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time 2007/11/26 06:23
Yokohama is 15 hours ahead of me in Central Standard Time.
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Time 2007/11/26 08:46
That would make it 16 hrs ahead of Eastern Standard Time. This has always messed me up. I do OK with time zones but when you add a day
that really toasts my brain. Eric can you follow Kaoros line of thought ? I am a little unsure sometimes . Sorry K I do not intend to speak of you in the 3rd person. [ as if you are not there] just looking for a little help with proper understanding of what you want to say. Hope is OK. Your english is still good.
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Kaoru and Eric 2007/11/26 09:00
To help with better understanding. Kaoru san, is it OK if I sometimes ask Eric san for his thoughts on our conversations? This will help me [ and Eric] understand you better. Also how do you feel about our making some help to you on your english ? I hope you would not be offended. Ki ni sawaru.
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Kini shinai desu, all right 2007/11/26 11:52
Hello, Peter san

I was able to make a good project, and rest in the morning.

I am all right.

You and Eric might understand a Japanese idea well. I wrote many on this site too much.

Maybe, Anderson thinks that he was a single. The sailor of US naval forces was visiting his house once a week. And, seemed to have gone shopping in PX.

You must say to me

"Hay Kaoru".

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Hay Kaoru 2007/11/26 12:52
Good Morning..os
Did not understand shinai.sorry not in my jibiki
OK english lesson please.
HAY.. is food for horses..karekusa.. HEY is to call person attention. annonei, sorry my spelling is bad. Now is late at night here. Not like Kaoru I am going to sleep. Sometimes I stay up all night but not today. Still unsure what your project was.
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Hi, Peter san 2007/11/26 23:06
Good morning,

I have the plan of the construction of a new apartment now. I had worked in the company of the computer manufacturing and the communications industry before. And, retired in 2000 and it works in the building company.

I am very busy now, and the operating of the computer for 18 hours a day.

I made a mistake in Hey. I am shortsightedness and lack of sleep.

Watashi wa totemo nemui desu


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Kaoru san 2007/11/27 02:08
Konnichiwa Now I understand your project. You are architect and building designer. For 25 years I was Police Officer for animal cruelty. To be exact I was an Agent for The New Hampshire SPCA [animal protection] and was an animal crielty investigator .Now since 2001 I am working with my wife doing antiques, and many other things.
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Arigatou 2007/11/27 08:23
Hi, Peter san

You had a wonderful occupation. Arigatou.

I had sleep enough today.

I will send you several pictures. Write me.


Watashi wa anata no e-mail wo matte imasu!


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Hey Kaoru 2007/11/27 12:32
Like your father we were both police officers. I would love to see your photos. This computer is my wifes so no e mail for me. she is worried about computer virus and new computer is not protected. Can you post somewhere else? Please not "my Space" as there is computer virus all over there. Shimpai ni ne?
Konban watachi namui et to New Hampshire samui. Yokohama onaji ne. Domo
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Blog 2007/11/28 00:08
OK, Peter san

This site is my blog. My detailed profile is not written.

Please try it

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no access 2007/11/28 04:09
Kaoru I tried your blog site. Could not get into it. Said that you are no longer a user of hi5. computers!
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Hi5 2007/11/28 04:45
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1969 & 1970 Honmoku 2007/11/28 05:51
I was stationed at the Kamisea small Naval Communications Base about 15-20 miles outside Yokohama. After a short time living there I moved to a small apartment in Honmoku right off D Ave. and about a half a mile up the street car line from the exchange complex. We commuted back and forth from the base either by private car or Japanese bus and even then the traffic on route 16 was congested. Our section leader was a Marine Sgt. and he lived with his family in the heights. I visited with them many times and it was a wonderful area. Being young, single and crazy we used to spend a lot of time in the bars in Chinatown and then end the night in Honmuku. The two bars I remember the most were the Golden Cup and a small bar up the road almost next to the entrance to Chinatown called the Cozy Corner. I was there in 1969 & 1990 and still have many fond memories. I can remember seeing the last cerimonial street car come down D avenue making the final run probably around the early winter of 1970. The Zebra club was still open when I arrived in November of 1968 but closed shortly after. The gaggle of my friend and section mates who lived close to me were self named as the "Honmuku Hornets" which we proudly announced when we came into one of the bars. We also made lots of trips to the exchange plaza, the movie theatre and the EM club accross the street. I enjoyed finding this site and dredging up memories. Returned to Boston for good in July of 1970.
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Kaoru 2007/11/28 06:05
OK I got it ! Hey Kaoru If you don't ming my saying you are a good looking guy ! Is that your dog, looks like a little Akita . You do not look your age. Must be those good Japanese genes. Photo looks like you were on vacation in Hawaii. Thanks. I will try and post some photo somewhere. You are good with computers. I am very bad with computers.
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John S 2007/11/28 06:18
Welcome. We all have been having a great time on this site. You and I were there at the same time and no doubt crossed paths. Suggest that you read the previous entrys so I don't repeat myself. I lived off of "Ave D" about 1/4 mile and up the hill to a place called Medori Gaoka. Walked to Bayside courts every morning and worked at Center Pier as a food inspector with the US Army. I had an absolutely wonderful time, traveled extensively and got pretty fair with the language. The Zebra Club was still open as of October 69 when I left. As you will read from my ramblings, I am in Kingston NH not far from Portsmouth and 40 miles North of Boston.
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Kamiseya 2007/11/28 06:26
Hello, John

Dad and I visited the Kamiseya communication base several times.

Our moved from Negishi to Seya. And, living in Hodogaya now.

The captain the base at that time was a woman. However, I do not remember her name.

The model aircraft flew in the field there on Sunday every week.

There is Kaigundouro (naval forces road) beside the base. Do you remember these?

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Kamisea 2007/11/28 06:43
Yes, I do remember something with the model plane but not the Naval road you refer to. Is the Kamisea base still there or is it now something else? Is route 16 still the most direct way to Yokohama and it must be more crowded now.
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Kamiseya 2007/11/28 07:43
Hello, John san

I have not gone to Kamiseya recently. Yokohama City seems to be demanding the restoration of the base. I think the base to be used. This is my guess. The naval forces road was a road for the goods transportation of an old age Japan Navy.

U.S. military goods transportation road is route 16 that you say.


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Hello Kaoru! 2007/11/28 09:45
Are you familiar with the area of "Hayashi Intersection" or maybe "Hayashi Circle"?

I have located this area on the map; but there was a cemetary in the area I am interested in finding to be able to locate my old house. It was not on base; but what we called the "economy".

Thanks in advance for any help,
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"Hayashi Intersection" 2007/11/28 10:58
Hi, John

I inquired "Hayashi Intersection" of the Yokohama city office. Isn't it Yokosuka?

There are Self-Defense Force base and a hospital in front of the crossing. The Yokosuka naval base is near from there.
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