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Area 2007/11/17 01:47
Peter san

Thank you for indication from you.
I often make a mistake in an English word.

I examine about a Rock band, and little time is necessary for it.

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reply to K 2007/11/17 12:24
K. anata no eigo mushigashi ne? Watashi no nihon go dame desu yo. Eigo tie hen mushigashi. mo sukoshi benkyo suru.
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japanese knives 2007/11/17 13:38
The knives that I mentioned are YES Houchu or Tako Hiki.
They have a very sharp blade and are made of the best steel. I looked at the current prices. WOW are they
expensive! But I have had mine for many years so they last very well. Thanks again for the reference.
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Houchou and Katana 2007/11/17 17:32
Peter san

Your Japanese is wonderful. We are very glad.

I studied English and German at the school.
However, it is 20 years or more ago. Therefore, my English is not

Good Houchou is 170 dollars, or more. The Japanese sword being made now can be bought for 1700 dollars.

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language 2007/11/17 23:32
K san Thank you for your complement. I am lately working on my japanese in case I am able to make a return visit to Japan next year. Do you know Thane Camus ? Now there is an american that can speak Japanese ! I saw him on a you tube of Morning Musume. I have a Katana but it is not real. I assume that you are in Yokohama. Am I correct?
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language 2007/11/18 00:05
K san A question for you.
If there was only one language that you would recommend that a Japanese person learn . What language would that be ?
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Restaurant of Yokohama , Yokosuka 2007/11/18 06:17
Peter san

I know Thane Camus, He is very famous in Japan.
He has good character.

Yes, I live in Hodogaya of Yokohama.
It is distance of 5 miles from my house to Honmoku.
However, the outskirts of my house are fields.

We will speak English not to mention.
There are many Japanese learning Chinese recently.
I had a travel of US in 2002.
I was a visit of the main sightseeing spot in 15 days. It was very good experience for me.

I am searching for Honmoku and Yamate of 1960s. Do you remember these?
It is Sea side club, and Rikisha room of Kominato, Motomachi Cliff Side. Or, Yokosuka EM club.

Please endure my poor English.

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Honmuku 2007/11/18 07:56
Dear K san. I lived in the Honmuku district in 1967 to 1969 with a brief 2 months in Nakn ku on the edge of Chinatown on the Motomachi canal. I served in the US Army as a food inspector and worked at Center Pier and elsewhere. I am familiar with many of the places that you memtion except for the Rikisha Room. We "hung out" at many places in Yokohama including the seaside club, the Zebra Club and a special favorite of mine the Peanuts Bar on Isezaki cho. I traveled a lot in Japan including Sado Island Matsushima, Sendai, Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, Urabandi and many other places. I climbed
Fuji San, and met many wonderful Japanese friends and had a very good time. This was a time of the Vietnam war and this fact put a shadow over my experience, but did not stop me from finding much happiness living and working in a very different country, that I came to know a little and loved a lot. I pretty much stayed away from all of the military life, and devoted my stay in Japan to trying to understand and appreciate all things Japanese. Like most americans, I had very little idea about Japan and what I did know was very incomplete. There are many things that I would like to have done. I would like to have learned to play the Koto. And to have walked the Tokido Highway. Also I would like to have worked on a small Japanese fishing boat and to have seen the making of swords.Also I would liked to have studied Ikebana and learned to build a Japanese tea house with a grass roof. Oh and so much more. some day I may return to Japan. If so I would like to spend a week in a small village and help a farm family with the crops and animals.
In your reply you said "we will speak english not to mention" kori wa wakarimasen. i did not understand what you said. Please do not excuse yourself. Your english is quite good. Better than my Japanese, you can be prowd that you speak so well. What were your impressions of America on your visit?
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Konnichiwa 2007/11/18 08:34
My name is Kaoru. The meaning is "Good smell. "However, there are a lot of women of this name.

My US travel went from NY to LA. It is in Grand Canyon to be impressed most. And, generous American.

My father was a policeman. He was working in the Yamate police station. And, he had been proceeding to the SP for one year. And, our family lived in kominato. We were invited to the Zebra club many times. A lot of Americans visited my house.
They gave me the toy often bought in PX.

Rikisha room:


Here was redecorated now.

Thank you,

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japanese phrase 2007/11/18 23:42
Konnichiwa Kaoru is a lovely name. Cane you help me understand a Japanese phrase. We were taught to say ohio goziamas then ikanga desu ka and then genki des and then pati pati. I never learned what this ment. I hope is was not a bad word. The Japanese people laughed perhaps it was a joke or some naughty word. I hope this question is OK to ask. I am glad you had a good visit to america.
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Arigatou 2007/11/19 07:55
Konnichiwa, Perer san

K is me. I did not say it to you. I am a man of 48 years.

