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Johnson AFB 1963-1966 2010/2/14 11:45
My name is Steven Syzdek and my family lived on base at Johnson AFB from 1963-1966. I was 7-10 years old at the time. My father was Msgt Bruno Syzdek. We lived in a privately owned home on base across the street from the maid's quarters and down the street from the Auto Hobby shop (as far as I can remember). Our house was the only private home with a built-in swimming pool in the back yard. I remember going to the 3rd and 4th grade while we were there. I have many fond memories of living there. We had a two tone blue 1955 Ford Fairlane 2 door car that we drove all over Japan.
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JAFB Information 2010/6/9 13:06
I was a Meterologist stationed at Johnson 1957-58. One area that was there would be interesting to visit if you can get in. Johnson had a combat information center under ground. Security was high but now it must surely be closed. I have some 35mm slides taken back then of the beautiful cherry blosums that could be found around the area. To the football player...was General Lessig the "coach?" when you were playing?
by Robert Taylor (guest) rate this post as useful

1958 Rice Bowl Program 2010/9/21 11:29
I have scanned a copy of the program for the 1958 Rice Bowl and posted it here:

View or download each page as you like. My father was stationed at Johnson & Fuchu, 1956 to 1960. His first year was unaccompanied but Mom & I got to come over in the Spring 0f '57. We lived first in a duplex in Hachiochi out in the paddies and then in "D" wing of Green Park. Many fond memories of Japan.
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Lived at Johnson on & off base 1959-1964 2011/1/2 08:03
My father was assigned to the 19th Bomb Squadron and Johnson and later Yakota. We initially lived off-base in ''Shinden Village'' in what they called a ''private rental'' (PR-1122). We later moved on-base and we lived in a quonset hut (T-1172) which was near Hilltop School. I belonged to Cub Scout Pack 44 and later Boy Scout Troop 35. I would love to get back there one day to see how much the place has changed.
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Johnson A.B. model airplane photo album 2011/2/2 23:41
I was stationed at Johnson Air Station from 1971 to 1974. Durring the process of closing the base, there became more and more vacant buildings. As a young G.I. with time on my hands I was looking through one of the buildings one day and found a leather bound photo album of what looked like a pictoral record of past model airplane building and flying events between the local Japanese civilians and American G.I's. There are many photo's of planes, flying, building planes and general sharing of common interest among everyone. It would be great if I could find someone who actually participated in these events as I'm sure the book would bring back fond memories. Judging from the clothing of the Japanese and the uniforms of the G.I.'s, the time frame for the album could be from the late 40's up through the 60's. If anyone is interested let me know. Steve Arnett
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I was born there JAFB 1955 2011/3/12 02:58
How exciting to find this link and site! I was born in Johnson Air Force Base in 1955. We left for the states when I was 6 months old so I don't recall a lot, but I have always been fascinated by Japan. My family was stationed in Japan 1953-1955.
In another vein, I am so sorry about the earthquake and tsunami. Japan, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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53-56 2011/3/12 11:31
We were stationed at Johnson in the early 50's. I was a toddler when we got there. We lived off base in the beginning. The folks told me I used to poke holes in the paper walls from my crib. I had Japanese playmate who introduced me to fish heads and rice for lunch. I came home and told my mom I had fish eyes. I remember the pool on base. My older brother beat up a kid who tried to hold me under the water in the kid pool. I remember the foxholes that sometimes we went into during earthquake warnings. I remember, Ono, our housekeeper who sat up all night with our sick dog. I remember the houseboy whom I invited to my 5th birthday party. He arrived in a suit with a Geisha doll. That doll and another one I received along with an inlaid Japanese jewelry box was stolen from our household goods when we left Japan. Even though I was so young, the memories are flooding back. Thanks for this site. Prayers to the people of Japan on this day of disaster.
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JAFB 1966 to 1968 2011/3/16 02:37
First and foremost, my heartfelt sorrow to those who have suffered through this tragedy. My heart is with the Japanese people. I was a (gasp!) MP at the base for a year and some months.294th Mp's I think the PMO was across from the PX and next to the church. As a son of immigrants in NY, I wanted to get to know the people and the language and did pretty well at it. We had an interpatuer "Tommy". He taught me enough of the language to get by. I still can get by. I was the MP who turned off the chlorine leak that put a lot of people out of commission. Went to the 7th field army hospital. I miss all my Japanese friends and fellow MP's and wish all the very best for a wonderful life.
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JAFB 2011/3/17 05:28
I was stationed at Johnson AFB from july 1951 until august 1953. I spent 8 months in Seoul Korea with 1st RSM det 1, then it was changed to 6920th Security Group at JAFB. I was in crypto of USAFSS.

