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. 2005/2/3 12:49
McDonald's hamburgers are small no matter where in the world. The pictures of the large burger is just an advertising ploy.
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Price of a McChicken Burger In Japan 2005/2/5 12:15
i know this is out of the topic but i would like to know the price of a
McChicken burger & large fries in Japan...
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help 2005/2/17 23:14
Yes, how much is one Mcchicken and McFillet-o-Fish in japan ?
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. 2005/2/18 06:34
The price is esentially the same as US based price, just add or minus 100yen to the conversion.
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what is the big deal? 2005/2/20 11:01
Mcdonalds is normal and normal tasting everywhere in the world, give or take a few different style burgers...i have eaten mcD's in America, Japan, Australia and NZ and its all the same really...cept in japan they dont give you anywhere to sit down...
it all tastes good and its all bad for you so what the heck...we might as well enjoy it while we can...

oh yeah, do they have a salads plus menu in america? coz the last time i went there was when i was a little kid...
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Just a thought 2006/1/30 14:07
well, I haven't actually made it that far yet.. to try McDonalds in Japan, but as a manager at one of the local McDonalds here in my city I must say.. even if it is just for the sake of saying I've tried a McDonalds outside of Canada (which I must say Portugal and Spain have done well so far) I will go at least once. Its not so much a want and desire to eat McDonalds as it is just a chance to see what they have done differently with their menus. that is about the only reason for my wanting to try it. But yes.. when in Rome.. and believe me when Im in country next month I will be doing as the Romans... or in this case as the Japanese do. ^_^ Can't wait!
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Here's the menu 2006/1/30 17:05
Here is the menu with photos of all the hamburgers. My favorite is definitely the Teriyaki McBurger. Enjoy!
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.. 2006/1/31 02:55
I don't see what the big deal is, when in rome do as the romans do yes, but its funny because Japanese eat mcdonald's too. I don't think they have all those mcdonalds just made for the occasional forign tourist, if it was man they have a lot of capital to spend building all those mcdonalds.

In fact a lot of countries think mcdonalds are exclusive to their own country, because there's so many around.

So in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with eating mcdonalds in Japan, the Japanese do it! Also its not about the food, its about the experience, because I can tell you service at a mcdonaldsin Japan is 10000000000 times better than you'll get in the crummy service I get at my home mcdonalds.
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McDonalds 2006/1/31 14:47
The McDonalds here is so much better than in the US, but MOS burger definately tops it... And it is everywhere in Japan...
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Just a note 2006/1/31 16:29
To all those saying "When in Rome" I agree if your here for a short time. I have been living here for about just over 2 years. When the homesickness really kicks in Mc Donalds is just the ticket to get me back on track. I have recently found a local "Wendy's" it's the first one I have seen here and it is awesome way better then the U.S As in every fastfood thread I have to put this shout out. Does anyone know of an "Off Base" (military) Taco Bell. I'am not military so I can't go to the ones on the bases.
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DIY tacos in Japan 2006/1/31 20:37
Sorry, no off-base Taco Bell (or Del Taco, for that matter) in Japan, but when I felt homesick for tacos, I used to make my own using "Old El Paso" taco kit available at grocery stores catering to expats (can't recall the name of the stores!). Apparently also available online for only 590 yen:
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Manako 2006/2/1 10:27
I also satisfy my Taco "Jones" at home as well. My wife makes this great dish she calls "Taco rice" basically it's all the stuff you would find in a Taco on top of rice. We use the "Ole ElPaso" sauce which is pretty easy to find here. Our local "Saty" which is huge (Kishiwada) stocks it. Thanks for the tip anyway.
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McDonalds 2006/2/2 01:13
Hi Aristo, I was in Japan last december and january, and I can tell you that there is no difference between american and japanese taste for McDonalds hamburger.Most of the time I was in Yokohama and McDonalds is everywhere!!! Size??? Of course the same!! Will you travel to Japan? Beautiful country!!!!!

by Aristo147
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Auzzy chik 2006/5/17 16:20
HEy guyz.
I waz wondering if Japan sells different food there, than in the us or wherever? Thanx a bunch
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.. 2006/5/18 05:26
Yes they sell some different items. Like shrimp burgers.

