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wholesale store 2005/1/21 03:46
There are a lot of wholesale stores of toy on Edo Street, between Asakusabashi Stn of JR Sobu Line and Kuramae Stn of Oedo Line.
Some of that stores also retail to us.
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Toy Shopping Tours 2005/1/21 15:31
Does anyone know of package tours of tokyo specifically for toy collectors? Lemme know if anyone finds something on this...
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Vintage toys 2005/1/22 12:20
I collect vintage Transformers and Star Wars toys. Finding old SW stuff will be kinda difficult,only stuff I see is at Mandarake.
Transformers,like the other dude said,you should go to main street Akihabara,across the burned down Yamagiwa soft.

If you go to Japan I can show you around in Akihabara if you want;)

anyone interested in vintage stuff and who needs guidance add you can e-mail me at kenfontijn@hotmail.com
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question 2005/1/26 05:39
does anyone know a good place to get transformers in Saitama. i got a friend going there soon
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Airsoft in Tokyo 2005/3/9 09:53
I'll be in Tokyo around April. Would appreciate someone could point me to an All-In-One Airsoft / AirGun Stores that I can go to ?? Thanks a million
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Lego Mindstorms 2005/4/5 17:27

I'm in Tokyo April-May 2005. Staying in Azabu-Juban. Can someone point me to where I get Lego Mindstorms? Specifically the RIS 2.0. I've tried calling up ToysRUs and ClickBricks. Apparently none of them stock these anymore. Any other stores around?
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lego 2005/4/5 19:48
Hi Sarun,

Check Tsukumo Robot Okoku(kingdom) at Akihabara.

3F 1-9-7 Soto Kanda
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Good luck
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Lego Mindstorms 2005/4/9 22:31
Thanks Pong. I tried the stores on friday. Just my luck that they were fresh out of stock. New stock arrives 29th May.

Another thing I've noticed is that the software is in Japanese (and requires Japanese Windows). I haven't been able to figure out a way-out of this. I was just wondering... would it amount to piracy if I were to get the software from someone who owns an english copy. Suggestions anyone?
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Lego Mindstorms RIS 2.0 (contd.) 2005/4/26 11:26
Hi! I finally got the RIS 2.0 from ClickBricks (Queen's Square, Yokohama). Its a Japanese Edition. However, the Constructopedia (English) can be downloaded from the Lego Site (in .pdf format). And there's a host of third-party software available for programming the RCX. The links are available on the Lego site itself. I've downloaded Bricx Command Center. Its a graphical IDE. I think its great.

Also, there's a Lego store at Venus Fort (Meg@Web, Odaiba).

Thats the latest update from me. Cheers :).
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Macross or Saint seiya in tokyo 2005/5/24 10:08
well topic....anyone knows where to find thes toys in tokyo...specially yamato brand...thank you very much
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Nakano! 2005/5/28 16:42
Take the express (kyuko) train on the Chuo/Sobu line west from Shinjuku to Nakano station. Take the north exit to the covered shopping arcade (shotengai). At the end you'll see the Broadway Building. It's a toy paradise! Plenty of new and vintage stuff.
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Star Wars Action Figures 2005/6/22 03:17
Hi, I will be at Tokyo in one week and I want to know where can I find SW action figures there for me to buy to my boyfriend. Thank you!
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Plushies in those stores? 2005/6/25 12:42
I'm wondering if you've seen some FUll MOON WO SAGASHITE plushies. I'd like to buy them, will I be able to find them in those stores? Plushies are expensive there?
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American toys? 2005/7/21 00:24
Anyone knows the best Tokyo store for rare and reasonable american toys from Mcfarlane, Palisades, Neca?

How about rare Kotobukiya star wars 12" figures eg. clone trooper (blue/yellow/red) or Artfx 18" Kimahri figure or Takara 12" Cool Girl JinRoh?

Aside from street stores, which are the popular local online stores?

Sorry for the many questions..
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kotobukiya 2005/7/23 03:21
i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw kotobukiya star wars statues (even the artfx vader!!) at the yokohama TOYS R US! also kotobukiya spiderman (movie version)!
this was found at jack mall, accross from sports athority. easy to find. when you exit the station from MM21 in yokohama, just go towards the towers, past queens towers and past the museum, keep going and you will see sports athority on your right and toys R us on the left, 2nd floor.

on a similar note, anybody spotted medicom vader anywhere? how much did it cost?

ken, thanks again for the info on mandarake!
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Visiting Tokyo - Oct 2005 2005/8/4 17:44
Hello, I was wondering if there are guides who can help show me around as I only have a few days in Tokyo in October this year. I have a 6 year old son with me too. I am female, so a female guide would be recommended. Many thanks!


P.S. I would like to go to Disneyland and a Japanese castle/gardens etc with my son :) email at legomel@yahoo.com.au
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Visiting Tokyo - Oct 2005 2005/8/4 17:46
Oops! I forgot to mention that I also want to visit toy stores and a LEGO store, if possible :) Thanks


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GO stones and bowl 2005/9/15 11:40
Try as I might, I cannot find a store that sells GO (IGOH) stones and bowls. I can go to Tokyo station, Yurakucho, Ueno and places close there. Also there is a huge toy store in Shimbashi. Does anyone know its name?
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Hakuhinkan 2005/9/15 13:20
The name of the huge toy store near Shimbashi (on Ginza side) is Hakuhinkan.

This is their website:

They have all sorts of board games, but I have never actually looked for a Go board there, so I don't know what you will find.

There is also a shop specialising in board games and puzzles in Jimbocho - I don't know the name, but if you come out of Jimbocho station at the crossroads of Yasukuni-dori and Hakusan-dori, and head north up Hakusan-dori (towards Suidobashi) it is a little way up on the left hand side. That might be a good place to look.
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Rare anime toys 2005/10/10 10:03
Hi! I will be in Tokyo in Feb 2006. I am looking for the following rare toys. Please let me know if you know where to find them:

1. JoJo Biazarre Adventure Part 5 action figures
2. MOUSE Girl action figure -- Mei
3. Steel Angel Kurumi

Thank you.
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