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Mexican food 2005/1/15 09:18
The best burritos can be found at 7-11 stores throughout asia.
Oh thank heaven for 7-11
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Mexican food 2005/1/15 09:22
I told my g/f i worked at Taco Bell.
She said to me.. " i didn't know you worked for the mexican phone company "
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WTF!? 2005/2/9 06:00
Quote: "Did you know that you won't find burritoes in Mexico? Burrito is invented by Californians. In Mexico, most people just eat tacos."

WHAT??!! hay gey! No offence but this is this a joke? you won't find burritos in Mexico? what the hell? hahahaha! They are in every damn corner (at least in northern Mexico they are very common). Californians invented burritos? yeah right and now you will tell me that tequila was invented by Canadians? And one more thing: Mexican food is more than just tacos that have nothing to do whith Taco Bell. We have mole, chiles en nogada, rajas, gorditas, tortas (not the Spanish ones), chilaquiles, enchiladas, tamales, cabrito, cochinita pibil, tostadas, ET CETERA...... Eat in Mexico real Mexican food and you will see my point.
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Mexican Food Popular? 2005/2/9 10:00
About as much as Japanese food is popular in Mexico. A lot of Asians are lactose intolerant so I'm guessing the cheese doesn't sit well with them, and toss some beans into the mix and ya got yourself one heck of a gas ass situation
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mexican in kanagawa 2005/10/28 06:24
When I was living in the Kanagawa area a few years ago, I went to Mike's alot. It's next door to a yakitori place (also good!) about 5 min. walking from either Chuo-, Higashi- or Minami-Rinkan Station. Sorry I can't remember which. Maybe someone else can look them up to see if it's still there. It was owned by a guy from Long Beach California and the food was pretty good. Margaritas were great!
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Mexican Food 2006/2/1 13:05
I know is difficult to know if mexican food is popular in other countries more if the countries hava a very close culture like japanesse but there maybe are people that make the best try to prepare mexican food like MOLE POBLANO , TAMALES, POZOLE, ETC i hope when i have chance to go to japan and make my buisness when i become a chef and also the reason to dont have a real mexican food is because there arent the same ingredients and its hard to import them thankss

¡¡¡¡¡ VIVA MEXICO !!!!!!
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Popularity 2006/2/1 14:19
Back to the Original Question -- the sad fact is *no*, it is not really popular. And to the great loss of those who have never tried it in Japan, since Mexican food is one of the world's best. In larger cities, you can find some restaurants, that serve at least some semblance of it...but often they are quite expensive. Hard Rock has some dishes to kill those hometown blues, and there are 5 El Torito in Tokyo, one in Yokohama, and one in Tsukuba. Then a few independents...but God, there are so many ex-pats craving good food when they go visit their families back home....
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Just wondering 2006/2/17 14:10
Well that kinda sucks...I am mexican and I was thinking in bringing an authentic mexican bakery to japan(no joke), and I was just wondering if it would go ok with japan. Personally I think it would do ok. I mean who doesnt like bunuelos and conchas?? Why do you think??
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Claro que es diferente 2006/4/14 04:14
Hi I'm Sergio and I'm living in Canada right now... I'm working in a mexican restaurant here and of course the food is different... I'm Mexican and when you take the decission of leaving your house all the food, even mexican tastes different, you get very used to your mother's food... but hey! it's not a huge difference either... As I said, I'm working in a mexican restaurant and the owners are from Mexico City, I'm from Chihuahua by the way, way too north from mexico city, and they cook very different, yes it's true that we have a lot of things in common, talking about the food, but the taste is very different...

But it doesn't means that is not mexican food, I bet that those tortillas that you guys eat in Japan are bad eh?? those are the only ones there so you guys have to accept them...

The subject about the burritos, I really don't where were invented, but the thing that I know is that we have a lot of places in Chihuahua were you can eat burritos and tortas, mmmh they are delicious and cheap...
There's a place in Chihuahua named "Villa Ahumada" close to CD. Juarez near El Paso TX and, I'm not lying, but they sell around 7000 of burritos a day, oh!!! man!!! they taste very good....
"chile colorado" "chile verde" "chiles rellenos" "picadillo" "quesadillas" hay guey "ya se me hizo agua la boca"

Anyway, It does exist a state and a city called Chihuahua for those who don't know.... and don't laugh, hehehehehe :) (chihauhua dogs my ass!!!)
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nope 2006/4/14 15:40
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Facts 2006/6/14 08:24
Burritos are not Mexican invention. Although, there is something similar in Mexico than nowadays is being called Burrito.

The flutes (or Flautas) can be made out of corn tortilla or Flour tortilla.

When it's made out of Flour people call it a Burrito. But when is oversized (yes, it can be as long as 30+ cm long) we call it a giant flute (or flauta grande).

