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l 2005/11/8 01:03
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Kryolan 2005/11/9 10:28
I purchased Kryolon Aqua Color

It's called Kryolan, and it blows Ben Nye away. It's water-based, and it lasts.
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Mineral Makeup 2006/1/3 02:16
Quite possibly what you are looking for can be found at Glymagic www.glymagic.com in the Mineral makeup section.
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Geiko Makeup Available Here... 2006/1/4 07:31
All of the professional items used by Geisha, Maiko and Kabuki Actors are available through this site: http://stores.ebay.com/Engawa-no-Uta
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Japanese makeup 2006/2/20 16:19
Hi Katie
You can get Mitsuyoshi Oshiroi face paste powder from violet moon works. They also have Kabuki makeup.
Regards Chris
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geisha girl dress 2006/2/24 22:21
where can i buy a fancy geisha dress & make up?? i looked every where but couldn't find it. please help
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the mitsuyoshi website 2006/3/2 00:33
Thank you to everyone for the fantastic websites. I have found exactly what i want but i can't figure out how to buy off the mitsuyoshi-make.com website. can anyone help??
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Dear john 2006/3/3 09:34
take the Abura and cut it in half, then melt it in your hands or fingers.
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GEIKO Makeup Available Here... 2006/3/12 15:19
All of the REAL items for doing authentic Maiko/Geiko or Kabuki Shiro-Nuri (Oshiroi) Makeup are available at: hannari-ya.com
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Looking for a site. Help. 2006/6/11 11:02
My fiance and I are going as geisha and samuria this halloween. I'm not Japanese, but everyone thinks I look oddly similar, and I've always been facinated, so we decided it would be a fun idea. Generally I make my own clothes and I can't find a website that has a pattern for a decent geisha costume or a samuria. They're all really cheesy and mostly short and slutty looking due to the fact most westerners think geisha=prostitute. Does anyone know where I could find a site with decent patterns, or good full pictures that I could make my own pattern with?
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wondering 2006/6/11 22:23
all the sites you have are american :( not a problem for all of you buy I was just wondering if anybody knew any for england. I've been tryign to get a hold of some but cant get any which is really rather frustrating lol. I have a full kimono and obi set I just dont want to be reduced to using clown make up or just white power. well if anyone knows any, let me know please ^_^ thanks
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PLEASE ANSWER!!!! 2006/7/10 00:03
I REALLY want to buy Kabuki Oshiroi, taihaku, abura, and the wide brush used to put the oshiroi on....shown here http://www.mitsuyoshi-make.com/s4/kabukios.jpg
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Export agent 2006/7/10 00:29
Have you ever contacted with the export agent, OKUDA & CO., LTD. shown in the below link?

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.. 2006/7/10 03:27
i thought it was made of bird poopie
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to candace 2006/7/10 03:28
dont look up patterns for Geisha Costumes, look up patterns for Kimonos
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Make-up brush. 2006/9/7 01:15
You can find the wide brushes they use for geisha maek up at any art supply store. My pottery class would use them to put glazes on our pots, and they are made of bamboo and horsehair, I think. They distribute whatever substance you're using very evenly.
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Finding the make-up in Japan 2006/9/15 18:19
I have one more question for this forum. I'm interested in buying Taihaku, Abura, and Oshiroi make-up, and I am currently in Tokyo, Japan. As a tourist, I have no idea which stores would sell these products, so names would be greatly appreciated. I figure why use a website when I'm right in the thick of it.
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Re: Kimy 2006/9/19 08:01
Hey Kimmy,

http://www.mitsuyoshi-make.com actually owns stores, so if you you can find one in your area, you'll be set to go! :)
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How to look like an actual geisha 2006/9/20 07:32
If wants to go as a geisha this halloween and don't know how to apply or don't know what kind of makeup to use, well here's some helpful hints.First, put your here up or put it in a wig cap (just make it's completly off your face!) put baby powder all over the area you want makeup on, this will be used as a base but be sure not to put TOO much powder because you don't need that much. While applying the white paste like makeup which could be common Halloween makeup you could get anywhere apply smoothly and gently over the baby powder. The baby powder will help the makeup stick well to your skin and it want crack when it dries.Be sure to get your neck, shoulders, and the back of the neck and to get that look of a geisha be sure to leave that part of the skin bare which is the look of the two-legged design on the back of the neck.Be sure you have black eye liner, red lipliner, and most importantly the red lipstick.Now what you want to do is trace the upper eye lid with the black eye liner and the inner eye very gently. Trace above the black line with your red lip liner GENTLY just enough to get the color on your eye lid. With your lip liner trace half the lower eye lid with the red lip liner, starting with the outer part of the lower eye lid and make your way to the half of the eye lid or what you think looks japanese. Now with the brows, start by tracing them with the red lipliner then trace over them with the black eye liner. blend them with a makeup sponge or gently with your finger. Then add your lipstick on your lips until your lips are very red. Now you look like a geisha.
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To Anu 2006/9/22 09:34
Anu I know exactly where to find the kimono but as the geisha makeup I just use whatever's available...www.asianideas.com has a BUNCH of japanese clothing and accessories and stuff.As for the makeup read my recent article 'how to look like an actual geisha.'
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