But the menu isn't drastically different, as most items are there, big mac, french fries etc.
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When in Rome.... 2006/5/18 15:15
After living in Japan for a couple of months I was a little sick of eating japanese food every day. In the UK I didnt eat "english food" every day so I see no problem eating McD's in japan.

At the moment my daily diet consists of mcchicken burger and nuggets (EVERY day) then washed down with a starbucks caramel frappachino. Sometimes I opt for KFC for a bit of variety. (however i am suffering from bad morning sickness and this is all that will stay down).

I have been to mc donalds in los angeles, firsty the food was pretty crap, and secondly I think the staff at McD's in japan speak better english.

I have found that i am often dissapointed with japanese food, for example i walk past a food place and think it smells great, but then the taste is often average.
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You really think so? 2006/5/18 16:56
I actually disagree with a lot of these posts. I think that McDonalds in the U.S. tastes a lot better than in Japan, but it may be just because that is what I was used to. Everything tastes differentcthe bun, the meat, and especially the sauce. Also, in the U.S., they have a lot more items on the healthy track such as fruit parfaits, more types of salads, and grilled chicken isnft a seasonal item. I did enjoy the 250 yen chicken sandwich and French fry set, which is pretty cheap for a filling lunch. Too bad they upped the price last month! But, the worst part of about McDonalds in Japan is that they often have poor non-smoking sections, which should really just be classified as smoking, because they are so filled with smoke. Ifd rather die from a heart attack from eating too many fries, than cancer.
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JP Mickey D's 2006/5/18 22:25
I know a lot of people in this thread have been making comments about eating at McDonald's when visiting Japan when one should be sampling the local cuisine... but if you think about just how many meals you will eat during hte course of a 1 or 2 week visit to Japan, eating at McDonald's once or twice isn't going to hurt you, or spoil your trip. I for one tend to steer towards the local curry shops and the occasional kaiten zushi, but McDonald's is a nice place to stop if you're in a hurry, or you just got off the train and are in a new and unfamiliar part of town... the Golden Arches are a welcome sight then.

I like Japanese McDonald's better than the American version. The introduciton of the 100 yen menu and 500 yen meal menu really helped it become less of an expense too. Being able to substitute your fries with chicken nuggets is a big plus, and I'm surprised we can't do that in the US yet (though wendy's is starting to with the create-a-combo). The mustard sauce for the nuggets is a must-try, as is the Teriyaki McBurger. And Qoo from the's nice to not have to get something carbonated.

I think McDonalds in Japan is something every tourist should try at least once. Definitely won't be disappointed by it. MOS burger is a better burger place, but it does cost considerably more than a visit to McDonald's. For the extra 300 yen, though, you do get a bigger burger, that tastes a little less "factory produced" than McDonald's food.

First Kitchen is another good place to go and eat. They have flavors that you can have added to your fries (Flavor Potato) in such flavors as Bar-b-que and teriyaki (though I think teriyaki is not always on the menu). Basically they add a bit of flavor powder to your fry bag, seal it, and shake it up....the result is very tasty.
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Japanese MacDonalds 2006/5/19 11:45
In my two trips to Japan, I've had MacDonalds once on each visit.

The first time I had the Teriyaki burger which was quite nice (this was in Hiroshima train station). The second time we had Maccas in the main street in Nara and it was absolutely disgusting. The pattie looked like a car had run over it and was dry and revolting. The chips were limp, overly moist and under-salted. It was the worst MacDonalds I've ever had and I've struggled to return to MacDonalds in my home country since that bad experience.

Mos Burger on the other hand was much nicer and fresher. I wish we had Mos Burger here in my home town.
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. 2006/5/19 14:02
U know, when I ate McDonalds in Tokyo - I actually could taste that it is different than the overseas ones.

In that Japanese Maccas tastes better. The bun seems to be softer, slightly sweeter and more aromatic, it is more like an asian bread. The salads inside the burgers were also better than overseas ones (though not a lot). The meat was the same. The cheese seemed to smell slightly nicer too. Chicken nuggets tasted the same however.
And the fries in Japan maccas taste better as well, not by much.

Perhaps the Nara Maccas was just one off! The Hungry Jacks (Burger King equivalents) near my house now in Australia, all have slightly different tastes!

MOS Burger is nice. First Kitchen fries are the best.. I go there just to eat their fries.
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