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Peter 2007/11/14 14:39
I haven't heard yet about Mrs. Matsudaira. Chris (who promised to look into this for me) should be back any day now. He apparently is stationed on a ship based in Yokosuka which is currently out to sea. You're hooked, and I am waiting most anxiously to learn whether or not Mrs. Matsudaira is still attending church at the American Military Chapel in Negishi Military Housing area and if she is, if she is still playing piano for their worship/church service. Both times I lived in that area, I played flute and they even had me roped into singing in the choir. They were desperate because I can't sing worth a darn. God appreciates our joyful noise, because the Bible says, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord."
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Thanks, Lori 2007/11/14 19:53
Arrigato !
A Yokohama pen pal mentioned that the cars he remembers were blue and white with a yellow midsection band.
I know I dream in color, but I have a hard time remembering in color.

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still underway... 2007/11/14 21:04
Hello Lori, I am still underway and should be able to get your answer soon. I can't say what day exactly just yet. I am hoping she is still there and can email you. I still have the information saved so I can give to her. I am also enjoying the links you have provided, I think I may see some more of Yokohama now that I have those links. Thanks again, Chris
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Japanese knife 2007/11/15 22:37
Peter san

Probably the knives which you have are "Houchou".
It has a very sharp blade.
Did you buy the knives in Isezakichou?
The cutler still sells Houchou.



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Zaki 2007/11/16 01:31

Enjoyed the visit to this shopping center. Too bad there's no English version...

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Motomachi 2007/11/16 07:49
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Motomachi 2007/11/16 08:02

Unfortunately I was not able to find the site of the Isezakichou shopping district.

Isezakichou does not have good economy now.

The surrounding of Yokohama Station has popularity very much now.

I found the site of Motomachi.
Please try this.
However, it is the site Japanese of the detailed shop.

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About Honmoku, Kominato 2007/11/16 08:27

My family lived near Kominato in 1960's.

My father worked at a US naval base of Negishi for one year.

Uko said about Honnmoku in detail.

If you want to know Honnmoku, Kominato, please ask me a question.

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thank you 2007/11/16 09:54
Thanks for your generous offer to be our eyes and ears.
My first question would be:

What now stands where my old house used to be at # 91 Sannotani on Avenue D.

Question 2; What color were those streecars?
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medori gaoka 2007/11/16 10:01
K, HI,I lived on Medori Gaoka in 1967-69 at Manzaka Mansion next to Medori Gaoka school. I am wondering if this place is still there ? It is 187 Manzaka Honmuku Medori Gaoka.
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colors of yokohama trolleys 2007/11/16 10:10
Eric, I went on to the links given by Lori. The street cars had two types of colors maybe more. One was the blue and white ones you had thought of. The other was the cream color with the blue stripe that I had seen in my old photos. Perhaps there were more colors than that, Dont know.
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Manzaka 2007/11/16 11:17
Peter san

I searched a Manzaka apartment, and this is a Japanese site.
Is it this photograph that you lived?

Phttp://www.forrent-pickup.jp/a/2100a9/a/000/fr_040_ar0210_00... san

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Manzaka 2007/11/16 11:31

Try it again.

It is only these two apartments in Honmoku Manzaka.


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Sannotani&Manzaka 2007/11/16 12:34
Two sites were found when they searched Honmoku Sannotani.

Mycal Honmoku was built, and these areas may be different in old days.

In the apartment of 1960's, rebuilding was considered to be it in the days of Japanese bubble economy frequently.

The colors of the body seem to have been different, I do not understand the streetcar about it by a route.

It doesn't have profitable information for Eric San.

At all events Sannotani and Manzaka are upper-class residential areas of

I will research a little more in detail.

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Yokohama Street cars 2007/11/16 21:06
I found the site of the Yokohama streetcar. These were translated by the computer.

They operated a center of Yokohama-shi and a former city area.
A single vehicle was comparatively used a lot for the vehicle until back year, and the thing that the coat color was based on blue was adopted.
An expression blue for the first half for cream / a lower half as for the blue and the window rotation as for the cream as for the most later years in yellow.
There was not a purchase route besides Yokohama electric railroad, and there was not the vehicle sold to the other companies after a junk car again.
They were behind with the autocrat luck transformation and finally became autocratic driving entirely total abolition one year ago.
A city area suddenly spread after the war, and the traffic density increased again, too.
Because I caused the transport capacity and route network, the traffic jam, the streetcar came to be halfdone and the opening to traffic of the Negishi line and the financial aggravation of Traffic Bureau were connected and traced the course to the whole line abolition.
After the streetcar abolition, several streetcar vehicles are stored with Yokohama streetcar save building.

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Street cars pictures 2007/11/16 21:58
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wow! 2007/11/16 23:42
What a neat perspective, 1970-2000. The changes are astonishing.
The 1970 picture with the wall to the left (the Sankeien stop) looks very familiar. This stop could be only a few blocks from the Sannotani stop which was only a minute's walk from our front door. I was trying to picture in my mind the streetcar's electric connection to the overhead wire and kept thinking that it looked like a big bottle opener, and it sure does. The cars had no engine sound, obviously, but the steel wheels on rails and crackle of the bottle opener on the wires was our reminder that the car was coming.
It seems like we had earthquakes every few weeks in Yokohama and I remember watching as a big rolling 'quake went through, just as the streetcar was changing direction at Sannotani. The streetcar jumped off its tracks and the bottle opener lost contact with the overhead wire, creating a shower of sparks. In fewer than 15 minutes, a big wrecker truck had arrived and the car was lifted back to service.
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Manzaka Apartment 2007/11/17 00:33
Dear K Thank you for your research. As much as I was able to see the buildings on the site The one that I am looking for is not there. I will keep looking. The one that I lived in was right next to the Medori Gaoka School and I think I can see a part of it on Google Earth, but it is not that clear. While I am at it, I am looking for information on a Japanese rock group called The Voltage. They played in Yokohama at a bar called Peanuts on Isezaki cho, which is yes the place that I bought my wonderful Japanese kinfe
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Upper-class aria in Japan 2007/11/17 00:38
It was good that my answer could be helpful for you.

Mannza Mansion looked and was not able to reject it.

House and Mansion of the Honmoku area are very expensive.
There is an upper-class residential area eminent Japan.

I write a site of Mansion of Nakaku for your information.

This site is Japanese.

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K your english is sweet 2007/11/17 01:01
K Thank you again. I will keep looking. Aria is a song in opera. Area is place. Your english is very good.
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