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. 2007/8/28 21:58
Clubs = money
Even at 20 dollars a night it will take up 40% of his budget, I'm not even sure how he plans to get to Kyoto with that amount of money a day, not even a local train ticket and making 10 transfers will get you that far.

I don't see what the problem is, he's not going there to live there, he's going there on vacation, meaning he is flexiable on time so WHY NOT save more money? You'd do more comfortable with at 2500USD then you would at 1500USD . With minimum wage being higher now in the USA, working at McDonalds over the summer would get you that much money.
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Its possible but... 2007/8/28 22:22
I always tell people how Japan is much cheaper than they imagened but that cheap... I'm not sure!

Sure you could almost survive on that with cheap accommodation, 100 Yen shops and 7/11s for food and maybe a bit of hitch hiking... but I think a bit more and you will see a whole lot more of Japan.
Your main problem I can see will be transport and in some locations accommodation.

Looking back I probably spent $75US per day all up doing it on the cheap so maybe aim for that?

But hey, if your prepared (really read up on your options with that kind of money) you could do it and post back here to let us know how you go!
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Well... 2007/8/28 22:36
My sister and I plan on trying to keep our trip to Japan quite low-budget. I worked our holiday out to cost around GBP1000 and GBP1500, which would include the costs of some things we want to do like temple entrance, but doesn't include airfare or railcards.

If you haven't planned when to go, then my suggestion is this. If you want to try living on 50USD a day, then go for it. Give it a try. However, have a large reserve of at LEAST 500-1000USD in you credit/debit card account. That way if you really cannot survive on the 50USD you have a decent amount to back you up.

I believe all 7/11 stores have ATMs that allow for international withdrawals.
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really ??? 2007/8/29 00:21
you wrote:
"I want to go to Japan because Japanese people are hot, polite, clean, well-mannered, and respectful and friendly".
sorry but that a pretty naive view of the world!
I love Japan and have been living with a Japanese for many many years but Japanese are just like everyone else in any country. Some are great, some are gansters. They are polite yes, but politeness is a way to get along with people one can't stand or are indifferent to, especially in crowded cities. And you haven't had to put up with a couple of drunks who really want a foreigner to drink and will not take no for an answer. Hot? if you refer to girls, like many young women everywhere they will not look at you if you don't speak their language and don't meet whatever standards they look for in a guy, and young Japanese women are very very picky!!! Be a little more mature!. I love Japan for its culture, which includes old temples, castles, animes and great cars, amongst other amazing things. And if you think that beeing an island (actuallly several..) as kept the Japanese in a bubble, you got to be really kidding!. Utah.. now that is a bubble!
I do hope you go to Japan anyway, this will give you a shock of reality that you badly need.
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IT CAN BE DONE 2007/8/29 00:53
It CAN be done. I've done it in Tokyo . I ate nothing fancy and slept nowhere fancy. You have that D.I.Y.(do it yourself) ethic. THATS ALL YOU NEED!
I don't even speak japanese or read kanji.

I went for real hardcore japanese punk rock!

shows is where most of my money went.
Just live/eat to survive.

felt like posting cause you have all these guys saying its stupid to do and you're a "japan otaku" or some crap like that. I was 18 when I did this. Had the best time of my life.
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yep 2007/8/29 01:59
First off. Pericles. Most encouraging response I got. Thanks man. And that's the way I look at it and that's what I'm aiming for. My mom, when she was 16, ran away to Brazil and she said it was the best thing she did because it showed her that not all of the world operates the way America does. And that's what I want. I'm not going to Japan for a "super comfy nice getaway." I want to see and experience something other than the mormon state I'm currently stuck in.

And John, I'm pretty sure you're just trying to help, but stop putting words in my mouth and like creating these unreal circumstances. I don't need or plan to go to a club every single night, or to go to Kyoto, or to travel to wherever else you might say. I said "Tokyo area" and shall probably stay in the Tokyo area.

And yes I have an account and a card that I can take money out of ATM's with. And I've read that post office ATM's are the best way to get yen. Better than 7-11? I don't know.

