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Re: Appropriate clothing in Japan? (Male version) 2012/8/3 23:07
about the rolled up pants thing, that's a trend in the US as well. but obviously a more recent thing. the japanese have been doing it for at least 6 years and it's totally connected to cultural origins. not to mention it's a functional thing as well for many that ride bikes.

but this goes back to what most state, wear what you want! be comfortable.
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Re: Appropriate clothing in Japan? (Male version) 2012/8/5 18:43
Apart from a general sense that the Japanese are a very clean and well-groomed society, I haven't noticed any defined trend that I wouldn't see here in the states. In some places people lean towards conservative, but in others you'll see very very unique style. It's not so much what they wear, but that they pay a lot of attention to making sure they're put together. Don't be sloppy, but be yourself.

I plan on wearing bright green sneaks on my trip at the end of August and I doubt anyone will blink an eye at me.

Now that said, if you do any business while your there, go with a nice modern cut suit in a neutral tone and you should be good. I would lean towards conservative with the shirt and tie. The business men there were very sharp, but I didn't get the feeling that experimentation was tolerated too much in that arena.

Whenever I want to get a reading on the fashion in a city I'm visiting I look at Scott Schuman's fashion blog. If there were ever a fashion guru for real men, it's him. I know he's spent some time in Tokyo.

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