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J-Rock 2008/11/13 03:35
Well, I love L'arc en Ciel, but I also like Orange Range and FLOW (do they count? Or are they POP?)
What would you recommend knowing that I like those three bands?
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I like... 2008/11/17 12:07
I like Asian kung-fu generation,Fumido,Sambomaster,Stance Punks,inazumasentai,Snowkel. hm i can't think of anyone else at the moment =/
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Nyappy! 2008/11/28 11:30
If you like An Cafe, you should try to find something by LM.C. They are the same type of band and very good! My favorites are Orange Range and Ore Ska Band. The couple songs I've heard by nobodyknows are reminiscent of Orange Range. Access is also a cool band. The Pillows, the Beat Crusaders, and TM Revolution are fun. If you like more hardcore music, go for Nightmare and abingdon boys school. If you like quieter music: Utada Hikaru, On/Off, and Maaya Sakamoto.
That should keep you busy for awhile ne? ^^
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Jinn 2008/12/4 05:11
I love ther phenomenal sound
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Dir en Grey 2009/6/3 08:21
For the past 10 years, Dir en Grey. I've been lucky enough to go several lives.

I love them!
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HYDE 2009/6/4 15:53
HYDE has really good rock music^^

His solo work (as HYDE or VAMPS) is more rock, but I also like his songs with L'Arc~en~Ciel, which is more pop/rock. BTW, VAMPS is doing a USA tour this summer, so go check it out!! www.vampsxxx.com

Acid Black Cherry's one of my other faves. Their style's pop/rock, & their vocalist, yasu, is also a fan of HYDE^^
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Misamari 2009/6/5 14:39
i love Gazetto-
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Wa! 2009/6/6 05:46
I like mostly Gackt, Dio-Distraught Overlord (hope to see them in live show someday!), D, D'espairs Ray, HYDE,... :D !
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the GazettE 2009/6/8 09:01
Totally the GazettE.
But Miyavi is my favorite soloist.
I like SuG, alice nine., ayabie, THE KIDDIE, Girugamesh, & others too.
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Jrock <3 2009/7/2 01:21
I like The GazettE, An Cafe, Miyavi, Janne da arc, Gackt, Kagrra and a few more! I also like Jpop and Korean music :D (I have an acount on here, but I've forgotten my password!)
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J rock 2009/7/2 23:08
My favorite band is The GazettE. The reason is that they're the only band that I find almost all of their songs great or interesting to listen. What I mean is that other bands may have some really great songs but their other songs are average.

Anyway apart from The Gazette other bands I like are: Alice Nine, Dir en grey, Malice Mizer, Nightmare, Siam Shade, Versailles and Gackt.
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Haven't heard many but... 2009/7/2 23:53
I like Maximum the Hormone, and Abingdon Boys School (ABS, Hope I spelled the name right)
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YAY 2009/7/18 06:23
I also love Miyavi, Gazette, many others!!! E-mail meh!!
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yep 2009/7/18 14:44
Gazette =)
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Paranmaum 2009/7/18 14:59
Not really a J-pop group as it was formed for the Linda Linda Linda film, but I like Paranmaum's Linda Linda and several of the other songs they did for the film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-ikcEGYhwc
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Nightmare 2009/7/23 05:40
I'm absolutely obsessed with Naitomea!! I luv them!
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omg 2009/7/25 13:22
can't believe no one have said GIRUGAMESH!!!

They're absolutely the most awesome band, why? every song is good, awesome lyrics etc.

Then we have MUCC, Despairsray, an caf, dir en grey, SADIE, meth., heidi, etc etc
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Nice 2009/7/27 11:26
Went and look up Girugamesh. I like them! Still like Naitomea better but really good :D
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Everyone likes Gazette?! 2009/7/28 15:28
Wow. Anyway, My favorite is Tokyo Jihen. Nuff said.
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DIR EN GREY 2009/7/29 07:47
My favorite of all time!
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