Where do you live in US?

When I was a student, I had a part-time job with aircraft carrier "Mid way"
in Yokosuka.

My work was an exchange of lamps of the passage in the warship. The cover of the
lamp was heavy.

I had the rest in the dining room and talked with a lot of sailors. They gave me the cigarette and the ham. I do not usually drink now. However, when it was a student, often drank.

I have several pen pals in US. They live in MO, TX, and CO. Especially, the friend in Missouri is good. I respect him.

Yoi shuumatsu wo,


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Pati Pari 2007/11/19 09:41
Hello K OOps my mistake. In English names there are some that could be either gender. I live in Kingston, New Hampshire north of Boston. It is already cold here but no snow yet. Mt town is a little like Nikko but not as beautiful. Now it is easier to ask what does Pati Pati mean ? I am drinking less now also. Sometime I will post a photo of my last night in Matsushima. My two Japanese buddies and I had a little too much saki.. no we had much too much saki ! We tried to get a room at an inn but they only had the large room 60 mats so we slept there , in the "Ballroom". My friends told the ryokan that they were college students,which was not true. they worked on the docks in Yokohama. College students are forgiven more for any bad behavour, ne? Iwas told that I spoke Japanese with a Yokohama accent, I could not know the difference. I hope the sailors in Yokosuka did not teach you bad english words...Like Pati Pati ?
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Pati Pati 2007/11/19 10:14
Haikei/Dear sir.

Peter san

You live in Boston.

A wonderful town there.

It was not possible to go to Boston though I stayed in
NY city for three days.

I think that Pati pati is a meaning of applause.

Or, gambling that is called Pachinko.


These might not be accurate answers.


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Pati Pati 2007/11/19 10:34

I sometimes enjoyed it. When I was a university student.

Please send me mail if you want to study Japanese in fuller detail.


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japanese phrase 2007/11/19 10:54
Kaoru san I Live in The samll town of Kingston New Hampshire, not Boston. Boston is about 40 miles south of here. Pati Pati is not pachinco. I thought that Pati Pati perhaps was some word for feeling full of life or activity for a man. I am still unsure but thank you for trying. I sure would love to go back to yokohama tonight I would love some gyo-za.
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correction 2007/11/19 11:14
thats small town, not samll gomenasai, matte ne.
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EM club 2007/11/21 11:58
Konnichiwa, Peter san

The town where you live has understood me. Thank you.
Our supper of last night ate Gyouza.

This site is EM club in the Yokosuka base. Maybe, I think that you enjoyed there.

There was redecorated.

It is being used as a multipurpose hall in Yokosuka City by the


We will welcome your Japan visit.
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Yokosuka 2007/11/21 12:39
Konbanwa Kaoru san. As I worked in Yokohama I went to Yokosuka only once. The city then was full of drunken americans on leave from a ship and this did not intrest me. I did go to the Zebra club in Yokohama several times. Now the place where it was is a tall office building. I envy your gyoza I love Gyoza !! I hope my dream to visit Japan again comes true maybe next year. Hope you are OK . Remember The Voltage. Lead singer was named Chibita is that a common Japanese name ?I do not think so . Also Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Peter
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Welcome 2007/11/21 13:21
Peter san

OK, I welcome you. I'll guide Honmoku, kamakura, Hakone.

I have the pen pal in Sweden. She is a college student. We were scheduled to sightseeing Yokohama, Kamakura. However, she had sightseeing of Tokyo, Nikkou, Kyoto.

When I was a school child, I went angling to Lake Ashi of Hakone with my Dad and several sailors. It was a skiff of US naval forces. However, the fish was not able to fish at all. They were drinking until the morning.

It is good memories for me
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Peter and Kaoru 2007/11/21 14:18
The Yokosuka Enlisted Men's club shown in the link was called "Club Alliance" when the U.S. Navy had it as the enlisted men's club. I went there a few times when we lived in Negishi Navy Housing in Yokohama in the early 1980's. (My husband was in the Navy and assigned to the USS Midway which was homeported in Yokosuka at that time.) That Club Alliance was being closed slowly and the U.S. was giving it back to the Japanese government. A new enlisted men's club was built on the Yokosuka Navy Base to replace the old Club Alliance. I recall seeing a video on the internet of a popular young Japanese singer who had filmed a video of their popular song at that old Club Alliance building. In the video, the building looked in very poor condition. Now I suppose it is fixed up real nice.
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