Corn flutes usually are the size of a standard torrilla. You roll up whatever you put inside, then you fry them.

Burritos usually are made from plain beans, meat or combined (and their extended variations) and use some kind of Corn/Flour tortilla (brand-made). Flour Flutes can contain almost anything, from simple beans to fancy and grossy stuff like brains (cesos).

Corn Flutes are usually made out of 2 kinds of meat. Meat from Cow, and meat from Chicken.

In Texas (and some other southern states), a burrito have a different meaning. Like a Flute, is made out of Flour tortilla and a variety of main ingredients. Two side ingredients have come to be a standard of every burrito: Rice and Beans, First the rice and beans are spread over the tortilla, then on top of that ny main ingredient; the most popular, fajita.

This is from someone who lived in the Northeast region of Mexico, and currently living in Texas. Facts might be slighty different from other regions.
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. 2006/6/14 23:54
I love Mexican food a lot.

I know for a fact I've never had real mexican food though... Which hopefully is even better than the limited, localised versions of so called Mexican food I'm currently eating (weekly).

Its probably similar to Japanese food overseas compared to Japan - its always a bit different.

ESPECIALLY WAGAMAMA FROM UK. UTTERLY RUBBISH.. I pity those who enjoy going there. Pretentious Japanese food cannot get any uglier.

In hindsight I find those Korean or Chinese cooking Japanese food to be quietly acceptable relatively speaking!

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True Mexican Restaurant in Tokyo 2006/7/1 23:48
In Tokyo, Fonda de la Madrugada is an exceptionally good Mexican restaurant even by global standards, and its menu is authentic. They have live music many nights and rotate Mexican performers into Tokyo. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly. Yes, Corona is available. The restaurant staff do speak Spanish.

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Not much, but getting better 2006/7/4 16:20
Was told that Mexican food did not fit Japanese tastes. I ask if he had tried any and he said "why would I try it if I know Japanese do not like it". Perfect logic...
It may not be authentic, but with more Japanese exchange students in the US trying Mexican food in the collage cafeterias this attitude is changing.
Funny thing is that tortillas in Japan come from the US and in particular from Oregon back to the days when Taco Time came to Japan and failed.
Actually a bunch of small cool places to eat from people that have lived in Mexico. Try Salsita in Ebisu. The real tough thing is to find stores with fresh tomotillos.
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Tex-Mex in Japan 2006/8/20 08:47
We have a Tex-Mex restaurant in Uozu (Toyama prefecture) called Peyote (heh). It's run by a guy who used to live in Dallas, I believe, and, being from Texas, I was really happy to hear that it existed. That was until I actually ate there. The atmosphere is great, and actually resembles a real Tex-Mex restaurant. The food is another story though. Very little spice (aside from some crappy novelty hot sauces on the tables), and the ingredients weren't so fresh. Even the tortilla chips (a mainstay of Tex-Mex) were the horrible "taco-flavored chips" you can buy in any convenience store, with terrible, terrible salsa that was actually worse than most of the stuff you find in jars. I came away angry with the place for giving me something that reminded me of Tex-Mex without actually fulfilling my desire for it (thus actually making me want it even more). I wish they'd change their sign from "Peyote - Tex Mex Restaurant" to "Peyote - Japanese-style Italian Food Wrapped in a Tortilla."
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osaka mexicans 2006/8/21 01:32
I am mexican and i will be moving to osaka in a few months. Is there any place that serves any kind of latino food. I will even settle for taco bell. Taco Bell is so underrated, it is specifically made for late night partying. Are there any latinos in osaka.
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.. 2006/8/23 10:20
Personally I didn't even know what burritos were until I move to the US and I'm Mexican, although that was about 12 years ago, I went to Japan in april and I didn't find any Mexican restaurants but I think the food is popular since many japanese people are starting to like spicy food. And they did have some places that had some mexican looking food but it didn't taste like the real deal.
Now hearing all this comments I think I'll try and open a Mexican restaurant in Japan
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Mexican food in Japan? 2006/9/26 17:10
Of course the food won't taste the same in another country! Do you think the sushi you eat in the states is authentic? If you wanna try real Mexican food, there is only one place: Mexico.
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a good resource 2007/7/8 18:28
im from texas and have also had a hard time finding any mexican food. i recently discovered a website: www.bento.com/tokyofood.html
which lists many restaurants by neighborhood and by cuisine. im about to go try a restaurant called fonda de la madrugada. it has gotten some good reviews.
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mexican food 2007/7/9 03:58
well when i was in japan my friend promised me that she would show me a mexican restaurant while i was in tokyo, but we never got around to it, another thing, burritos were invented in the norther part of mexico, thats were they first made flour tortillas, but most people in the rest of the country only eat corn tortillas and dont know what a burrito is.
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