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Yes, pants are difficult 2009/11/30 15:49
Yes, as AussieGirl points out, pants are harder to find than tops...

Well, I don't have large breasts, and so tops I can fit into, but I have a big butt. I wear a size 14 in Australia, probably a 12 or 14 in the US, and the largest size they had at Uniqlo in Japan didn't come anywhere close to fitting me!
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I've not had much difficulty 2009/11/30 16:36
"Maybe you could consider losing weight..??"

I know this is an old topic, but as it has gained new interest, I thought I'd comment...

Isn't it a bit out of the line to suggest that a stranger lose weight? Perhaps they're not overweight to begin with! A person can be size 14 or 16 and normal weight. And even if someone is that size or overweight, they may be perfectly healthy and happy the way they are. Why should they lose weight then? Not to mention that losing weight is difficult for many, and impossible for some, as being large may have its medical reasons.

OK, rant over. I wear UK size 14 (I think) and I've never tried shopping for clothes in a "normal" shop in Japan, but I do find plenty of clothes from recycling stores and other second-hand shops. What has surprised me is that sometimes I even find clothes that are size M and fit me. In Europe I'm usually a size L or XL. In Japan, I've bought several clothes that have the label M and they're just my size. Go figure!
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Shape is more important than size 2010/2/27 21:09
I am not large (5 foot 2 and wear US size 6 jeans) but I had difficulty buying clothes when I lived in Japan. Even if you are no larger than many Japanese women, you are probably a very different shape. I have a 36C bust (fairly modest by US or UK standards) and this made it almost impossible to buy underwear or shirts - I spent almost 2 years worrying that my straining shirt buttons would "pop" at any moment!
Also, even "foreign "chains like GAP adapt their designs for the local market and so you will find many trousers have very skimpily cut thighs and tiny waists.
However, If you live in an area where there is a brazilian-japanese community, you will find shops that sell "American size" clothes for this community.
Another good place for western size shopping is Okinawa, where there are a lot of US army personnel ....
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There is hope! 2010/3/10 15:00
I'm a 2X-3X in Canada sizes, and live in a tiny town in Hyogo prefecture, and I have found a shop that sells quite nice clothing that fits me! It's called shimamura (しまむら) and they have clothing thats fine for work, or for the weekend. I haven't tried to find pants yet, but when I do, if I find anything, I'll let you know.
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Finding clothes, shoes, and bras. 2010/7/28 20:19
I am a US size 5, I'm 5'5'' and 125 pounds, and in most of the stores in the mall I was able to pick up the biggest size. Try Gap and UNIQLO. I see lots of overweight japanese but very little large size clothing shops, so i'm confused as to where they get their clothes. Hmm, they have to be out there somewhere.

As for shoes, it's much more difficult. I am size 7 in the US and I managed to get the biggest size available. Same with bras, I'm normally a B and that's the biggest size they had in the girls shops in Japan. It looks like I got lucky, if i was any bigger than i would be out of luck.

Also, keep in mind that its likely you will lose a bit of weight in Japan if you are there for an extended period of time. If you choose to diet and exercise as well, you will find clothes that fit in no time.
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