And Kelly, that's a damn good idea. I thought of that last night too. Just because I save more money doesn't mean I have to spend it. It can be there for just in case.

Sensei 2.
Yeah I know not ALL people in Japan are whatever I put they were. America's not all cowboys and rednecks. And Germany's not all militaristic Nazis. No entire population is all a certain way. This was just the impression I got from everything I've read about Japan said the same thing about the people in general. And calling me immature? Keep in mind.. I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE BEFORE. I'm only putting what I've read. And I'm actually very mature for my age. Other guys around me will bang anything that moves, bash on any culture besides their own, expect every other country to speak english and treat other people with horrible disrespect but I'm not like that. And no I don't think Japan being an island keeps it in a bubble, I never said that. And yes Utah is a bubble. THAT'S WHY I'M TRYING TO LEAVE.

Socal punk you sound pretty badaxx and might've had the same motive I do. And another of the realistic responses. I don't want to eat in Japan to have the most expensive, beautiful, .. whatever the hell else meal. Eat to live and that be it. Just survive, go to some shows, and maybe a few clothing things, but not much. Although I don't know what a "Japan otaku" is, I'm pretty sure I'm not it.

And again... I'm in no rush. So stop saying I'm this or that because I'm "young, in haste and not thinking." I am thinking. And am aiming for like spring of '08. I could have thousands of dollars saved up by that time.
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. 2007/8/29 03:57
If you dont want to hear what people have to say then why ask in the first place?

You don't want to hear others opinions then?

If you will have "thousands" of dollars by the time you go on your trip then I don't see what the heck the problem is then you'll be fine, have a good time. I'm just saying if you have 1500 for a full month then you're going to have a hell of a time doing anything nice or having a good time, I'm only trying to assist people, but often run into a bunch of people who don't want to listen to people who actually have ground experience, it blows my mind...
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wandering around Tokyo 2007/8/29 06:41
It seems like you had your mind all made up before you posted, but anyway, this guy's blog might be of interest if you hadn't seen it before:
unfortunately he has gone back to the States for the time being but I always liked the break from the usual Japan blog. Check out his guide to weird Tokyo or some of the archived stuff.

I can't see you dying in Tokyo, you can sleep with the homeless people if it comes to that, though you need some tarps and boxes.

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the way i see it 2007/8/29 07:35
you're not gonna listen to anyone's opinion if they are different than yours. you have already made up your mind before the fact, like one other poster also wrote, and, or, if you get there, you'll learn all the things. people are just being nice as telling you their honest opinion.

and aren't part of you obsessed with japan? because the people are hot? if you don't like america, chances are, you won't like japan. i am not saying america is the best country in the world, but if you cannot stand america, then you probably will have a hard time liking the other places. just the cultural shocks will be enough to get you crying to your mommy.
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Not helping guys... 2007/8/29 09:34
I don't think he wanted people to talk him out of it, he was asking HOW it was possible. Telling him straight out that he won't survive isn't really helping.

I remember seeing a few websites set up specifically for living on the cheap in Japan, give it a google and see what you can find.

My only advice is be a bit prepared and you will have a great time.
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yup. 2007/8/29 09:45
I can see lots of people finding trouble with a kid going to Japan on the cheap.

What's the big deal?

He's not a middle aged man wanting 5 Star Hotels and fancy meals. He's a kid on an adventure.
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froffle 2007/8/30 13:50
special ed
No I'm not obsessed with Japan. Yes Japanese girls are hot. But know what? So are Chinese girls, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Swedish, Greek, wherever the hell else. Because almost all countries have their lookers. And the hottest girls to me happen to reside in Germany. And I'm talking about going to Japan not Germany. So I'm not going just for the women huh. And I don't like/cannot stand America? Where did that come from? I didn't say anything about not liking America. I said I wanted to get out of UTAH (as anyone would that isn't mormon) and see something like a totally different world before I start college. And I can see the rest of America anytime.

I agree.

