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question on Sgt. Morcilio 2012/12/9 04:47
I was stationed at South Camp Fuji fro July 4th '54 to end of '55. I had a guy I think by this name who played the accordion in my company. Would you be the guy???? I shipped back to Pendleton and mustared out in Jan. of '56 came home and started a new life. married 4 children, 11 grand and 7 great and just retired at age 75 from State Farm Ins. Avid aviation keek and fly a t-34 for fun and air show. contact me at robert.j.barr.byiw@comcast.net or call Indiana 574 721 8691.
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mount fuji 1972-1973 2012/12/20 05:12
To- Steve Nicenboker I was in Lima on the 155 howiztor toad 6 months of cold weather training food was bad showers were bad no indoor bathrooms but a lot of fun
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South Camp Fuji 2013/1/16 03:23
Was at SCF from spring of 1956 until we moved too OKinawa. Was attached too Headquarters Co. Was a Naval Gunfire spotter.
We went on several shoots too different island ranges from there.Climbed Fuji on friday the 13th.Returned too States in 1957 too Camp LeJune,NC, was in Angelco there,That is a whole Company of Spotters and suppot staff.Enjoyed Japan, did not care much for Okinawa.I found all 3 Camps on Google although they now look different, probably staffed by Japaneese and newer accomidations, we had the old low Japaneese barracks as well all built around a common parade field that was cenders.
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Middle Camp Fuji 2013/1/16 03:56
Middle Camp is located near Itazuma, Japan.
South Camp is just South of the Fujioka train station now,it is in english on the map if you put your pointer over it. Look for a Flag Character at both locations on Google, inlarge until you see the barracks with vehicles around them in lots.
Its all much newer now but its there.
North Camp is north of Middle camp along the old range, again look for flags on map as its all in Japaneese. Middle Camp is listed as JG SDF Camp Itazuma in english. Good hunting.
Sgt. Shurtz
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2013/1/23 22:09
WOW... I can not believe that this is still going. I was the one that ask the question about Middle Camp in Dec. of 2008.
I love reading your responses.
I too climbed the Mt. Three steps up and slid back two steps. Much eaiser coming down.
I also was stationed in Okinawa, Camp Koza, near Kadena Air Force Base. While there a buddy of mine, Jack Sonntag,and I tried out for the 3rd Marine Div. basketball team. We made the team, The Strikers. Our team practiced at Kadena. Had a great time. Lt. Rosenstile was our coach, from Indiana. I too am from Vincennes Indiana.
Good to hear from you... Semper Fi
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2013/1/24 02:39
I was deployed to B Co. 1st Bat. 9th Marines in Feb. 1957. We were transfered to Okiniwa later that year. I remember the batalion climb up Mount Fuji. We were all given 5ft long walking sticks as a suvenior. I wanted to take mine when we left but it woulldn't fit in my duffel bag.
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fox co 2nd batt 3rd reg 3rd div 2013/3/1 10:10
3 camps in 1954 south, middle, north
n camp was f-2-3 and 2nd batt rifle companys i was there in 1954, to 1956 love it good duty was in the field a lot made 3 landings while there great duty station
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stationed at South Camp in '54 thru '55 2013/3/7 04:15
Has anyone visited Kogashima? I was there 3 yrs. ago on a cruise out of China and visited where the Kama. pilots trained. Vistied there airfield however the runway is gone but the hangars are still in place and make a huge museum. would like to go back. any info on where to fly in to or take a train???? rjbarr Indiana 574 721 8691
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2013/3/25 13:23
I was at the Base Camp part of 1964 and until july of 65 i was the co's driver, his name was Col. Boress.he was transfered to viet-nam shortly before i returned to state's,he tried to get me to extend my enlistment and go with him as his driver,he was going as chief of staff of 3mar.DIV WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE that was there during this time,great memorie's of that place
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To: Larry Fransen and Steve Knickerbocker 2014/1/27 23:57
We must have been there at the same time. When Lima Battery arrived in North Camp in Jan 1973 there were a handful of Mike Battery occupying North Camp. Lima absorbed them until we left in July 1973 to go back to Oki.
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2014/2/2 13:34
Well, let me jumped in here. The question has been answered several times but I also served at Middle Camp Fuji '55-'56. George Company,Machine Gun platoon,light 30's. Itazuma was just outside the base and Gotemba not far off. Spent many a night in those places. Also visited, Yakuska, Yokahama, Tokyo and climbed Mt Fuli, reaching the top on July 10th, 1955. Yep, it was snow covered. Another fine memory was 30 days spent on Iwo Jima, to replay the Corps landing on that island. I could not have imagined that I would spend my 20th birthday, on 20th of February,on Iwo Jima. Who'd have thunk it! Thanks for the memories. Semper Fi
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Re Middle Camp Fuji 2014/11/11 03:25
I was a Navy corpsman stationed at middle camp.I and two other marines climbed Mt. Fuji
in 1957. I was also the medic for the 3rd Marines football team. Terrific experience. I would love to go back and visit.
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2014/11/23 04:27
I was at Middle Camp In 1957 with D co.3rd Eng.Bn.there was no Army there.We were there with Infantry,M.P.s and the famous Middle Camp Brig.We went on a Reg hike up Fuji and spent the night,it was strange the next morning being above the clouds and watching the sun come up.Ken(doc0Schulman did you know Jim Draper also a corpsman at your time?We left there went back to Okinawa to st up places for the Infantry to come too.Its great to remember.
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2014/11/23 05:38
Replying to Art Carter,s climb up Mt. fuji in 1957. The Regimental Commander was Col. Murray.He wanted to be the first Regiment to make the climb. I was in the 3rd Service Regiment and we climbed it on the Wednesday before they did,leaving welcome 9th Marines signs along the way only to return and be grounded to the base by Murray.
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2015/3/16 17:30
After the 3rdMarDiv landing in the Philippines in 1957, the 9th Marines transplanted with the 3rdMarines, the latter going to Okinawa and the 9th to Japan. I was CO, I39. Our Bn was at South Camp Fuji. When I started running India Co to acclimate us to the change in elevation, our BnCO queried me. I explained my intention to request permission to take my company up the the mountain. He informed me that he planned on taking our Bn up to the top. When he approached the subject with Col Murray it became apparent the climb would be a Regimental endeavor. Regiment issued an operation plan which specified routes of March, time schedules, uniforms, field marching packs with pup tents and sleeping bags and we learned we would remain overnight and watch the "Glorious Sunrise". The eight hour climb was successful and we arrived in several feet of snow at the summit. After spending a cold night we awoke at EENT nay to discover we were in a cloud bank and couldn't see zilch! The decent was more difficult and tiring than the ascent as our legs fatigued more easily. I'm 89 years old next month and long retired. Any of you Marines from I/3/9 still around it was a good show. We didn't lose a man but I did have to help our First Sergeant (Tiny) who didn't get in the field very often.l
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2015/3/31 23:45
South Camp March of 55. I was in Baker Co Machine guns 1stBn., 3rd until later part of May when I was reassigned to Engrs on Okinawa. Over the years I spent about 5 years between Japan, Okinawa,Philippines, Taiwan. The town of Fujioka was just out of the gate of South Camp.

