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restaurant in yokohama 2006/3/28 12:20
there is good indian retuarant khazana in yokohama
near sakuragiccho st. in queens tower B
by indian rate this post as useful

Indian Resturant in World 2006/4/20 15:43
You can search Indian Resturant in the world just by adding city and Country name .
by Sushil rate this post as useful

Indian Restaurant in Nagasaki 2006/4/30 00:53
it is called 'nanak' opposite to KFC, Hamanomachi Arcade (near Holiday Inn). Serves excellent food,,,,,little expensive,,,curries are delicious,,,,but no Indian rice,,,its thick japanese one.....
There is one another near Nagasaki JR staion, called Milan,,,,,but this one is Japanised,,,would not recommend.........
by Sujit rate this post as useful

cafe karachi the best indian restaurant 2006/5/15 12:25
Cafe Karachi is the best restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo! The food is delicious, tasty, and fresh.. The workers are really nice and friendly..
by shahida rate this post as useful

Resturant in Yokohama 2006/6/7 16:34
Close to Kannai JR station there is one indian resturant named Mohan located neasr isezaki mall, very good in taste & people are very co-operative.
by sanjay rate this post as useful

New restaurant in Nakano 2006/6/8 05:06
I just tried a newly opened Indian restaurant in Nakano. It is very near Marui. The dishes were authentic and reasonably priced. The staff is very friendly too. Name of the restaurant is Ganesha. They have a website at
by Gregg rate this post as useful

South Indian Food?? 2006/12/23 12:32
Try Nirvanam,
Very close to Tokyo Tower.Excellent food and very sweet staff.
03-3433 1217.Better take a reservation.They get quite busy.
by indojin rate this post as useful

Indians/Indian restaurants in Kanazawa 2007/1/31 12:34
could anyone please share info abt Indians and Indian restaurants in Kanazawa city,ishikawa prefecture
by Amit rate this post as useful

... 2007/6/17 00:51
i had indian dinner when i was in Japan last week.

ummm tip : For non-indians, the food is great :)

For indians (like myself) food is very westernised and well..just different. But still nice. But dont expect familiar tastes.

by Bella rate this post as useful

Indian restaurant 2007/7/24 10:14
Please could you give me all the list of indian restaurant
near hon atsugi station.
I will be really thankful.

Thank you in advance.
by Indian rate this post as useful

the best 2007/8/2 17:54
actualy you don't have to search ,simply the best indian resturante is (ashoka) it's lokated in hilton shinjuku ,for the real indian taste. but at least you will spend 3000 thue it worth it.
by hani rate this post as useful

... 2007/8/2 18:09
Indian wants to know the restaurants near Hon Atsugi station.

1-17-17 Mizuhiki
(Closed on Mondays)

1-8-20 Sakaemachi
by J Lady rate this post as useful

from tokyo -Indian restaurants 2007/9/26 14:58
Roppongi -Diya/Devi
Shinagawa - Devi
Meguro -Laxmi/Rasoi(daal and mutton is famous ) /Maya
Shinjuku -Samrat
Shibuya-Samrat/raj Palace (best ever seen in tokyo for North Indian spicy food)
Kamata - Taj (just near to station)
Ginza- Raj palace
Indian Dhaba- Tokyo station (east exit) Best south Indian dishes it is typical sotuh indian rest. (sat. special : Hyderabadi biryani in dinner menu)
Okachimachi also has 2 indian restaurants but never tried .
by dilip b rate this post as useful

I am . . . 2007/10/11 09:01
. . . hardly a connoisseur of Indian food, but I thought the restaurant on the top floor of Kamiioka Station (2 stops outside Yokohama on the Keikyu line), had good Indian food. Mainly because the 3-curry set actually had chunks of food in them: shrimp, mutton, and vegetables, respectively. While the nan bread could be fluffier, the Lassi drink was the best I've had. At least the curries did have distinctly different tastes.

Kamiooka Station is also worth a look at the food basement; one of the most extensive and diverse ones I've seen. Everything from fresh lichee, sliced ham, to steak obentos.
by Clevor rate this post as useful

Indian Thalis in Yokohama Area 2007/11/19 12:32
Hi Do you get Indian Veg Thalis in Yokohama and Chinatown area? How much do they cost?
by Vijay P rate this post as useful

Indian Reataurant In HonAtsugi 2007/12/17 16:12
Neel Gahan -Opposite to Lousir Hotel( Near to SATY)
Bismillah- Near To AGM Shop
Bombay Restaurant - On the way to Yamada tenki Shop
by Well Wisher rate this post as useful

indian restaurant in japan 2007/12/27 13:24
Hi visit for indian restaurants in japan and indians in japan community

by Das rate this post as useful

Tons of Indian Restaurants 2009/1/22 08:49
You will find quite a few Indian restaurants in Japan.
See below for over 200+
by DK (guest) rate this post as useful

the taste of love and revolution 2009/1/31 11:32
If you have time to visit Tokyo,I reccomend you to
try Nakamuraya nearby Shinjuku station.
Their chicken curry is based on a very first purely Indian style recipe in japan.
Rash Behari Bose cooked that
for his Japanese bride
who was a daughter of Nakamuraya's fonder.
by mameshiba (guest) rate this post as useful

Hon-atsugi indian restaraunts 2009/2/15 22:25
There are 3 indian restaraunt near hon atsugi station

1. Parivar.. in the road goes Opp. to SATY mall

2. Neel gagan .. Opposite to Hotel loisir

3. Bombay restaraunt... behind esso fuel station
by krishnissan rate this post as useful

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