And emjoi
I agree. Dead-on, actually.
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Refused entry? 2007/8/30 14:10
I'm not sure about the rules in Japan but I know in Australia, UK and the US for example, that immigration can refuse you entry if you don't have proof of enough money to support yourself while in the country (without illegally working). I would be sceptical that what you have would be considered enough without having someone in the country that you can put down as a reference (ie live with). Is it possible you could get a credit card? That way you would have a back up, and proof of adequate funds.
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do it 2007/8/30 14:17
Do it! your 19 still young go have some fun.
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.. 2007/8/30 14:27
Glad you thought about Kellys advise, its very good :)

I say go for it, give it a try. You might find that you cant survive comfortably like that but you can adapt somewhat.
7/11 Has nice microwavable meals now that are 300yen+ :x
Sugakaya is VERY cheap also for a decent bowl of ramen and soft serve. So Food wise you can easily live I think. Travel wise maybe not, and as for hostels - book before you go. My first trip to japan (backpacking) ran into a few issues with hostels.. that could have been avoided if I prepared hehe.
I wish I started travelling when I was 19, I envy you.

"I want to go to Japan because Japanese people are hot, polite, clean, well-mannered, and respectful and friendly"

Unfortunatly that is no more so than any other place. yes there are worse places but people that tell you that I think have very little experience. Every country of course has its problems and im sure your well aware of that :)

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. 2007/8/30 14:33
My suggestion would be to cut your trip down to three weeks in Japan. Three weeks is plenty in the Tokyo area in my opinion. I think it's great that you want to go to Japan but do seriously consider south east asia. You can get by with very little cash and see several countries that don't operate like the USA - I think that's a great reason to see the world by the way. You could go to Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia and you'd meet lots of like-minded people (young, adventurous, cash-strapped travellers) and there are plenty of islands. And remember, Japan's not going anywhere! It'll still be there in a couple of years time for you to see.
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...... 2007/8/30 14:51
As long as anyone doesn't get hurt in a process, I'd say go for it. This trip could be one of the best experiences. My only concern for you is when you go through custom. I'm not sure if this applies for Americans, but a friend of mine from another country had to give them the address and phone number that he was staying in Japan.
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first address 2007/8/30 14:55
Yes that is for all visitors. You have to give your first accomodation address at immigration ( and your passport details are transmitted by the airline registered at the airport of departure )
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Tokyo at low budget 2007/8/30 16:33
Steven SLC,
Of course go to Tokyo for a month, some facts: apply for your passport now, it can take some time to get one. Check cheap flights now for 2008 to get a feeling how much you will need for airfare. After arrival at Tokyo Narita airport you need Yen 1500 to come to your accommodation. Pre-book a dorm-bed in a hostel in advance for the first days ( just to be "safe" and it is your first trip abroad isn't it? ) Yen 3000 per night. Calculate Yen 600 to come around by subway/train the first days, later you will have days with no transport, others with longer ( = more than Yen 600 ) transport, because you want to see something around Tokyo. ( After some days of 'saving' some transport costs, even a roundtrip to Hakone is feasible )
It needs not to be the Yen 210 sandwich from a conbini ( 7/11 type shop ) and a softdrink for Yen 120 every day. It is Yen 350 to Yen 500 for a filling bowl of nuddles in broth, it is Yen 800 to Yen 1000 for a set menu of rice ( free refill ), miso soup, salat and a schnitzel-like piece of meat together with tea and water, eaten in a chain restaurant. Metal clubs and music scene approach slowly to get a feeling about costs. You can start with Yen 0 just discussion with folks your age in the streets of Shibuya about the local scene, tips from others in your dorm for free events to Yen any for drinks in a club.
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... 2007/8/30 18:36
You cant survive on so little without preset accomodation, If you could arrange your lodgings for your entire Journey before hand then you should still talke at least $2000 and I do Emphasise at least.

It is possible to survive on 1500 but you would be living terribly and I doubt you would enjoy it as you wouldnt be able to do anything at all.

Peace out let me know how it goes .
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