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Need Instructions 2004/10/27 12:09
Ok, so I saw someone has already found my link however, like I said-I can only read 2 pages of the 7available. It said there was an error processing the pages that may be fixed by installing the latest version of the Traditional Chinese Language support package. Now-what the hell!!?!! Just when I think I've finally got instructions. Still trying & think we should all stick together & keep eachother informed on any progress. Please, anyone who has more luck then I locating instructions that can ACTUALLY BE READ, please share them with me. Also-everyone downloading english ringtones ok?
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English site!! 2004/10/27 22:08
Can ne bodi help me plz! I am drooling over this hello kitty mobile but cant buy 1 on ebay 2 expensive and the japanese links i cant download english language to read about it !!! Any english sites??? Plz help
Love em x x x x
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U cant get it in u.s!! 2004/10/27 22:15
I recently viewed a hello kitty mobile on the uk ebay and it said ibn info that the phone doesnt work in u.s! So 2 evry1 hu bought 1 u lot r suckers!!!
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Dnt clik on pdf users guide link!! 2004/10/27 23:32
This link gave me a virus! WARNING: Dnt click on the pdf link submitted by pucci
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Okwap a263 2004/10/29 01:14
Hi! I just bought my mobile pretty cheap from ebay UK.The camera sucks but other than that I like it.
So I would highly recommend it.
Mia from Sweden
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TA DA! 2004/11/1 21:18
elo! av figured out how you can get all the pages of the english manual. you have to go to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/acrrasianfontpack.html
then click on the link that says 'download adobe reader now' then save that. then go back to that page and download the chinese traditional pack and save that. then, open the 1st one up (will be saved as adobe.exe) then go to internet explorer and type in http://www.okwap.com/upload/244FE176-CF71-4685-8CAD-94FAEE42ADD8/km63Senglishqg1226.pdf
then it should all be there!
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mms message 2004/11/11 07:43
hi, does anyone know howto set the mms setting? im in the uk on t-mobile? have spoke to them but htey sya cos the phones not a uk model they cannot help!
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hk okwap gone all funny!! 2004/11/15 00:35
hi!! have had my hk okwap for about a week and suddenly its gone quel dodge!!! just froze then ses 'data error, contact' all the time!!! i was trying to open an mms. anyone have any ideas??? or at least know of somewhere in the uk i can get it fixed?? i'm soooo upset!!! x
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mms and wap 2004/11/15 03:27
I am using my Vodafone sim and everything works accept WAP and MMS it always says 'service error', but the other day, my friend send me 3 MMS and I could only open 1 :(
I got a baby blue Hello Kitty phone from eBay which was nearly $300.
Do u know how I can get my MMS and WAP settings to work??
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okwap hello kitty mms/gprs/wap problem 2004/11/18 08:20
Hi,I'm from Italy and I got the same problem all u got with settings for mms and wap.Even my cellphone operator told me they can't help with that because they don't have this kind of cell phone in their list...I was desolate,but reading your same experience make me feel no more alone:)
So,now I think the question is finding someone who can understand something of cellular rogrammation to solve our connecting problem...anyone here?
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website 2004/11/22 03:39
Please visit http://lilouzed.free.fr for more information and you'll find the answer you are looking for. :)

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Virgin Mobile Micro Snapper 2004/12/2 20:07
This phone is manufactured by Inventec of Taiwan. A virtually identical model is on sale at Virgin Mobile as the "Micro Snapper". Take a look at the other Japan Forum board about this phone ("OKWAP A263 Charger") for further details. Although calls are possible, the full features of this phone are inaccessible without proper English-language support. Does ANYONE have full instructions (not the 7-page summary which doesn't tell you much more than you can work out for yourself)?
Also, we can't connect to the PC - software works, but PC can't detect the phone - any ideas??
Will post again if I get any progress with Inventec.
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English Instructions 2004/12/2 20:13
Ref the post above from s3ashells, I got no reply when I requested a copy of the instructions. And the recent post from napalmito just takes you to a personal website - very creative and obviously a hello kitty fan, but useless if you want info about your phone.
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Add ringtones to a263? 2004/12/4 16:50
Help! How can i add ringtones to my hello kitty phone?
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help, i don't know japanese 2004/12/6 02:21
please, help me..i want a hello kitty phone so bad but where do i order online thats is a english site, pleASE help! thanks
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Source of Hello Kitty Phones 2004/12/7 22:13
Bear in mind this was supposed to a limited edition - don't know if still available. There were a few sources at the time. We got ours off E-bay. We paid in dollars but it worked out to around 175 with delivery. If you buy off E-bay, be very careful - we had a lot of trouble with our supplier (Ebay username was 'a1387').
Alternatively, there was a supplier selling these phones at 200 delivered. You could try emailing them at: trunksto@yahoo.com
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What kind of problems? 2004/12/14 03:56
What kind of problems did you have with Ebay username 'a1387'? I was thinking about purchasing from them. What do I need to look out for?
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Hello Kitty mobile for sale on ebay 2004/12/14 11:04
For those who wish to buy a Hello Kitty mobile, i've found a seller (from UK).

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Help 2004/12/15 04:49
I want to buy a hello kitty mobile but i havent really seen them around 1. R they good reliable phones. 2. Where do i get 1 apart from on ebay ? please help
Luv hydee !!!
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