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Dub 2005/4/4 13:59
I have a massive dub collection. Very heavy on the bass. King tubby, Jah Shaka...etc...

Been into it since the seventies.

I live near Tokyo and travel into Shinjuku/Shibuya at weekends. Would be nice to meet up with someone for coffee and talk about this brilliant music.

Just a thought....
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Thanks Everyone so much! 2005/5/22 02:56
Thanks you everyone, I really appreciate your answers and all the great info on Reggea in japan. I went to Japan about 3 years ago, and the first time I heard the song "Oasis" off the Homegrown complilation album, I was hooked. I really though the artists on the album like Pushim, Moomin, Ryo the Skywalker and others were really good. I was really impressed.

What I'd like to know is, who is number one now?
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Current Reggae 2005/7/19 10:03
In my opinion, Fire Ball is the best japanese reggae
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FREEDOM DUB - Darwin 2005/9/1 11:18
Attention Freedub in Darwin!
Australia reggae is waiting for you ... go to www.OzReggae.com !

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pushim, moomin, ryo? loads more!!! 2005/9/2 06:59
I think there are a few reggae artists and bands in japan out there to check out:

(Awesome mixture of reggae, dub, rock, punk)

(Very cool traditional Rocksteady band that even did a few tunes with Alton Ellis)

Dry & Heavy
(THE japanese reggae band! Nuff Said! ...hope they record a new album someday...)

(Roots Reggae at its best!)

Bush of Ghosts
(Massive Reggae/Dub and other styles! The first album is a killer!!!)

Makoto Karukaya
(Yes, she won the Dancehall Queen Contest a few years ago and plays some fine rootsy and dancehall tunes.)

Mute Beat
(As far as I know the first real reggae band to emerge from Japan. They recorded there last album in 1993 but the trumpet player Kazufumi Echo Kodama does some nice dub stuff still.)

Hmmm, did i forget some? Of course. To make it short:

Rocking Time (Rocksteady/Reggae)
Soul Fire
Trial Production
Little Tempo
Reggae Disco Rockers

WHAT? Still more? No, let's leave it like this for now!
Try Google and you will find all a dem homepages! Seen!

Any question? I'll be back! ;)

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live concerts 2005/10/13 14:11
does anyone know how to search on the internet for music concerts at either lives (nightclubs) or arenas that will be taking place in japan? i keep hitting a bunch of deadends... thanks!
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upcoming events + KYOTO 2005/10/15 22:37
Check this out:

Does anybody know about reggae scene in Kyoto? At least rub-a-dub and metro are places to go, is there more? Any hints please, just moved here a month ago...
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bush of ghosts 2005/11/7 06:50
im from london. the only reggae ive heard outta japan is bush of ghosts. theyre brilliant. i honestly cannot rate them enough. a real pain to get their records over here though. check out buddhists tracks.
(if anyone can give any information about getting their records here, it would be greatly appreciated)
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Where de Tokyo RAS? 2005/12/30 14:02
Greetings in the name of the Most High Jah!

I am a young Ras from US coming to Tokyo in the middle of Jan. Where are my reggae ambassadors fi Tokyo? Hit me up to reason and kick it!
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Reggae Snow Splash 2006/2/8 12:06
You might want to check out www.ReggaeSnowSplash.com a cool looking event in Japan.
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Carribean & Japan Ragga 2006/6/19 04:33
I am from Jamaica.

Pushim is my all time Favorite.
She foundation & dancehall

Minmi: here is her lastest video. STEP -This Dancehall

Domino Kat is good & RYO of course. YOu tube is a great website to see the latest videos.

The best site : http://www.rockers-channel.com/
{ this will give you a better understanding of Reggea & Dancehal in Japan. It also has animation, videos, sound systems and dance instructions. Total Package.

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Suprisingly popular 2006/6/28 12:11
Yeah I was suprised it`s really popular here. The couple of times I went to Ageha-biggest club in Japan, I was suprised to see the outside pool area was all Reggae and people dancing around the pool. I also really like this Jamaican Reggae cafe in Ebisu. You should check it out.
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Shibuya Nuts 2006/7/4 19:35
I recently went to Tokyo on vacation and was amazed at how popular reggae music is there.
If you're ever in Tokyo and want to go to a really cool Reggae club, head for Shibuya Nuts (in Shibuya of course).
The MC's were awesome!
They played rockers and dancehall and I mean real hardcore stuff... not the pop stuff you hear regularly on the radio.
The place was packed! Had such a great time, one of the best reggae parties I've ever been to. Would seriously reccomend it.
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Summer 2006 2006/7/5 14:27

Johnas here...

I live within an hour of Tokyo. Big chun` agwan!

Japanese Reggae is all about the sounds...

Mighty Crown, Sunset, Red Spider, Infitie 16, Burn Down...etc.

They all flash the money for dig dubs from Jamaica..

If you are interested in hooking up for upcoming events in/around Kanto, email me;


I plan to go to Yokohama Reggae Sai (or more probably the Sound After Party), Sunsplash, and other events when big bad men from Jamaica bun down da place!

Anyone welcome..!

Burn Fire!

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Reggae in Roppongi 2006/7/17 09:31
I grew up in the islands and am quite pleased to hear reggae in the pubs in Tokyo. But be careful in Roppongi! You may get a surprise when your Red Stripe is $9 and the "free" snacks are $1000. Many of the security are goons from the Islands that will get the money out of you from your credit card or through your nose.
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Japan Roots & Reggae 2006/8/20 02:55
Everyone talk of only Japanese dancehall but we have good roots music here too and these last two years many dub events as well.

Some people may remember Mute Beat from the 80s, Kodama (lead trumpet) is playing live again with the Dubstation Band, we have Dubsensemania, Mighty Massa, Killer Sister and more. Nowadays I'm finding lots of unsigned japanese dub & roots stuff artists on the net as well.

For live shows we get Mad Professor, African Headcharge, Scientist, Jah Shaka, Iration Steppers and more. Theres always a good crowd for roots events in Tokyo.

In Shibuya and Shimokitazawa (places in Tokyo) you can find lots of good record shops with JA vinyl, latest and classics.

I'm producing dub myself, with a 7" coming out soon and a CD later this year.

nambanjin [at] gmail.com
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GUAM in Osaka 2006/8/30 01:21
Greetings to the highest! Hafa Adai

Its not my first time here in Osaka and I saw a huge different in form of Reggae, its all DancesHall. What about live music. Does anyone in Osaka knows some ROOTS Reggae place? Or wants to jam some TROPIC ROOTS.

Mountains can be move by music, JAH Bless..
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Rgegae is popular but Dancehall is more 2006/11/24 16:13
Reggae is still in Japan but now dancehall and ragga are more popular. Listen to Mighty Crown and Ichi Bang Boshi Crew and Pushim. I found more up to date information here http://japansugoi.com/wordpress/japanese-reggae-dancehall-ragga/
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solid reggae music 2006/12/10 03:36
Good Reggae music is popular. they know there music. So they are not interested in too old material.Are only interested in the latest hits and up to date material. I've lived and tour there.
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J-Reggae I enjoy 2006/12/11 04:34
Thanks for all the respones, I went to Okinawa a month ago, and picked up a the latest copy of my favorite group's album(Homegrown). I have a great time on the island-the scenery was awesome, and so were the food and people. If there was anywhere to enjoy j-reggae music, Okinawa is the place. Here is a vid of Homegrown on YOUTube! Enjoy!

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