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Tsukiji Market Calendar 2009/9/29 00:35
Days marked in red on the calendar are closed days:

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. 2009/9/29 12:13
There are two Tsukiji Sushi shops in the street that goes across in front of Senso ji shrine .(Kamino-st.) The furthest from the river is older and better and no half hour waits. Fish is from the market that morning (though when they netted one from their tank and dissected it in front of us for the sushimi,it was a bit much!) . We thought it better than Maguro Bito said to be no.1 in Tokyo
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Tuna Auctions 2009/10/2 12:34
I went to the fish market only last month. The tuna auctions are still open to the public and it's worth rising early to go and see. The times are about 5.30-6.15 am. There is a designated visitors' area and no flash photography is allowed.
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My recommendation 2009/10/3 17:41
zni Tsukiji sushi sei

I had the best sushi ever at that place. Mind you it's pricey, but worth every bite of it. I ordered the Omakaze course + beer, aka chef's selection. The nigiri are unbelievable....fresh, juicy, and just the right size.

Btw they do have chains around Japan but the one in Tsukiji is to the original store. They claimed to have in business since the Edo era some 120 years ago,

Regardless, their sushi and chirashi are awesome. Must go place. And they open on Sunday and all credit cards are accepted! yay
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