In 1968 I was assigned to Emergency Maintenance, Camp Butler on Okinawa, which was the same outfit I had been in in 56. After about three months I was sent to N Camp Fuji as Maintenance Chief so my last trip over just reversed my first trip.

I remember Bamboo Ally, in fact I still have a picture of a bar maid and me from that first encounter. I sent that picture home and my brother was just about ready to ship out to Middle Camp, 4.2 Mortars and mom asked him it I was going to marry her.

When I was there in 69-69 I drove past South Camp, but by that time it had been returned to the Japanese Self Defense Forces. Would give my eye tooth to go back.

Semper Fi Jack Constable USMC Retired
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2015/4/8 19:51
At middle camp in 1954 we had the movie theatre and north camp had the swimming pool set up by nearby army engineers. We had former Japanese barracks with a cinder slope to the next one with a sloping volleyball net strung between. Papasan ran the boiler for showers.
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2015/8/23 03:14
I was stationed at middle camp, Oct,55-Nov.56. George Co. 3rd Btn.
This was the best duty station ever! Just outside the gate was a village we called " skosh" town . Lots of memories there.
I loved the infantry.... I was a young gung ho Marine Buck Sgt.
we had great officers & salty staff n.c.o.'s Our Company Commander was an old mustang, Capt. Max Merritt.
I miss those days...I am 78yrs old... semper fi.
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2015/9/25 05:54
I was stationed at middle camp Fuji in 1957-1958??
There was a North Camp and a South Camp. We climbed the mountain as a regiment while I was there.
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Re: Location - USMC bases on Mt Fuji in 1958 2016/3/14 01:16
I was stationed a North Camp Fuji 11/54 to 1/56, in ATA Plt, Wpns Co, 2nd Bat, 3rd Marines. It was an old prisoner of war camp. We had 2 former POWs come back for a short period. Very special times. Thanks for the memories.
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