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Yokohama 2007/12/3 08:07
I haven't visited this site in a while. I read your post, today. Wow, Jazzercise. I haven't done that in a loooong time. I remember those days vividly. They were good times. I am currently living in Florida, after my husband's retirement. He is still working with the military, as a contractor. If you went back to Japan in 85-86, I was still there. I stopped teaching at the gym, on base in Negishi because they wanted 50% of everything I made (by the time I paid my commission to Jazzercise, and all of my cost associated with the business, there would have been nothing left!). I taught exclusively at YC & AC. We went back to Japan in 1998 and lived in Yokosuka, off Halsey Blvd. until May of 2000, while Mike was with 7th Fleet aboard USS Blue Ridge. Off to Hawaii after that tour.

All the postings I'm reading are bringing back such fond memories. I went back to Japan in Nov. of 2006, for a month long visit. It was wonderful! I went to Sasebo (went to school there, too, so did my husband, but missed each other by about a month), Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka & Kamakura. I LOVE it there.

Peter and Wally-
I worked at the 106th Gen. Hosp. at Kishine Barracks, in the Registrar Office, during the summers of my junior and senior years at Yohi. In fact, Wally, your name sounds sooo familiar. I wonder if it is because I saw your name on paperwork that passed through the registrar's office? I worked there in 1968 and in 1969. Also, I was a Red Cross volunteer and once a week, we would visit the guys in the wards, to play cards, board games, pool, and with some to simply talk. Thinking about it, most of those guys were not that much older than I.

I've been to Dolphin Restaurant. It was made famous by a song sung by a Japanese celebrity.

When my husband and I moved to Japan, in 1980, we lived off-base for about a year, in Ninotani, just a block down from Sannotani. The house was around the corner from a small mom & pop fish store located off of "D" Avenue or more correctly known as Honmoku Dori, also known as Route 16. Afterwards, we moved to Negishi Heights. Our home was located at the back, between the two roads that met at the back of Negishi Hts., facing Cardiac Hill. #651.

During the years in Japan, my husband was aboard the USS Midway, worked for a time with the NIS office, then in Kamiseya at FOSIF...I think that is what it is called. He went back several times aboard various ships, including USS Enterprise, Coral Sea, Constellation and Independence, while I stayed in the States because both of my kids wanted to graduate from schools they were attending at the time (bummer for me, but I understood). It's been a while.

I plan to go back again, for a visit. I'm hoping to do so in the next year or two.

OMG! Zen! My friends and I used to go there all of the time. I recall there were two stages. One band would finish playing and another would start at the other stage. There were also go-go dancer cages and a car that was parked next to the dance floor. Also went to Mugen in Asakusa and Astro's in Motomachi!

I took a tour of that Gold Meadow milk plant!

My husband worked with the Japanese police many times, while working for NIS. Our friend Fujimoto-san is now retired. He went from being Lt. to Superintendent and Chief of Police for Yokosuka. Other Police friends are Mr. Abe and Mr. Seki.

I'm beginning to get hungry for Japanese food!


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Nagai Heights 2007/12/3 09:11
Here is a link to some photos of Nagai Heights.


Kathe aka Fletch
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Hey Fletch 2007/12/3 12:01
Liked your photos. Do you have any more from this era or earlier?


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Kathe 2007/12/3 12:16
Thanks for your nice long message. You have been doing your reading. I worked at that milk plant for about four months. Perhaps you read it but I learned that the plane was bombed during ww2 it was a dud. The milk plant was bombed on 29 May 1945 the day I was born ! It gave me a case of the chills when I learned that. On that day thousands of residents of Yokohama died in the incendary raid.
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Thanks, Fletch 2007/12/8 05:23
I found my house in your link http://www.photoclip.net/travel/blog/index.php/archives/2007... in picture 17/36, where I lived in Area# 2 from March 1953 thru May 1954. I was in the 4th and 5th grades at Nasugbu Beach School. I really enjoyed taking the trip down memory lane via your photos.
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to wally and 106th memory lane 2007/12/8 12:17
Hi members, I am a form er Army Nurse and currently working on a dissertation on the 106th. I am looking for people who would be willing to share information with me from 1965 - 1969. I saw your post where you mentioned the CN and the NCOIC, would you be willing to share some of your experiences? I am in the preliminary stages of my primary source search. Interested in any info you or others are willing to share.
thanks for reading.

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To Kathe and Cheryl Ann 2007/12/9 01:22
Kathe: I visited the Registrar's office regularly to gather information for my reports. I also worked closely with the Red Cross. I hope you don't mind my asking, but did you have a French sounding last name and an older sister. The 106th General Hospital, Japan has a unit page at Military.com that you might want to log onto.

Cheryl Ann: I would be happy to discuss the 106th with you. My email is gcox@mywdo.com. Also you might want to try Military.com.

