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THANK YOU, INUZUKACLANZ!!!! 2009/10/7 09:52
Inuzukaclanz (answer before mine), THANK YOU! You get it! Sasuke will die soon with all his stupid fangirls! I am SO glad to see a GIRL who knows who Sasuke really is and doesn't obsess over a character who is not and never will be real! I am a guy, and thanks again,

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if not Naruto... 2009/10/10 03:58
if not naruto then what is popular at the moment?

I'm female/19 and I read (online) these childish mangas/animes like Naruto/OnePiece / Detective Conan weekly but I like the suspense ones like Death Note, Liar Game or Bloody Monday way better. So what will Japanese People think of you if you tell them you like these ones?

Or generally what is consider 'in' in terms of Anime / Manga in Japan right now?

I'm really courious about what japanese peole think about non-japanese Manga/Anime-Fans.
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How will they react? 2010/1/14 12:58
By laughing probably. Or by talking behind your back if they try to be polite.

If you`re not in the right age group for watching a certain anime (for exemple, a 20 years old watching naruto) you can be sure that people will make fun of you.

And for the love of God don`t tell them you`re an otaku, it`s a pretty bad thing here, why do people think they`ll be more accepted in Japan?
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About naruto 2010/9/6 02:09
I don't think Naruto is a kid's show I am a 14 years old girl and I think Naruto is the best ever .Ot's reallllllyyyyy awesome.I live in Lebanon and here there's noone that knows "anime"or any anime show .maybe a friend of mine watched naruto and liked it because i lend her CDs and for other people who really likes and watches Naruto it's only me and my little bro.ALso here we watch one peice and like 2 other animes on TV but in arabic dub ANd it's not good as japanese dub.
back to the main subject I think Naruto is the best show and the best anime ever and it's for all ages.
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about naruto (user)(2) 2010/9/6 02:12
my friend and I love to go to japan but we're still a little young.:S:S:S
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