03

Anyone using a NOKIA N95 in Japan?.I'm not sure whether it will work in Japan or not as it is a 3G handphone but do not support UMTS.

Please advice.
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. 2007/7/18 05:42
Nokia N95 is a UMTS (W-CDMA) phone and should work in Japan.
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AC595U by Sierra Wireless 2007/9/3 08:10
I have a wireless card...AC595U by Sierra Wireless. I bought this through Sprint. Will this work in Japan? Also, if I rent a cell phone in Japan for 2 weeks will I still be able to receive calls from the States? Do you know what the rate is? Thank you for your help.
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.... 2007/11/17 14:23

Can my Nokia 6120 classic will work in japan? Does this phone support the needed frequency in japan? Can anyone help me pls...
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Australian Nokia N73 works? 2007/12/5 23:49
Hi there, i ahve a Nokia N73 that i just unlocked in order to take to Japan.Here in Australia i use it also for free SKYPE calls.
Do you have that service in Japan? would a rental SIM card allow me toi use Skype from my phone? thanks
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3G phones in Japan 2008/6/24 12:19
The Sony z750 3g phone and the HTC Tilt (8925)and the Samsung Blackjack 2 all support 2100 mhz so it will roam in japan. Nokia also makes some models that support the 2100 band and will also work in Japan. As for renting a cell phone there can be done at www.rentafonejapan.com I have used this service several times and they have been great with cheap rates. You can check out my site at www.byrneout.com for more info. Good Luck
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Same Phone did not worrk for me in Japan 2008/6/25 09:48
I have the same phone your mom has and ATT/Cingular told me it would work when I got to Japan--well it didnt. I got no signal whatsoever. I got an "No network found message", luckily I brought my laptop and was able to email home. I would double check with them again or maybe rent a Japanese cell phone.
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. 2008/6/25 19:14
American 3G (W-CDMA/UMTS) phones may not work in Japan because 1900MHz is used in America while 2100MHz is used in Japan/Asia/Europe.
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Nokia 8801 2008/7/12 14:04
I am traveling to Japan next week! I would like to keep my cellphone and use it while in Japan ( NOKIA 8801)

Does anyone know if its possible for me to use my NOKIA 8801 in Japan? I have t-mobile as my wireless provider.

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. 2008/7/13 00:37
Does anyone know if its possible for me to use my NOKIA 8801 in Japan?

Unfortunately, impossible. Nokia 8801 is a GSM-only phone and no GSM network is deployed in Japan.
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AT&T Phone for Japan 2008/7/19 23:48
Just came back from Japan to confirm that SONY-Ericsson Z750a from AT&T worked perfect through DOCOMO.
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Samsung T819 2008/8/13 12:38
I am going to Japan at the end of this month and just ordered a Samsung SGH-T819 from T-Mobile because they told me it will work there. It lists 3G2100, WCDMA/UMTS under its specs. But when I called T-Mobile back today, they told me it will not work in Japan. Does anyone know whether it will work there or not?

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. 2008/8/14 01:40
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Some Suggested Phones 2008/9/26 21:03
Remeber that your milage may always vary. Roaming in Japan is just as much as your US service provider as it is with the phone you take overseas.

NO GUARANTEE, but here are some US-Carrier phones that appear to be compatible with Japan's 3G Network:

T-Mobile G1
Samsung T639
Samsung T819

AT&T Tilt
AT&T 8525
Sony Eriksson z750a
Apple iPhone 3G
PalmOne Treo 750
Samsung BlackJack II

Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, Alltel
No known solution.

Of course, this is just my personal web search and things can change without notice - for the better or for the worse.
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