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Kishine 2007/12/9 01:57
Cheryl Ann I am glad that you found Wally. I know he can help you out. This is getting close, It seems that you two may have actually been in touch then. I myself have scant information for you on Kishine. I was there several times between 67-69. But not stationed there. I remember the contrast in things going on. Wounded solders sittting quietly pondering their new world.Also wards of people in various stages of recovery and one vivid memory of a group of solders riding in the compound with joyful abandon, with one guy who was sticking out his leg out of the window and was missing a foot. No bandage it was pretty much healed. They were whooping it up. No idea what the japanese driver thought of that. Almost like it was another world where the conventional rules did not apply. Pretty crazy.
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Kaoru 2007/12/9 10:27
Hey Kaoru. Hope you are still with us. I would like your help in finding an old friend. His name is Hidemitsu Shibanguchi. A man about 60 years old now. He worked for the US Navy at the exchange as a tour and travel agent[ person]. His family lived out side of Tokyo about 60 km and his father had a landscaping business [trees plants flowers]. He speaks very good english with an Australian accent. He was a good friend and invited us to his home several times and helped us a lot with our travel plans. I know this is not a lot to go on I wish I could remember the name of the town. Perhaps there is more that I will remember. Thank you Peter
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Chiba or Saitama 2007/12/9 13:15
Hi, Peter:

I'm sorry. I don't know his name.

It may be Chiba or Saitama that his family lived.
Can you remember the place name?
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Map of Kantou 2007/12/9 13:37
Peter san

Try this link

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Try again 2007/12/9 14:12
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Its Saitama 2007/12/9 23:24
Kaoru He lived North west of Tokyo in the general place of Saitamia. I know that it is not Chiba or Choshi. He had a brother and wife with a son that would be about 40 years old now. Hope you are well, thanks Peter
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Pet shop 2007/12/10 03:40

I went to honmoku last week.
And I walked avenue D and Sannotani.

The pet shop of Kominato opens now.

The shop is in front of the service station.

My father bought a mynah there.

Rikisha Room of the restaurant redecorated the shop, there is open now, too.
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Medori Gaoka 2007/12/10 12:04
hey Kaoru, If you ever get an urge to walk around Honmuku you could walk up to Medori Gaoka and look for my old apartment building. Next to Medori Gaoka School. I would love to see if it is still there, a photo would " make my day"
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Medori Gaoka 2007/12/10 12:58
OK,I see. It was very cold on the day where I went to Honmoku. I am comparatively free now. It is likely to walk around Midorigaoka when I go to next Naka-ku. From my house to distance of only 7 miles there. The number of guests seems to have decreased to Maical Honmoku. The tenants are scheduled to be changed.
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Honmuku 2007/12/10 23:45
Kaoru thanks. But please do not get cold or walk 7 miles just for me. Here it is cold now and snowing with ice. We can see deer out of the window walking around.
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106th 2007/12/12 12:36
Cherly Ann. I hope your research is going well. I would be most interested to read your dissertation when its completed. I hope you can find a place online for all of us to see it. I also hope you and wally were able to connect up as he no doubt has some wonderful insights.
also I wonder if there is any way to reach patents who were treated at the hospital. There input would be interesting depending on the tone of your paper. By the way what is your dissertation for?
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Kashine 2007/12/13 00:18
I would also be interested in the history of Kashine barracks as the story is not generally known and would contribute to the Viet Nam literature that is just now being settled (facts vs. fiction.) In 1959, when the Army turned over Yokohama to the Navy, I had been told that it was recognized as a wind-down signal to the American presence in this region. The Viet Nam war and casualties obviously brought about a profound change in this plan and saw the Army's return to its old turf. It would make interesting reading.
Good luck.
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greetings 2007/12/23 02:02
At this time I would like to extend a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my friends at Japan Guide and this forum. Especially Kaoru, Eric, Bill, Wally, Lori, and Cheryl Ann. Thank you all for helping my with my "research" albeit, I must admitt that I am guilty of sustaining a nostalgia fest as one person called it. I have learned much from reading your postings and hopefully I have given you a few things of my own that you may have found interesting, funny or simply added a small fragment of detail into a larger picture of our lives in Japan. It is clear that we all cherish our time in this wonderful if not mysterious place. I feel truly blessed that I had the oppertunity to experience all that I did when I was there . I hope you do to. Except for one minor incident on the last train from Tokyo, we never had any feelings of of being threatned or being uncomfortable or in any fear. I wish i could say that for some cities in America. The Japanese people were wonderful to us which made our experience very special. We were treated as a bit of a curiosity which we were, and that was fine. One remberence, we were going to hokkaido and were in the train ststion at hakodate. We were unsure of our exact train but had sone time to spare so we sat down to rest. We kind of dozed off at the station and lost track of the time. A man, perhaps a train employee, woke us up to tell us we were going to miss our train which was just about to leave. We hurried along the platform and made the train just in time. As the train was pulling away from the station, I had to reflect upon the kindness and thoughtfulness of the japanese people to watch over a couple of weary travelers and make sure they got on the right train. I don't think that would happen in america today, sadly. So, best wishes to all of you, and thanks! Be not weary from your travels but thankful that you are being watched over. Yours; Peter
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