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sorry 2007/2/18 11:02
I'm sorry, but I'm no expert in names. There are resources that tell you about the history of surnames, but that's just history and it doesn't necessarily mean that the actually person is from that roots or region. It's like something asking the roots of a Mr. Smith.
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garden of light beppu jp 2007/2/27 00:08
uco the story of major john o. arnn who helped to raise funds for the orphange the garden of light. he was awsome god rest his soul. they made a movie of him the walking major-uco you must be younger than me-kimiko kusumoto-lawanda osborne-masako yokoyama thats wht maybe you did not know of the orphange. we are made in japan from the late 40s-and early 50-s. ha ha-always saw things stamped made in japan we wre both made in japan. uco- me and lawanda are searching high and low. thank you all for the info. thank you kimiko kusumoto-lakeland florida francesca
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searching for ......... 2007/2/28 17:55
i too am in this situation only with way less info. my grandmother survived hiroshima and was a war bride. both she and my father are buried in japan per their last requests, but my father had legally changed his name in USA and the family had to pay some extra fine??? i was barely an adult so I let his girlfriend take care of it. she left and never bother to let me know anything, need help now how do i start .her last name was Abe married US Army Sgt.Mjr.Slyvestor Lonnie Watson aka doc. They only had one son my dad Don Tamutsu? Watson changed name to don tomo yoshida. i believe he took yoshida from my grandmothers eledest sisters husbands name???
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orphanges in beppu 2007/3/2 02:23
ak-dave uco i read the article and camp chickamauga did not exist no longer before 1956 it is in beppu japan. The Garden of Light is still around we found the website but have gotten no message back. the orginal gardian of light burned and had to be rebuilt again. masako yokoyama (Lawanda Osborne} we talk to each other every day phone and email every day. we are from the same orphange!!! so is christine{Goto} and another girl i am trying to find her real name. there is a website made for us girls that was from the same orphange now. we hope to find more kids from the garden of light.. thank you all again kimiko kusumoto masako yokoyama
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CareyAnne 2007/3/2 16:09
If you know where the grave is, you can start by asking the grave. If you know any home address that the person you're searching for ever lived in, you can start by asking the city hall in charge of that address.
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reply to uco 2007/3/3 09:52
unfortunately i do not know what city or cemetery they were placed, in they both died here in California. is there a government agency in japan that can assist in my search? i do have a certified copy of my fathers death certificate
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CareyAnne 2007/3/3 11:07
If you're asking if there is a goverment agency that can assist people who are searching lost relatives in general, the answer is no (I'm just curious. Is there one in your country? Because I'd like to search about a Japanese relative who died in Vagaville, California).

City halls can look up on registeries (koseki) for those with names and home addresses. The government is also working on special issues like the ex-orphans who were left behind in China upon the ending of WW2. But your case wouldn't fit.

But of course, you can try asking for advise at city halls of places you might think that are related to this matter (Hiroshima?). The city halls are there to give people advise.
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uco 2007/3/3 14:09
no there is no one i am my fathers only child and he has/had 2 half brothers from my grandfather who will not acknowledge me or my 2 children. they say they did not know about me until i was 26. if u can guide me i will be more than happy to assit u if i can.
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Surname `Yokoyama`. 2007/4/10 04:11
Hi UK Dave UCO.
According to my friend Yasuko Yokoyama her name means
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translation of Yokoyama 2007/4/10 04:42
hi UK Dave uco
Sorry about last message!
According to my friend Yasuko Yokoyama her surname roughly translates as `Edge of Mountain` Yasuko lives in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Did you mean Kure rather than Kobe (which is near Osaka, not Hiroshima). Kure was `home` to thousands of, firstly, Americans then British Commonwealth Forces during Occupation and later Korean War. I am UK researcher for Kure City History Library and I also take groups of British ex-servicemen back to Kure every November.
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Maybe I can help? 2010/1/15 08:51
I am in Oita, Japan, (US Expat), and my father was at Camp Chickamauga after WW2. I live 10 minutes from Beppu, my mother, now in TX, was born there, and I'm there all the time.
Perhaps there is something I can do?
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