by William C. Mangum, Jr. (guest) rate this post as useful

JAB 52-53 2011/3/28 12:41
I finished 3rd grade and started 4th living on the base, 1952-53. I loved living in Japan, both on and off base. I loved the posted photos--my parents apparently only took 8mm movies, and the colors faded out.
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I was born on Johnson AFB 2011/3/28 14:22
I can't believe I found this site! I was born in Japan on Johnson AFB in 1959. My brother was born in 1957. My dad was SGT. Gerald McIntyre If anyone new him or my mom Helen would love to hear from you if you would like. We were also friends with Jack and Michiko Morgan. I am praying things will get better in Japan soon!
Patricia (Patty) McIntyre
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I was born... 2011/4/2 06:53
Hello fellow Johnson Air base friends. I was born on base in 1954. My two older brothers remember Japan well. Myself - well just the stories. I am looking for others that remember stories from that time in 1954 and can share some insight to what life was like then.
by Deborah (guest) rate this post as useful

Johnson Air Station 2011/4/21 10:21

enjoyed all the posts from Johnson. I was in the Comm Sq 2127 67-70. Worked at both Johnson and Yokota, but our barracks was at JAS, first out by the main gate and then in the same bldg with the bank and PO. I was a 1st term airman, so had to live off base when my wife arrived. 1265 Ichiban Vlg. We heard every train that went by and every jet that landed at the JSDF base. Any IVers remember the housing agent Michio Kodama? Or how about the infamous Isuzo truck drivers on rte 16? My wife and I were run off the road by one on the big hill up to the glassworks factory. She was 8 mos pg with our first child, and we were hanging over the cliff holding on by a thread. Would love to see the place again.

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Born at Johnson Air Force Base Dec 1954 2011/6/16 21:27
Wow, what a great thread to find. Like a previous post, I moved back to the States 9 months after birth.
My father was Tech Sgt Franklin. His Air Force friends called him "Frank".
I'd love to connect with those of you who lived at JAFB during that time period and were old enough to remember what it was like living there.
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Born there too 2011/7/4 02:17
My name is Keith Prather I also was born at Johnson(March '59)even though my father James F. was stationed at Yakota with the 40th fighter group. We rotated back to the US in June of '59 so I obviously don;t remember anything. My brother Otis & Dwain however may as thry are 8.5 & 10 yrs. older than I am. I was just searching out where I was born and ran across this site and thought I put my two cents worth in. Thanks to whoever started this up, I appreciate it.
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Austin B. 2011/7/10 03:00
I was at the 6th grade annex and Johnson Middle School 1967-1969. Lived in American Village.
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contact 2011/7/10 03:03
Someone email me if you know Austin Bruno or Doretta Bruno .
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Re: Information on Irumagawa, Saitama 2012/3/3 08:41
Johnson High School has a web site where a lot of information about Johnson is posted. The link has changed, as of 2011 This is the official website for the JHS Alumni. Next reunion is in Baytowne Wharf, Sandestin FL 4-6 Oct, 2012
by Marilyne Sebastian Ayers (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Information on Irumagawa, Saitama JAFB 2012/8/5 10:47
I am traveling to Toyko in early September and was also an Airforce brat. I lived at JAFB between 1958 - 1961. I would like to visit the base during my visit. Any idease on how I could get to visit?

Wonderful memories!
by Pat Youga (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Information on Irumagawa, Saitama 2012/8/5 18:05
Ride a train on Seibu-Ikebukuro line at Ikebukuro station. The closest from the base is Inariyama-Koen station.
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