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Not Georgia, but tastes the same. 2011/7/25 08:35
Coca-Cola not only makes Georgia Coffee, but they also make Illy Issimo. I just bought a can at World Market today, and it tastes the same as I remember Georgia tasting. You can order it on the web at http://www.illyusa.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/subcat_issimo_issimo_...
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no longer available in us 2011/8/12 13:29
Just went to matsuwa market today. They told me they can no longer get georgia coffee. They said the fda wont let it in the country anymore. They said they use the same importers as the other japanese markets so they most likely wont have it either.
They said it was a good seller but they havent been able to get it for almost a year.
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Re: Georgia coffee ship to the states? 2012/2/22 05:35
Hey folks, I know this is a little old but I just found this on Amazon the other day.


Apparently they plan on adding more flavors of Georgia and even cases to Amazon. Not only that, but they even mentioned a possibility of Cocos currry!
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